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  1. You're assuming MPs would vote the way they have previously, but in vastly changed circumstances. I think there would be enough of them weary enough of the Brexit process and wary enough of a no deal alternative (which is why Johnson is bigging it up so much) to take the renewed opportunity to get any deal over the line, even if it is a deal they have previously rejected, but with a new name. I'm not saying that's what I personally want to happen, but I don't think it can be ruled out either.
  2. A scenario (nightmare, or otherwise, depending on your own leanings): What if Boris Johnson has stitched up a deal with the ERG that they’ll all vote for some cosmetically tweaked version of May’s deal, just to force Brexit through by 31st Oct? So nothing actually needs renegotiating with the EU? That would explain Johnson's otherwise baffling confidence he's going to 'get Brexit done' by Halloween. Is there a chance that the ERG opposed May's deal simply as the best way to get rid of her, rather than any genuinely principled opposition to the deal itself? With that mission accomplished, they can nod through a rebranded 'Boris Brexit' at the earliest opportunity, he can claim to have 'delivered Brexit' and start splashing the cash Hammond has been ferreting away to mitigate the impact of a no-deal Brexit that isn't going to happen, on popular things like the NHS and allow him to declare and end to austerity. Then, we get a 'Brexit Dividend' election, with Johnson having shot the Brexit Party fox, wrongfooted Labour and flummoxed Remainers all at the same time? A Tory majority follows, and Johnson and the ERG, bolstered by an influx of newly compliant Tory MPs, get to shape the future relationship with the EU as set out in the political declaration bit of the Withdrawal Agreement.
  3. It feels like a foregone conclusion, too. Barring some monumental upturning of the odds, Hunt isn't going to win. So what happens when Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister?
  4. It's fine to discuss the candidates' views on Brexit, but that's not what has been happening on here, it's become forum members arguing with each other about their own views on Brexit. There is a distinction, I think. If there isn't, we don't need two threads discussing the same thing, especially not if that thing is Brexit!!
  5. I know, but look over the last couple of pages in this thread. It's headed off down the usual Brexit cul-de-sac. Nothing about the two candidates and their views on the subject at all, nothing about anything else they are debating during the leadership contest. Maybe this thread is surplus to requirements if it can all be narrowed down purely to Brexit, when we already have a thread for that.
  6. Can we get back on topic here, please. This is the 'next PM' thread, not the Brexit thread, or the 'who's best at English' thread. Thanks.
  7. And this isn't designed to heal any divisions either... Momentum announces drive to help Labour members deselect MPs https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jul/12/momentum-drive-labour-members-deselect-mps
  8. This article hits the nail right on the head for me, and it applies equally to the madness also gripping the Labour Party. NICK COHEN: When the right goes mad, UK goes with it So many great quotes, hard to know where to begin without just copying and pasting the whole thing, but these two passages get to the root of the problem, I think: For years, received wisdom has held that giving more power to political activists was a worthy enterprise. No one bothered to explain why, and now we are learning the reason for their silence. A new prime minister is being picked by the 0.25% of the population who are members of the Conservative Party. Never before has the process for choosing a national leader had less democratic legitimacy. Party democracy has now become the enemy of representative democracy. The views of the privileged members stand above the views of the electorate. The future of Britain at a moment of intense crisis rests with a group of men and women who are not just old, white and wealthy - as every hostile commentator has pointed out - but also vain, as activists tend to be. It is their prejudices that must be pandered to; their idiocies and fantasies that must be indulged.
  9. Imagine how David Lammy felt being on the receiving end of it. If any forum member posted such comments, they'd be gone from here without any warning, but this material has been published online by an MP, to serve as clear and unequivocal evidence of the existence of a poisonous form of racism, not as an endorsement of it. It has clearly been shared on here for exactly the same reason. People should get offended by this stuff. And get angry at the morons who write it. Not at the people who receive it or share it to highlight the repulsive behaviour of such morons. Shoving heads in the sand and pretending it doesn't exist isn't an option.
  10. None of the obituaries I've seen have mentioned his finest role as Sir George Uproar in The Ghosts of Motley Hall. I can't be the only person who remembers that show, can I...?
  11. I'm a weary realist. I changed the thread title as soon as I saw it, and before anyone asked me to, but the internet isn't generally policed by thoughtful, considerate people like me, and I don't sit looking at this forum 24/7 either, so the chance of spoilers going unchecked will always exist. That's just life, these days. Yes, I'd rather people skipped looking at TotalRL for a few hours rather than run the risk of having their enjoyment of a big game spoiled by accident and blaming us for it.
  12. Jeremy Hunt answered the questions. Johnson just blathered and waffled, as always. My prediction is you'll be calling for Johnson's head on a stick on 1st November.
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