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  1. At Barrow we only have 18 with 2 to be agreed !!!!!
  2. https://www.barrowrlfc.com/latest-news/barrow-raiders-2024-squad-update/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign&utm_content=ap_3fkbigwklj So possibly a 20 man squad. I thought we were aiming for 22
  3. Its the size of our squad that is worrying. The quality is great I'm just fearful for when injuries strike
  4. I hate this cryptic $hit. Just spill the beans!!!!
  5. We must have the smallest squad in the league. Surely some signings are going to be announced otherwise we are going to be favourites for relegation
  6. Tom Farren who plays for the academy looks a fantastic prospect!!!! Get him signed up !
  7. There's been a few occasions when a team has scored over 40 and lost. I remember Barrow beating Hunslet 41-40 away a few decades ago
  8. For Barrow or Haven ?
  9. If the leagues are restructured I can't see them merging. I reckon they might increase the size of L1 at the expense of the Championship
  10. Ellis Gillam signed for next season. Great news !
  11. Swinton fans reckon he's been training there.
  12. 4th best supported club in the championship last season and we appear to be possibly worst prepared for the coming season......Where's it going wrong?
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