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  1. Why? Who's a director of rugby in RL?
  2. For heavens sake.... stop blubbing or sit on the mardy step ffs "Perfectly legitimate" my botty. You knew what you were doing and why.... behaving like a big kid.... But of course you can now bleat on about how badly done to you are.... Deary me.... get a grip man... I'd got you down as much better than this crapola
  3. Councils don't set budgets for continuing health care and though there are regional variations they are universally tight and much more prescriptive.... as you'd expect. Regional variations apart, (and I really am trying to a apolitical here), the impact since 2010 is such that I'm at the point of doing as the memsahib did last year and saying fk it!
  4. My knowledge on care of the elderly is limited. I work in learning disabilities.My experience under the tories since 2010 has seen care provision eroded more than at any other time. Budgets have seen greater cuts than at any other time. Bidding for services now is ridiculously onerous and diverts essential time away from clinical care... more so than at any other time. Health and social care as you say has always attracted difficult management. But since 2010 the impact on the most vulnerable has been so stark and obvious to those of us trying to knit sand
  5. I work in learning disabilities nursing. Care management is becoming an increasingly difficult task as fewer resources are available and fewer dedicated social workers with any kind of insight into LD are available to undertake that work and nurses are becoming increasingly stretched to the point of dangerousness. Trying not to deploy any political prejudice (I accept my left viewing politics makes this hard) since 2010 my job to maintain access to good care and health for people within our service has become increasingly difficult. It would come as no surprise then that mortality rates across the board have increased but particularly amongst those most vulnerable
  6. I've found them to be very unreliable.... prone to malfunction
  7. William Christopher.... father Mulcahy from M*A*S*H
  8. Oh jesus H Arkwright..... now that's stuck in my head
  9. Campaigning for the removal of beetroot from the uk and for it's reclassification as a class A substance
  10. I got called a four eyed ginger puff this morning.... puff.... cos i went to a grammar school and not the local comp ffs!!!... by a 56 yr old bloke!!! I went to remonstrate and he fkd off lively..... 2016 and we're still hearing such bilge...
  11. Poncing about the Caribbean next week.... just can't see me sen ordering virgin cocktails for two weeks.....
  12. I'm a quality over quantity sort these days.
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