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  1. Here at RLW, we wouldn't ask you to do something we're not prepared to do ourselves, so here's Rugby League World editor Alex Davis posing with a copy of the mag in front of our office Christmas Tree! Now, dear readers, we'd love you to email us a pic of yourselves with the mag in a suitably Christmassy setting - to christmas@totalrl.com - and we'll publish the best in our next issue, out 20th December!!
  2. It’s a quote from Red Star Belgrade director Colin Kleyweg.
  3. Maltese international and new Leigh Centurions recruit Jarrod Sammut will be the subject of our next Quickfire Q & A in Rugby League World and Total Rugby League Premium, so get your questions in below and we'll ask Jarrod the best ones!
  4. The World Cup Qualifiers proved to be a bridge too far for Serbia but they are ready to learn from what has been a sobering experience. By Gareth Walker https://www.totalrl.com/reality-check-for-serbian-rugby-league/ “Anything we do now is not reflective of the talent and potential. It’s the equivalent of flogging the dead horse. This will take time and understanding of people in the game.”
  5. I am please to confirm that stock has now been received from the printers and all advance orders have been dispatched today (Tue 3rd Dec), so they should start thudding onto doormats later this week. If you haven't yet ordered a copy, nip across to our online shop via the link below and use offer code trlforum at the checkout to save yourself a couple of quid! It's a cracking book. Every RL fan should have one. https://shop.totalrl.com/product/rugby-league-yearbook-2019-2020/
  6. The first of our Christmas Advent Calendar of treats on TotalRL.com... https://www.totalrl.com/a-qa-with-toronto-wolfpack-ceo-bob-hunter-2/
  7. It's a historical anomaly. In t'olden days, TotalRL had no club forums at all. Then this site merged with another forum (rugbyleague.org) in the mid 2000s, which did have club forums, so we kept them going. Not all the club forums on rugbyleague.org were well used, as some clubs already had popular forums running elsewhere, but we kept them all going on here for the sake of completeness, and to stop anyone asking why we were biased against their club for not having a forum on here... Basically, the club forums are there for anyone who wants to use them. If people don't want to use them on here, it doesn't bother us, as TRL was never set up as a club based thing in the first place.
  8. Not true. Quite a few of the Championship and League 1 forums on here are used frequently.
  9. There's a searchable list of RLW stockists here: https://www.totalrl.com/where-to-buy-rugby-league-world/ League Express, much more difficult for a one-off purchase, very limited number of outlets and wouldn't be out on a Monday due to difficulty for us in distributing a weekly newspaper across such a huge area with minimal sales return. Your best best would be the digital edition at www.totalrl.com/le unless you can be more specific about which bit of London you're looking in. Even then I'd probably only be able to confirm it isn't on sale there. (We have more success if people place a regular order with a newsagent). It's a problem we recognise, which is why, in addition to the digital edition which has all the content of League Express every week to read online via smart devices and computers, we're starting to make more of the content of League Express (and RLW) available on TotalRL.com Premium.
  10. Stop trying to ruin this thread. Post your OWN nominatioins or pipe down.
  11. We are expecting stock from the printers on Monday (2nd Dec) and all advance orders will be mailed out hopefully same day or Tuesday at the latest. I'll post an update here when I know they've definitely been sent out.
  12. I think this one has strayed far enough away from the original topic to warrant putting ouit of its misery. Locked.
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