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  1. Drinks in Melbourne

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions will certainly try a couple out
  2. Anyone know where to get a drink before game in Melbourne
  3. EGM

    Thanks guys for the info on the egm.Much appreciated.
  4. EGM

    Can anyone put any details of the egm on here as I'm out of the country at present
  5. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    Absolutely gutted we can't be there on Sunday ,but I know Cresta and the players will do their very best and get us promotion .24-12 to Barrow .COME ON BARROW.One thing is certain the fans will be that 14th man

    Welcome back David and welcome to the new board members
  7. Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    The part where people think it is the club doing the complaining .Has there a single post on here from the club or an official ?NO.Yes perhaps we could have done things better on the previous visit and I hope we have learnt from this so we can go there and give the Wolfpack a better game.
  8. Barrow raising money for Toronto trip

    This is an independent supporters group trying to do their bit to support the club.Dont other clubs supporters do the same by raising funds to support their clubs to buy or sponsor players etc.To me those people who are slating our club should get their facts right before posting rubbish on here
  9. Today's game

    Barrow have Dallimore-Ashall-Carter-Dawson-Holmes-Morrow-Fleming all out at the moment
  10. Resignation

    A sad day for the raiders to lose David. A man who really cares about the club.He will be greatly missed and I don't mean just for his jokes and after match talks. All the best for the future.
  11. Do the duel reg players you talk of have the amount of games needed to be able to play
  12. Well played lads...

    Cannot believe your attendance today for a top team in this devision
  13. What an absolutely stupid position the champion league 1 teams are in where they don't know who,where,or when they will play the last can they sell sponsorship etc for these games.
  14. Squad for 2016

    There's an interesting paragraph on the leigh site ie leigh scrap reserves squad