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  1. Cas to appeal and rightly so!

    i belive we have a good case against gareth thomas,the more i read and listen it is pretty clear that both he and emanuelle palidino (His Agent) have an hidden agenda and imho that is money and a career in the media for thomas, which utterly disgusts me that a man who potrays himself has a victim but is merely out for personal gain and he doesnt care who he treads on to get it. Just an opinion, i still do not condone any type of abuse.
  2. Cas to appeal and rightly so!

    Yeh.............Bless Him, although he did get Mutya Buena darn't lane, she were a decent turn!!!!LOL
  3. Cas to appeal and rightly so!

    I don't think you understand what is meant by the MC, in this case we are not talking about the Master Of Ceremonies LOL!! In fact our MC never shuts up communicating with the crowd when your trying to have a chat with yer mate, he's a bloody pain in the butt TBH. Nothing wrong with our game day crowd communication............we always know when someone parked wrongly on wheldon road ...........about 50 blumming times LOL!!
  4. Cas to appeal and rightly so!

    Obviously it was a joke FFS!!
  5. Cas to appeal and rightly so!

    Well it seems pretty compelling to me, but my brain is obviously not as big as yours to see all the holes in the statement............ah well!!!
  6. Cas to appeal and rightly so!

    I reckon he'll do it for free for the total injustice and the obvious RFL stitch up!!
  7. Please read this: http://www.castigers.com/article.php?id=877 Its a stitch up, you other supporters of clubs should breathe a sighe of relief!
  8. Referees Inconsistent

    Its about time this rule was changed back to how it was before, if players can get i guy into touch then thats a good skill and shows good defensive commitment and fitness levels, the rule at the moment is interpreted differently every week and it makes us look a bit stupid, as long as the guy is not lifted wrongly (beyond the horizontal) and he doesn't have his head ripped off in the process. I suspect their will be a U - turn on this for the start of next season.
  9. Bridge out for the season

    Obviously not, but if he's off anyway, we have potentially got a replacement with great potential (and lets be honest we are only still talking about shenton having potential, he is NO Keith senior) we have either Evans, Mcgoldrick (His true position) or even Westy in the other Centre position so we are not short. See, i wasn't even aggressive................I'm cured!!!
  10. Bridge out for the season

    Joe Arundel Castleford Tigers: A View From the Pitch - By Joe Arundel Playing for Castleford Tigers is like a dream come true. It is my hometown club and playing for them is all I have ever wanted to do. I am so proud to be able to pull on the Tigers shirt, especially in Super League. I made my debut in 2008 when I was 16, but I didn't play at all last year, which was a bit frustrating, so it's nice to be back in contention. I have played four times this year which is really pleasing and it is good to have got some positive reviews. Like everybody, I want to stay in the squad for the rest of the season, make a few more first-team appearances and keep learning. Next year will be a big one for me and I really want to kick on. I am only 18, but there's a lot of players of my age who are making an impact in Super League and I want to do the same. I am lucky because I'm working with two class centres in James Evans and Michael Shenton. They are both experienced players and Shenny is an England international, which is what I aspire to. They are both great with me. I am learning off them all the time and they both do extras with me after training which is massively helpful. I get a lot of tips off them, like how to run your lines
  11. Bridge out for the season

    He's in the first team already, came on against Catalans a few weeks ago and made some scintillating runs in the left centre position, been talked about for a while due to how he has been playing for the Academy team, but he took his chance really well and played with great maturity considering his age. Shenton can go if he wants because this guy looks the business!!
  12. John Joyner.........now their was a stand off!!
  13. Dean Widders has been pretty stand out for Cas recently, this has been due to his try scoring abilities but also because he is quite a chubby fella (is that allowed or will i get a
  14. Bridge out for the season

    It was sad to see that Chris Bridge is so badly injured that he will now miss the Quad Nations down under this year. I for one have seen this guy improve so much since Tony Smith joined Warrington and his late entrance onto the international stage last year in the first Australia game really turned around his international career and put him on the map. This season he has been simply sensational and i wondered who we think might replace him on the bus, have they emerged yet or might they still come through and put their hand up this season? How is Yeamen going this year is he getting back to the form of 3 years ago? Maybe Widdup might be used in that position with Paul Wellens coming back in at full back? I don't really get the Gleeson argument at all to be honest, he is a shadow of the player that played for Great Britain and St Helens!! a Shadow! Heres a name for the future and I am sorry but he is a Cas Player...........Joe Arundel, wow what potential this kid as got, watch this space!!
  15. Damaged Bridge endangers Quad Nations Glory!

    Just lock it mate, even I've lost the will to live!!