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  1. The difficulty is if you've heard the bad examples first, you're not going to want to listen to any more of it.
  2. The Icicle Works, you say...? Ok, you're unbanned now! (Congratulations on the shortest ban in TRL history).
  3. A bright orange Ford Escort, W-reg, bought from a back street garage for £600 in about 1986-ish, can't remember the exact year tbh. I loved it. I'd driven my dad's car before that, after passing my test at 18, only pranged it once too, on the gatepost the first time I ever attempted to park it down the drive at home. Oops! Sorry dad!!
  4. Jazz. Not keen. Not keen at all. Not a single artist, just all of it.
  5. Mariah Carey. She sells gazillions of records so somebody likes what she does, and that's fine, so long as I don't have to endure it. It's the (to me) unnecessary way she shoehorns a dozen different notes into one word of a song. It drives me crackers. Nails down a blackboard. Apart from that Christmas one, obviously. Everyone likes the Christmas one, don't they?
  6. I know, but call me old fashioned, I'd like to see a time when the club I'm following is no longer regarded as a rogue trader, leaving a string of unpaid debts in its wake.
  7. The only way any of them are going to get paid now is if the new owners salvage the existing club and honour its debts. That's what should happen. Those urging that it should be wound up, binned off, scrapped, shut down and all the rest, are showing no more concern for its current creditors than the people who ran up the debts in the first place.
  8. That is just not going to happen. Whatever way forward is being proposed now, it has to be realistic and achievable.
  9. Bradford Bulls fans were told Chalmers was a fit and proper person to own the club by the RFL which allowed him to buy it. The RFL must have believed what he told them.
  10. That just proves my point, though. Clubs should be run by business people who know what they are doing. Many aren't, and we see the results of that. Instead of running a tight ship, they start to spend money the business cannot support chasing unsustainable success. If we haven't learned that lesson by now from the Bradford experience, will we ever? Quite honestly, as a Bradford fan, I'd have been happier watching my team in League 1 for the next 10 years or more if that's all the support base could fund, than watching them gamble their very existence (yet again) on a tilt at being top dogs in the Championship. The problem arises in that not every fan would agree with me on that, and would start demanding new signings to get back in with the big boys, and the club management would try to please the fans and the whole cycle then begins to repeat itself. I don't want 'fans' running the club, because their decisions will inevitably end up being clouded by sentimentality. The only way Bradford (Bulls, Northern, call it whatever you like) will return to a position of prominence is if, one day, someone will large amounts of spare cash decides to spend it on the club. Despite repeated opportunities, no one like that has come forward. Until that day arrives, if it ever does which I doubt it ever will, whoever ends up running it now, should work out a realistic, sustainable budget and stick to it like glue, whatever that entails in terms of on field performances.
  11. Probably because they are fans, not business people who know how to run a Rugby League club successfully and who don't have a load of spare cash sloshing about to fund a potential financial black hole. It's just another one of those simplistic solutions, 'oh, why don't the fans take it over', but speaking personally I wouldn't have a damn clue how to run a Rugby League club. I'm honest enough to admit that and not stupid enough to contemplate getting involved in such a misadventure just for a superficial ego boost. Plus, the RFL have turned down supporter-led consortia in the past, and preferred the likes of Marc Green and Andrew Chalmers, for reasons best known only to them. Rugby League clubs are businesses first and foremost, and need to be run as such by people who know what they are doing.
  12. Don't blame me for the twaddle that gets posted on here - unless I've posted it myself, that is!
  13. Just pinned this as an official TRL match thread rather than start a new one.
  14. If it were that easy, it would have been done already. You can't start a new club with no money and expect it to do anything but fail. You can't just erase an existing club from history because it is currently in a mess. Someone has to get a grip of the mess and resolve it. The starting point for that is being honest with people about the extent of the mess. Maybe we'll get that at the fans forums next week. I won't hold my breath in expectation though.
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