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  1. Whitehaven v Rovers game thread.

    Best selection of what we have available this season for me, short of Sharpy when he is playing well. Worried about whether Ellis can do full 80 mins effectively. Hope we can keep settled half backs for a few weeks now.
  2. Challenge Cup Draw

    Not sure why 5.30pm but a shame that it clashes exactly with KO of England v France rugby union which could decide 6 nations, whatever your preference a lot of sports fans like to see any big games like this.
  3. Blue Pike is one of first guys to say sort your defence and the attack will come, quoted from Mick Gibbins, very true and at last this year we seemed to do that against Donny. Why then does Andy Hay choose to drop Tim Spears, the outstanding defender last week (and captain confirmed by him) against a side who will definately test our strength?? Give the man more time to develop his best side and a style of play BUT he had half a season last year, created "his" side this year and being honest I don't see much improvement overall and playing 33 squad members + god knows how many DR he will bring in does not give me much confidence. Hope we win but just when you need a settled side of committed players we decide to upset the balance, or am I missing something??
  4. Fev versus York City Knights

    Tim Spears father is an official at Pontefract RUFC, but there is no "favour being pulled," as I understand it the approach was made to Pontefract by Featherstone who could find no local suitable venue having tried Castleford and Wakefield with no luck and discounted Feath Lions as unsuitable. Pontefract have agreed to host with no cost to Featherstone for ground etc and Featherstone take all gate receipts. There is a very reasonable bar which will be open from 12pm, bottles will also be sold on the ground + burger van. Parking is a problem but advice will be posted before the weekend. Hope that replaces some incorrect comments made with a few facts
  5. Playing Coach - Hallifax Game

    Think everyone has forgotten how we beat Halifax in both league games - we smashed them in defence, at Halifax we were awesome with those 5 sets on our line, Fax supporters in the stand were amazed with how hard we hit. Thats what we need to do to stop them playing.