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  1. Only 3 more hours then home time yeah, baby yeah.

  2. Only 3 more hours then home time yeah, baby yeah.

  3. Only 2 games gone and Salford have conceded 98 points, will McRae be first coach out the door in 2011

  4. Barrie Mac you Sausage, quote " in one word, man management" hahaha superb

  5. Now I know why they call it the Magic weekend, because they've made all the fans disappear. That place is empty

  6. Well I've broke the week, roll on Sunday Rochdale away.

  7. Roll on Sunday, bring on the Knights!

  8. The future is bright, the future is Blue and White

  9. Best Wishes From Barrow

    Good luck today guys. I'll be routing for you Rover for the day, Raider for life.
  10. Barra v Widnes

    Great result. Good luck against Fax, hopefully see you's at the Halliwel Jones.
  11. Travelling fans

    Do you have any idea how many of you fans are coming up to Barrow on Friday, for what should be a cracking game.
  12. A Favour for Barrow Tonight

    38-0 griff sick that in ye pipe. Every club has one griff it looks like sheffields is you. See you all Friday guys. May the best team win.