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  1. We averaged 2000 last season so would expect at least that on Sunday!
  2. It all depends on how many players are out due to Covid which unfortunately will be the story of this season
  3. Major signing announcement at 6pm!
  4. Barrow have apparently signed Jarrod Sammut. Excellent signing!
  5. Signed according to Twitter!
  6. Great opportunity to start with a win
  7. Barrow averaged over 2000 this year in League 1 so will be hoping for nearer 3000 in 2022 I would hope
  8. How should we have Scottish and Irish teams when there are no professional clubs in these countries ? Absolutely crazy idea. Hardly anybody in these areas care or even know about RL anyway. Let's face it, Scotland play their home games in Workington !!!!! I just don't agree with heritage teams either. Filling the Scotland team with players who once had a haggis is a complete joke.
  9. The GB brand should NEVER have been abandoned in the first place. The GB brand is synonymous with RL, the England brand, not so. And the Scottish and Irish sides are a complete farce. Ask any high profile player which means more to them, playing for England or playing for GB and they overwhelmingly say GB. Also, I have a rather superb cotton GB shirt from the 2003 era which I want to wear with pride again !!!!!
  10. Harry Swarbrick signed for NW Crusaders. Bit of a surprise but I guess he'll get more games there. Great player for us this year.
  11. I'm a Barrow supporter and I can't wait to watch this on Our League !!!!! I feel your nerves having been in this boat 4 years ago when we played Haven for the same prize. The atmosphere at Craven Park that day was incredible, never felt so tense at a match ! Good luck Town
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