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  1. Surely it is time that this witch-hunt against Mick was stopped on this topic item, people are acting as if they are high and mighty and non of them have put in the amount of voluntary work that he has put into this game of ours. He is not employed by the RFL, and his work is only paid by the work he does in broadcasting usually Pulse 2. Apparently he was captured by an individual, who made a phone recording of Mick enjoying himself after the game, and decided to play the outcome on open media,. Does that mean he should be castigated by people who should know better, and are them selves more self righteous in the extreme. I wonder how real celebrities would fare if a nobody could film them in unguarded moments for showing on the public media. This should never have been allowed to appear in this setting.
  2. I first new Mick through his broadcasts for the blind covering Bulls matches. I have never met him, but I used to marvel at his knack of letting you know where play was taking place and always what was happening. I am now fortunate due to the miracle improvements and can now view all games I attend through almost perfect vision. I still listen to Mick's commentaries to matches I cannot attend. The other week I listened to Mick's broadcast from Toulouse were the game was played in a temperature of 43 degrees and marvelled at his composure when with out any help and sat on an open bench an during drink breaks had to run up some stairs to get a drink of water, because he had no one to supply him with water, and he carried on this manfully throughout the match, no wonder he collapsed afterwards with heat exposure. I find the so called Lizard's comments completely distasteful, and only confirms my previous impression that he has an agenda to criticise any thing Bulls.I am sure he takes total pleasure in kicking a man when he is down, and he should think before he sets out to do someone down.
  3. Being rather long in the tooth, and having once been a marathon runner, I share some of Fevnuts concerns about the facilities at Odsal. I am a life long Bradford supporter since 1945 when as a 10 year old my uncle dragged me to the ground and ever since have followed my rugby tea. I have moved all over the country in my working life, and now I find myself residing in a small valley near Bridgend. I have 'lost' membership money in the past few years due to various club collapses. but last year my wife and I made many visits to matches and we decided once again to be members. It is costly, especially for our weekend visits mean railway journeys on the Friday prior to the game, and then back to Wales again on the Monday. Three overnight stays in a city hotel, plus of course taxi rides back and forth from the ground as neither my wife or myself drive. On Sunday our taxi was not allowed in the ground to the Southbank as we have done in the past, which for us was like a marathon run, we both have leg circulation problems not a good start , but having left snowier conditions in Wales we managed to get their. I have faith in the present board who are investing in youth, and the team, I feel that is the only way to build up the club, and bring support in the ground-6k attendance was exceptional for the weather conditions. My gripe is with clubs such as Super League who do not invest in youth teams, and sadly I never thought Fev would sit back and have loan players, a move which is killing the game I believe. I have never spoken to the present owner, but after all our previous disasters in the recent past I feel he is doing a good job, and has my support in what he is doing. The crowds I am sure will build up this season and give we supporters back their faith in the club. Why do rugby league supporters go on about admission prices, my wife and I regularly travel with football supporters on the train, who pay out gate money much costlier than rugby supporters pay. I recall Northern in the forties had a full back called Albert Leak, a good lad also, I can't say much about Fev as one of my daughters has a father in law, who was born there and his fairly well know there.
  4. My humble apologies to the RFL. and my error was due to local coverage at the time which appeared to be less concerning league 1 and was more concerned with changes to the play off places for the Super League.
  5. I regularly travel a 600 mile round trip to watch the Bulls at home games. Last week was a miss for me thanks to the RFL who had first announced the two top sides would automatically be promoted. Then changed their minds to play offs, which meant I had no time to arrange accommodation and travel, plus when the supposed last home game was played it involved a nightmare travel with industrial rail action and storm damage. Unfortunately cannot travel again this weekend due to previous commitments, and having noticed how the RFL loves to change fixtures around, I guess I'm not the only one affected. On a lighter note have my season tickets for next year, and just hope the RFL will now stop 'helping' the club. Without them life would be so much happier, and as I am 84 years young next season I would feel happier if they left season fixtures alone.
  6. Living in Wales I am used to the French games playing to full houses, yet in RL a 1k crowd of French supporters is considered marvellous. RL clubs appear to send reasonable supporters to France, and I would have thought that at least 10K Catalan supporters would have been at Wembley. The reasons being given for lack of French supporters are laughable, ranging from how hard it is to travel on Bank Holiday weekends, and apparently August is a no travel month to travel to Britain. Here in Wales we have had to put up with no trains running before the match finishes, innumerable road works, and the closure of the rail tunnel. Despite what appears to be impossible odds to travel to Britain, the Fresh internationals in Cardiff are always crowded with thousands of Welsh supporters.
  7. I am a little lost at so called high prices for season tickets, I regularly travel to Bradford from S Wales, and I find my work football fans are paying a much higher rate than I do. In Rugby League we appear to have a cheap skate mentality, no wonder we have stadiums which have seen better days, it cannot be done without money. Already we appear to be struggling to sell tickets for this weekend's final, with massive amounts of tickets been sold at absurdly cheap rates.Our soccer counterparts do not have these same problems. Incidentally, I have already bought our season tickets for next season, and compared to my football counterparts I have a very good bargain.
  8. After living in Wales for over 30 years, and paid money to be a season ticket holder of the Blue Dragons, and then the Crusaders at Bridgend, I feel that once again rugby league is getting a kicking not from union but the RL. Too many half baked planning moves, and not enough steady planning, I feel that we are leaving a trail of would be fans in S Wales who have invested money in various league clubs which have been formed, and then seen see them all disappear. Most importantly they leave would be rugby league supporters with a nasty taste in the mouth. Yes, the game does not get much publicity in the south, and when I read the local paper for results of local rugby league sides , I usually find them in local tennis results, and sometimes in sports results that have nothing to do with rugby. Not a good grounding, but then we shouldn't blame the press who are used to seeing RL clubs disappear with out trace. Much of the previous sides have left a bad taste in local supporters mouths. I now find myself much happier spending my money travelling north, quite regularly travelling to Bradford to support the Bulls, and I know times have been bad their, but there is a good band of supporters, and very promising Bradford youngsters giving there all. I certainly am not spending money going to Llanelli to watch northern sides picking up very easy pickings-world records or not.
  9. I travel regularly between S Wales and Bradford to watch them play, and very often Swansea football fans are on the same train. Unlike RL fans I never hear them moaning about the cost of watching their favourites, their talk is all about their sides playing. RL fans appear to be about the cost of attending and related extra cost for certain games. The sooner we realise that it is bums on seats will develop our game the better, it is ridiculous that Salford cannot get fans attending matches, and this is right on the doorstep of the BBC. No wonder we can not get much publicity for our game and more importantly investors.
  10. I consider myself an avid rugby league fan, and over the years because I do not live in the north my newspapers all fail to cover any adequate coverage of my favourite game. My biggest concern at the moment is noticing the ever smaller attendances on the sports result pages. Why cover rugby league is surely the main question that should concern we fans. We certainly are not going to be a target for advertisers, in fact we should be querying why present attendances are so low, and change our game around so we are attractive to the press and advertisers.
  11. I watched the BBC antique programme on Sunday night, and there was shown a Lloyds medal which a person had been awarded for saving lives at sea, this of course is one of the medals Eynan was also awarded- although in monetary terms this was one of the lesser value honours it was still worth four hundred pounds. Must admit I have never seen this medal before, but then only limited number awarded.
  12. Eynon Hawkins was a very modest man, and not until his passing, and the obituaries of him in the national press were his working colleagues were aware of his life saving exploits at sea. I read a local book covering welsh naval heroes of the Second World war, and Eynon was not given a mention. Nothing at all in Bridgend rugby club, and I have raised the matter up with the local British Legion, as yet no progress. I can assure you that here in South Wales people with Victoria crosses and George Crosses are somewhat thin on the ground. I do know that Rugby League is even now not going to make you popular, but I do hope that this will give some ground swell for Eynon to be recognised in his own area.
  13. I have just returned from Bradford after being encouraged to watch a match I would previously not have bothered. I live in S Wales and a match featuring low league candidates would not normally figure on my itinerary. I have been a regular watcher of the Bulls streams this season, and it has given me an upsurge to once again take the time and trouble to once again visit Odsal,incidentally I live in S Wales. Mick Gledhill's commentary's are superb on the radio, and I do know he gives people like myself an instant picture where about on the pitch the play is taking place, a rare talent which many of our present day reporters do not have. I must admit the streaming and commentaries have given me a new upsurge and interest in the game I was brought up in
  14. It is a long time since I have been so disappointed in a Rugby League discusion, In the first half we were informed that almost certainly Matty Smith would be going on loan to Salford, and then in the second half of the program we were once more told that Smith was going on loan to Salford, surely it did not have to be repeated, and hardly headline news, We were told that we would have some debate about the leagues outside Super League, this was a short sentence stating that for once all top four clubs in the championship were good enough for Super league. With a players agent a guest one hoped that there would be some cover about how a lot of Super League clubs do not have development sides-but no. Nothing about what is happening in rugby league, for e.g. what about the commencement of women league? This was a tired programme which did nothing to enhance the game. not so with the dark side who put plenty of enthusiasm into their game, although I must admit it does not deserve it.
  15. Rugby League is not a big enough sport when it can afford to lose at least a quarter million supporters per season, which is the minimum number since the Bulls went down the slippery slope these last few years. It is beginning to look as if some of the supporters are returning, but at least there does not appear to be any unpaid bills on the horizon which have been an all to regular occurrence in recent years.
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