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  1. We will not allow this thread to become a troll’s paradise. if you just want to bang on endlessly about how much you hate Toronto, and relentlessly criticise everything the club does in order to inflame it’s supporters who post on here, making the same points over and over and over again until you drive rational people away, get this message: you are not welcome on this forum. One person has now been banned for the above behaviour. Others will follow if they indulge in the same activity. For the record, it’s no longer worth responding to any post made by ‘NOS4A2’ because they are no longer a member of this forum. Anyone who has any issues with this, please PM or email me to discuss privately. I don’t want this thread dragging off topic into a discussion on the forum rules either. Stick to discussing Toronto Wolfpack, in a rational and even handed manner. Thanks.
  2. League Express is looking for a designer and sub-editor to work on Sundays. If you have relevant skills with Adobe InDesign, contact the editor Martyn Sadler by email at jobs@totalrl.com to express your interest in joining the team.
  3. The search for tomorrow’s stars: how Toronto are trying to create Canadian rugby players of the future despite their critics "It's only been three years. It will take time, but I hope rugby league people will see that there's a process going on. Stick with us." View the full article
  4. Knock the personal stuff on the head, please. It’s a discussion thread about the club, not for chipping away at each other or oneupmanship. Make a point, move on.
  5. To avoid the forum being swamped with dozens of individual threads about Toronto which generally all end up heading down the same rabbit hole eventually anyway, we're opening this general discussion thread for ALL Toronto related discussion from now on, with the exception of the games they actually play, which will have their own individual match threads each week, as will the other SL club games. Any point you want to make about Toronto, make it here from now on. It will also be easier for moderators to keep an eye on, and ensure that no one is indulging in personal abuse. If you want a more specific Toronto related debate, remember, we have a dedicated Wolfpack club forum on here, but please bear in mind this is primarily for SUPPORTERS of Toronto, so if you just want to indulge in negativity about their club, don't do it there, you won't be welcome and it will be regarded as deliberate trolling.
  6. Various posts deleted. Cut out the abuse or you'll end up getting banned, no warnings.
  7. Digital edition is available now at www.totalrl.com/rlw or via the Rugby League World app.
  8. Click here for print subscriptions, renewals, gift vouchers and single copies Click here to find your nearest local stockist (UK/Ireland only) Click here for the online edition to read on PC/Mac, smartphone, tablet etc Issue 466 (Feb '20) on sale Fri 24th Jan It's our big season launch issue! Inside you'll find a club-by-club preview of the Betfred Super League, Championship and League 1 competitions, plus an additional 36-page Fixture Guide too. Also included this month, we go pre-season training with referees in the midst of Storm Brendan, Bradford Bulls legend Robbie Hunter-Paul submits himself to our Quickfire Q & A, our Time Machine travels back to the Magic Weekend season opener in 2011 and we set out our hopes for 2020. We chat to a history maker in the women's game, look ahead to Toronto Wolfpack's debut in the big time and those players who got them there all the way from League 1, and we find out how well-travelled Australian coach Phil Economidis ended up in Belgrade. Don't miss it! In shops across the UK from Fri 24th Jan, or download the digital edition at www.totalrl.com/rlw from Thur 23rd Jan - Also available by post and on subscription worldwide from www.totalrl.com/shop
  9. There's a thread on it here: https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/348083-rlwc-2021-to-take-place-at-buckingham-palace/
  10. Fresh from pulling on his boots again to support Rob Burrow in last Sunday's Leeds Rhinos v Bradford Bulls pre-season game, Bulls legend Robbie Hunter-Paul has also stepped up to be the next in line for Rugby League World's Quickfire Q & A. Post your questions for Robbie below and we'll ask him the best ones!
  11. The 2020 Season Launch Issue of Rugby League World will be on sale from 24th January and will include a club-by-club preview of the Betfred Super League, Championship and League 1 competitions, plus a free pocket-sized Fixture Guide (pictured) too. You can order a single issue - or even better, a subscription which will help us ensure RLW is still around to do this again next year - via the link below! https://shop.totalrl.com/product/single-issues/
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