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  1. Why does the fact that the RFL's promotional work is poor surprise anybody ????!!!!!
  2. Very good edition of Odd Shaped Balls on Cando FM last night with Steve Neale as guest, taking questions. Was very encouraging to hear him say that if we go down, he is optimistic that the majority of the squad will remain, and he intends to have the strongest squad in League One.
  3. I hope Cresta stays on next year in League One. He has great links with the local amateur game which will be vital going forward. I feel with our current locals such as Cresswell, Carter, Crellin, Morrow, Mossop, the Toal brothers, we have the nucleus of a very good side who all want to play for their town !!!
  4. I dread them staying up. If Leeds or HKR go down the sport could potentially lose 4-5000 fans which it cannot afford to. If London go down the difference will be tiny. We need big clubs with great support in our premier competition.
  5. Sounds bad for Joe, possibly an ACL. Terrible luck just when he was smashing it at Wigan.
  6. Bring back GB


    With the news coming out that the League structure is definitely not changing for 2020, we need to win 3/4 games to have any chance of staying up.
  7. Reports emerging from yesterday’s meeting of Championship and League 1 clubs suggest a decision has been reached regarding the venue for next year’s Summer Bash. The weekend of matches has been held at Blackpool’s Bloomfield Road since its inception in 2015. And broadcast journalist Mick Gledhill suggests the seaside town will once against host the event next year. Gledhill also reports that there’s unlikely to be any structural changes to next year’s second and third tier competitions. He said: “There’ll be no structural changes to the Championship or League One in 2020.
  8. I really fear for the club if we get relegated. Lots of talk of League One being cast adrift in the not too distant future. Probably the worst possible time to go down.
  9. When a club gets relegated, it will lose some of it's support. Lost support is a loss to the sport, not just the club, something which our sport cannot afford. If Leeds were relegated, their crowds would probably drop from 13000 to around 8000 thus 5000 fans lost from the sport. Bradford have lost nearly 10,000 fans since losing their super league status. If London go down their crowds would probably fall from 1500 to 700 so nowhere near as damaging to the sport. It's that simple really. Leeds and Hull KR bring so much more to the sport than London
  10. Massive result tonight. Would be a disaster if HKR or Leeds go down.
  11. Somebody's having a laugh here. Gary wouldn't lower himself to make such comments.
  12. Aspi not available due to work I think
  13. What was the attendance ? No mention of it in League Express. Cheers
  14. Agreed but the population of London is 8 million !
  15. London's crowds really are a complete joke. The team deserve better but unfortunately the game will never catch on in the capital. They've had 39 years now to make it work !!!!
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