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  1. High tackle, late tackle but 13 men still on.
  2. High tackle from Minichiello but no problem for mister hick !!!
  3. 8-4 instead of 2 - 8 or 2 - 10 : thank you Mister Hick !! Very intense game but a poor first half
  4. It is a try for catalans : very very bad ref !!!!!
  5. If Hick makes the same game in favour of the british that Wigan against the sharks, it is terminated for the cats. Poor Ref. Why he doesn't take the same decision in front of all the fault from the airly birds
  6. Every time is doubtful the réf is against France. I hope someone in England will say to that réf that he should stop refering.
  7. England doens't need Phil Bentham. A shame Pour rugby league.
  8. Pellisier charged for this?

    I think the problem is not "is it intentional or not". The problem another time is the double standard ! Just look all the tackles with 3 defensors (tacklers). One of the 3 tries always to take the legs, and almost every time there is a contact with the standing leg. How many players should be charged every week, if Pelissier is suspended ? Perhaps only because he is french..........
  9. Superleague prediction

    1.Wigan 2.Saints 3.Huddersfield 4.Leeds 5.Warrington 6. Catalans 7.Hull FC 8 .Castleford 9.Salford 10.Widnes 11.Hull KR 12.Wakefield
  10. I didn't know this session and this is really interesting. I really didn't understand why the Richards try haven't been allowed and Th. Allibert said he made a worng call. But for me, the Luke Walsh's Try wasn't correct :Armor went on running and stopped very near Escaré, for me, he was playing and was off side (i thought, if you are Off side, you need to stop ten meters from the receiver)? But it is written is this Ref's weekly Q&A sessions on twitter : Luke Walsh’s try is correct by law but agree the law doesn’t seem quite right What'is the real law ?
  11. About the red card, the problem is the "double standard" : when aaron murphy broke the willie tonga jaw, no problem for the english ref. And Aaron Murphy has been cited too by the RFL panel with a Grade C. But after having viewed the DVD, they found him not guilty. So let's wait for the sentence. So ok, there was a contact with the head, so it is a red card. But it has to be for all the contact shoulder on the head. Or perhaps, the jaw of the catalans is not the head ;-).
  12. +1 : I really don't understand. Once again, the ref was against the cats, i'm not paranoiac, but this year is a summit. (Just see how willie Tonga this years have got a broken jaws !!!!! and no charge, even no penalty) And ben pommeroy saw a red card for nearly the same. More over, there are two new rules in rugby league : forward pass and off side after a kick are allowed agains the catalans ;-)
  13. Awfull Bentham. No more comments needed. Just hope he will go to Perpignan and give us his hotel.
  14. It is often difficult in slow-motion to interpret what you see. For example, do you see the face of Ben Pommeroy, after a tackle with trhee Hull players? In slow-motion, we can think that it was intentional tu put one finger in his eyes.
  15. Very interesting article in L'Independant

    Ask a translation to Phil Bentham ;-)