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  1. How the hell can anybody defend Bennett after the GB tour ???????? He's totally lost the plot.
  2. Sad news. Must have only been in his 50s ?
  3. Most overrated coach ever. Needs to go before he kills the international game
  4. SL Champions - St. Helens GF Runners Up - Wigan SL League Leaders - St. Helens SL Relegated - Wakefield Challenge Cup - Leeds Champ Winners - Toulouse Champ Promoted - Toulouse Champ Relegated - Oldham L1 winners - Barrow L1 also promoted - Newcastle 1895 Cup - York
  5. The following quote from Cresta in today's Evening Mail suggests that Stacky will be playing for Barrow in 2020 ............... "We’ll probably make a signing this week that brings even more leadership to the team, but there is some good senior players at the club anyway - Jarrad Stack is a seasoned professional who’s been around the block."
  6. These last 2 weeks have been the best part of our season !!!!!! Feeling very optimistic for next year now. Hope the vast majority of the fan base stick with the club.
  7. Star Amean (2 year) Watts Puara (2 year) Jamie Dallimore (1 year) Connor Terril (3 years) Danny Morrow (1 year) Luke Cresswell (1 year) Tee Ritson (1 year)
  8. Tee Ritson has signed for another year. Brilliant. Think Singo is considering not playing next year due to shifts at work.
  9. Every cloud....... Can this thread be merged with the 2020 squad thread?
  10. Can't see Walne wanting to drop down to League 1. Isn't Jonno Smith leaving ?
  11. As a Barrow fan I can safely say the Championship is a million miles away from League 1. We fully expected to be a mid-table side this year but it was not to be. Outstanding halfbacks are one of the main priorities, plus a big mobile pack,
  12. Why does the fact that the RFL's promotional work is poor surprise anybody ????!!!!!
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