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  1. Knights v acorn

    Careful Si... you might provoke a reactionary and unfounded legal threat to someone barely connected to that comment...
  2. Bootham Crescent Confirmed

    Most extraneous use of the word "majority" since Tony Blair claimed a majority of Iraqi WMDs could be launched in 45 minutes.
  3. New Signing Rumour

    Nope. Stan's closer to 72 than 27! Announced today though, and I reiterate... LOL.
  4. Club Lottery

    Those Polo's tho...
  5. Ta-ra Waterman

  6. York RL Hall of Fame

    Albert fits the criteria of the Leg ends better than most in there I'm going to make a suggestion about the Hall of Fame criteria... As Peter G says, there are lots who were greats but don't fit the Hall of Fame criteria. Could there be a separate category of award - say an Honourable Mention, or a Special Commendation or even In Memoriam for those who were truly worth remembering as York players but don't quite fulfil the criteria? Best obviously to go back some years or it would negate the point, so maybe that criteria could be that they haven't played for 20 years, or only have one leg, or are dead. Doesn't need to be as grand an award as a framed photo to sit in Guildford's bin, but just a mention, with a small bio of games played etc that would be recorded to keep these names and achievements alive for the next generation.

    There is no "we" as far as YCK is concerned. There is "the business" and then there is "the customer base". It's not a club Col, bloody hell mate how many times.
  8. The York City Knights Awards Night

    Anyone who hasn't liked that post is an idiot and shouldn't be allowed on the internets

    What's all this "we" business?
  10. 2016 Season & Squad

    Well no wonder Milky was so keen on staying in this league - free holiday, and we don't even get to take the p*ss out of his seedy obsession with #marbs
  11. 2016 Season & Squad

    I can see Toulouse only playing away games while they're in League 1.
  12. Jack Stearman

    Jack is a true Legend of York Rugby League. I'll never forget him carrying 4 Northumbria University players a good 30 yards in that record smashing Challenge Cup Tie. He was a pleasure to deal with at YCK and will be sorely missed. Most of what YCK has achieved in the community is down to his hard work and commitment. Best of luck for the future Jack.
  13. Other stuff..

    I'll try to answer your response a piece at a time mate. "I agree that the club could be run better – especially on the PR side, but overall is that any different to what an Oldham or Hunslet supporter (for example) may think about the way their club is run? You read club forums every day saying ‘the club should be doing this, that, the other" Oldham - it's probably very similar: Run by a shyster for the benefit of only that shyster. Hunslet - Very different. In all honesty, Hunslet is a club I would love York to be right now. Obviously Id rather we were Leeds Rhinos, but Hunslet is a shining example of what can be acheived if the right people are in the right jobs doing it for the right reasons. "We are not a sh*te club - 100 plus people on Friday night would not agree with that statement. A top 5 position does not get you promoted so forget the 4th negativity - we were 12 seconds from a Grand Final (positivity)." YCK IS a sh*te club. Read what I originally wrote - YCK isn't really a club, it's a family business with a team to attract a few hundred paying customers. But while I'm here... We shouldn't have been in the position where we were 12 seconds from a grand final Col. YCK alledgedly built on last years league champions team, so we should have been league champions. Simple as that. And please stop with the positive/negative male genitals mate - it just sounds like you're trying to stifle debate. "Our club should not be a family run business? York City Football Club is basically a family run club isn’t it??" That's been answered already, but No, YCFC is not a family run business - JM Packaging is a family run business, YCFC is a football club run at the top by the family that own JM Packaging with the right people in the right jobs below them. What other business do the Guildfords own? And by Business, I mean going concern that employs people and turns a profit, not some tinpot entry at companies house to offset tax with. And don't say Guildford Construction or some other bulls**t guise or I will lose all respect for you completely. "Did the current family owners set up the club?" No they didn't, they waited until it was approved by the RFL, then got their mate Caddick to veto everything unless they were put in charge. they didn't even speak at any supporter meetings, just sat back, fed their stooge lines to say and waited for the real work to be done. "The supporters did a massive amount to help create the club, but who actually put the majority of hard cash in to make it happen? (you know perfectly well who)." Yes I do know perfectly well, I know exactly what happened and have written about it before - but I'll simplify the order of activity here... £75,000 raised by fans and local businesses. RFL approve YCK formation Leeds Rhinos (et al) veto unless Guildford put in charge RFL need to protect fans money from an unknown businessman who may be there just to swindle (*ahem*) so add 2 clauses: 1) Guildford must have a bank account seperate to YCKs containing at least £75,000, 2) Guildford must guarantee in writing a further £75,000. Leeds Rhinos (et al) remove veto YCK set up At no point has Guildford needed to add or spend funds over and above what he has previously taken out. Until 2005 YCK was the most profitable RL club in England. "If YOU had done that & been involved for all these years, how easily could you walk away from it?" If I'd done that & been involved all these years, I couldn't sleep at night Col. "How do you actually genuinely know confidential figures regarding the Stadium deal?" That's my business, and I'd thank you to ask Milky to stop getting people to try and find that out - there'll be no lawsuit coming from my actions thanks. "New players coming in etc– the comments I have seen on social media are a total disgrace – I am happy with some signings more than others, but why can’t people stick to the positives and not slag players off they ‘don’t rate’ in public? (it never used to be like that – just be honest and agree some people are just having a go for the sake it)." The "total disgrace" comments could be anything to do with things said about Buchannan having a problem with Class A's, or Waller being made of biscuits, or Turner being an Amateur. I haven't seen any others, maybe you could link to those so we can make judgement. However those 3 things are true and shouldn't be a secret. Fans have always had a go at players though Col. You used to stand one step below me at HS - you can't say you've never heard people having a go at players. That's actually worse, having a go at them while they're playing. "I have seen comments about building bridges between the club & disgruntled supporters" Credit to Fordy, he has had a go, but he's wasting his time. Nobody has anything against him AT ALL, but he could have ended everything in April. ENDED . IT. He chose not to. And I know this is going to prove a controversial comment, probably going to be called a lie or negative but... Fordy thinks JG is a c**t as well. As do most of the players who have ever played for York. As does Rammo. As does 99.9% of people who have had any dealings with him. Even his Mother. Even Sharon's Mother, and I quote "huh... he's a 1st class c**t that one" We are less ably funded, but we are very well researched "Friday night chatted to players (young lads & experienced lads), coaches and directors and – TO A MAN – they are totally sick of all the negativity on social media from some so-called supporters and have about given up on bridge building." They're not half as sick as the "so-called supporters" are Col. You mention the Directors.... ###### em... they caused and continued this. I hope they have given up bridge building, cos their attempts are taken from the Guildford Construction book of business - charge for premium materials and master builders, provide shoddy workmanship with dangerously inferior stock. "All that stuff is just as bad for the club’s image as anything you accuse the owners of doing" No it isn't, but if it was - Good. I hope it ruins him completely. I hope YCK goes bust and Guildfords finances are looked into throughout the entirety of his life. I hope he's brought to book for the hundreds of thousands of pounds, possibly millions, that he's ripped off from companies, businesses and individuals in Yorkshire. I hope the Lib Dems are made to suffer for aligning themselves with a crook and they all have to resign. Then, I hope someone decent, anyone decent, absolutely ANYONE decent, sees the potential that York has for a great RL club and does something about it. But, I mostly hope JG ends his pitiful life as miserable as he's made a huge number of people across this city.
  14. The York City Knights Awards Night

    No mention of Roger Dixon :/