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  1. Got me spanners out. Fixed it. I think....
  2. Re-cached the database just now, that's all. I'm about to set off to London for the Wembley weekend in 30 minutes, so if that alone has fixed the problem, it's a ruddy miracle!!
  3. Discuss the Friday Night Lights Betfred League 1 game London Skolars v Hunslet here.
  4. Get yer wallets and purses out... We've got a bit of a sale on in the TotalRL.com Shop! Headline offer is the current edition of the League Express Rugby League Yearbook 2018-19 for just £7.99 including free UK 2nd class delivery. RRP on that is £19.99 so it's a hefty saving if you've got a gap in your Rugby League library to fill. Click here to see what else in on offer and to stock up!
  5. Maybe if you'd just stuck to asking the question, instead of making a long winded point of your own, and also bear in mind this is for a light hearted magazine feature, not the Spanish Inquisition.
  6. Indeed. For pity's sake, there are days on here when I wonder why we bother asking for people's input... some folk could start a pointless argument in an empty room. I should say that we also put this request for questions for the Q & A out on Twitter and Facebook too and we also get people emailing in, so the number of views a thread gets on here or the number of questions posted on here is no guide to how popular a particular subject is. These are meant to be fun features, folks. Fun. Remember that? It's what Rugby League is supposed to be. Now, after this brief moderating interlude, any more questions for Courtney...?
  7. We've moved all the political discussions out of AOB and into a sub-forum which is only accessible to forum members who have accumulated 100+ posts elsewhere on the forum, due to the increase in the amount of trolling, fake multiple user registrations and the number of reported posts being generated in those threads, which far outstrip anything in other parts of the forum. The aim is not to restrict political discussions, but to keep it all in one place, and leave AOB for lighter topics and for those members who simply don't want to get dragged into the fray. Any politically themed threads started in AOB from now on will be moved into the sub-forum as soon as we see them, so it's best all round to just to start them in the sub-forum to begin with. If you are a new member or have fewer than 100 posts to your name at present, you will not be able to engage in political debates on our forum until you have built up a reputation as a genuine Rugby League fan in other sections by achieving over 100 posts without any moderation warnings, as a remindeer that this is first and foremost a forum for Rugby League fans to discuss Rugby League issues, and not a place for trolls to indulge in politically motivated wind-ups or disruption. If you are an existing member with 100+ posts you will automatically have full access to the political sub-forum, however we reserve the right to remove access without warning to anyone who persistently breaks the general forum rules, engages in personal abuse or who simply cannot respect the right of other forum members to hold different political opinions. Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy the debates, political or otherwise!
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