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  1. We have ways and means of dealing with trolls. The general lack of them on TRL indicates that what we do works pretty well. The best way of dealing with trolls, should they sneak through our defences, is never to engage with them and always to report them.
  2. Lots of cross-code and personal drivel deleted. If you want to discuss a second NRL franchise in NZ, do it here. If you want to argue the toss over cross-code issues, do it in the cross-code forum, do not pollute this thread with it. If you want to slag off othere forum members, find another forum altogether, as we will not tolerate that on here. If you want to become a troll hunter, apply to be a moderator, otherwise, leave your amateur sleuthing off here and just report any posts you think are being made by trolls to the moderators to investigate. Now, back ON TOPIC!
  3. No, Pierre is from Montpellier. It was Rodolphe Pires talking about Albi.
  4. Rugby League World's Treiziste Diarist, Pierre Carcau was one of those involved in the podcast. He's not a TRL forum member, but you can follow him on Twitter @pierrecarcau It was his first foray into English-speaking broadcasting, so if you enjoyed it, let him know, I'm sure he would welcome the encouragement to do more in future.
  5. Incredibly sad news. I met Matt a few times doing fundraisers and when people tell you he was inspirational, it's quite true. He inspired me to jump out of a plane (with a parachute, thankfully). I wouldn't have done that for anyone else! A lovely lad who achieved so many great things in his life. Sincere condolences to his family and his many friends within and beyond Rugby League.
  6. Various off topic posts removed. If you want to discuss the role of RFL Patron and who it should be, do it here. If you want to discuss any other matter pertaining to Royalty, do it in AOB (for general comments) or the politics forum (should we keep or get rid of them, etc).
  7. Last few posts of personal insults removed. Everyone knows we don't tolerate that sort of stuff on here. Don't do it. Attack the point, not the person. And if you can't engage with someone with basic civility, use the ignore option to avoid engaging with them at all.
  8. As someone who has had the privilege of editing RLW in two (and a half) separate stints, I'd say the clue is in the title: Rugby League WORLD - it is a positive. forward looking, internationalist publication, which firmly believes Rugby League is a great sport and above all should be fun to watch, play and be involved with in any capacity, unrestricted by geography or mindset. In that regard, you could say we are probably targeting the smallest niche of readers imaginable, given the actual RL world's penchant for inexplicable miserablism! Over the years, RLW has championed Rugby Le
  9. Yes it will. But only when the time is right. We suspended publication of the mag because the bottom fell out of the market as a result of the pandemic, and we decided to concentrate our resources on keeping League Express and TotalRL.com going during these dark days. It’s been no easy task to sustain a weekly newspaper and a website with so little activity in the game and lockdowns restricting footfall to traditional sales outlets. To keep the mag going as well would have been a bridge too far for us. Fair to say none of us anticipated the break in publication would be t
  10. What might have been? We did get some idea when Brian Blessed appeared in Doctor Who in 1986. He goes over the top, then a little bit further for good measure.
  11. Here are your latest teasers! Super League clubs ponder Elstone's future. Giants boss Ian Watson unconcerned by criticisms. Salford's Jack Wells keen to put injury hell behind him. Catalans Dragons suffer injury blow. Martyn Sadler writes an open letter to Wigan chairman Ian Lenagan. Garry Schofield's selection of players to watch in 2021 continues. Gareth Walker talks to West Wales Raiders cross-code recruit Gavin Henson. Super League Previews for Castleford and Wigan. Championship previews for London Broncos and Oldham. A full cal
  12. Betfred Championship and League 1 fixtures will also be published in tomorrow's edition of League Express (Mon 15 Feb).
  13. Betfred Championship and League 1 fixtures will also be published in tomorrow's edition of League Express (Mon 15 Feb).
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