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  1. I've found them to be very unreliable.... prone to malfunction
  2. The dunedin kiwi double wood is one of the best I've ever had. Wonderful
  3. Apparently I'm not allowed to any of my "loud sheeite" on christmas morning.... So its jim croce
  4. Quite possibly.... Its painted on one side .... a cockeril! Quite a nice piece tbh
  5. Someone has just left a random watering can on my front garden..... odd.
  6. The think the memsahib would clatter me rarnd earoyle......
  7. Blokes calling their wide/girlfriend/significant other half "babes"!
  8. People ranting about facebook whilst ignoring the use of the unfollow/unfriend/delete facility so they dont have to be exposed to stuff that makes em rant
  9. Yrsterday i got up 04.10 and made growlers, shopped and cleaned my car. Today I've got up 05.20... prepped dinner for 11 and walked doggy.... who didn't really want to go out in the dark when he was laid next to the memsahib with barely an envelopes gap between them..... Thing is.... I'd like to get to 2pm without feeling utter sheeite!
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