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  1. Some photos from todays game or the slideshow view cheers
  2. A few pics from Thursdays match or the slideshow view cheers
  3. A few pictures from todays game are on my website or the slideshow view cheers
  4. A few pictures from yesterdays game are on my website or the slideshow view cheers
  5. The Photography Thread

    You'd be able to pick up a sigma 70-200mm F2.8 for about 650 quid and can also get a 1.4 converter to give that extra bit of range (equivalent to 100-280mm F4) on brighter days for about 200 quid. As with everything you get what you pay for but i'm shooting with the equivalent sigma for Nokia and getting ok results. The resale values are quite good too when your ready for the next step if you google dalephotographic they have some good deals and i can recommend them, its where I buy all my kit hope that helps cheers
  6. The Photography Thread

    Due to budget i'm currently shooting with a sigma 70-200mm f2.8 lens (about
  7. Batley v Featherstone Match Photos

    Cheers 9'Oller No it wasn't me taking those at half time
  8. Hi all Firstly congratulations on a great season!! Here's the pictures from yesterdays game at Batley Alternatively the slideshow view Batley v Fev Slideshow Cheers Rich