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  1. I’ve spoken to three players in the past couple of weeks who all spoke very highly of him, one who said he’s the best coach they’ve ever had. Are there actually rumours or are some people assuming there is disharmony?
  2. If I wanted the snippets I’d speak to the organ grinder, not the monkey.
  3. I do agree. We’re far from safe. A loss against Dewsbury and we’re in big trouble.
  4. We’ve only got one basket to put our eggs in.
  5. A good post. With facts and insight throughout. I wish more people posted like that.
  6. I wish you’d slope off to the Dews forum and not come back.
  7. Watch it again properly. Brearley passes the ball and Mazive, coming in off his wing with his hand over his head, flicks it forward. It’s easy to spot as the ball goes from flat to spinning wildly. One of a number of examples where the home fans were wrongly howling in derision at the ref where they’d themselves missed something or misunderstood the rules.
  8. The only Canadian thing at the Mount on Sunday will be the crisps.
  9. Brown had a sore groin and wasn’t 100% fit. Should be back Wed.
  10. Halifax won the toss and played downhill first. If we play downhill first I’m not happy unless we’re 18 points up.
  11. I didn’t think Leigh were dirty at all. I did think the ref gave some awful decisions. I thought batley made more mistakes than you can afford to beat a team with better players than you. I thought Leigh really tightened us their discipline after the first 20 minutes and were too good for us in the end.
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