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  1. Never mind vinyl, what about shellac? I have a box of old 78rpm records that belonged to my parents. I don't have anything to play them on, but don't want to part with them either. I doubt any of them have any value beyond personal. There are no Elvis Presley originals in there. My mum and dad had very old fashioned tastes. I can't decide whether to invest in a record player that will bring them back to musical life and allow me to wallow in some of the crackly sounds of my childhood, or just keep them to look at the labels occasionally? My favourite was always Albert & The Lion / Albert Comes Back performed by Stanley Holloway.
  2. What else were you expecting from The One Show?
  3. A few technical problems getting the digital edition out tonight. Good news is it is now available within the League Express app, and should be up on the Pocketmags website in approx 30 minutes or so. Apologies for the delay.
  4. I decided to watch Solo next, for the sake of completism. Second time I've seen it and I enjoyed it more than the first, probably because I was paying more attention to what was going on. The first time round, I saw it in a 4DX cinema purely for the novelty value, and while it was all very entertaining being jolted around in my seat and having water sprayed in my face etc, it was also quite distracting. Rogue One next...
  5. The clunkiness is part of its charm. Like most of the shows that are on there! The content is pure gold though.
  6. I've started on a mission to watch all the Star Wars films in order. I've often thought about doing this before, but never got round to it as it means having to sit through The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones again before getting onto the good stuff, and I didn't really enjoy those two the first time round. However, I'm three films in now, and found that I enjoyed all the prequels a lot more than I imagined by watching them in close succession. Revenge of the Sith is by far the best of the first three. That's the starter out of the way. Now, do I go straight to the main course of A New Hope (always my favourite, as it brings back happy memories of going to the Bradford Odeon age 11 with my mum to watch it on its original release) or do I have a bit of a diversion with Solo and Rogue One first?
  7. Excellent news! I've got all the episodes on DVD but as I've discovered with Doctor Who, it is so much easier to watch them on Britbox without all the faff of swapping discs. It's fast becoming my favourite streaming service, absolute TV nostalgia heaven. I've started watching The Prisoner, which I've never seen, and for those mourning the loss of Diana Rigg today, they've just added a load of episodes of The Avengers too.
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