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  1. The whole concept of Summer Bash is unfair. We got to play Dewsbury every year whereas Halifax, who we’ve generally been similar to, have had tougher fixtures. I don’t think it really matters that York have a home fixture.
  2. York is a great city for a day out. I’m looking forward to it.
  3. Have you ever considered not doing the ‘moan and snarl’ and assuming that the board and coaching staff are working hard behind the scenes?
  4. No. I think if you contest the ball but don’t get it… then wrap your arms around the player who did and make a tackle, that’s a penalty. For what it’s worth I think your man is a little unlucky with how the ball fell and the position of both players. There wasn’t much he could do once the ball was in Campbell’s arms. I thought he had a good game overall. My point more broadly speaking was that I can see why the ref gave that decision. A small but vocal minority of fans in the Popular Stand we’re giving him dogs abuse.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/TownRLFC/photos/a.369664996707032/1725702824436569/?type=3 I think this is a photo of the incident. He clearly wraps his arms around Campbell whilst Campbell is in the air. A clear and obvious penalty.
  6. The highlights are now on Twitter. If you talking about the Manning try you will see he’s clearly onside. It’s not even marginal. A chap stood behind me was apoplectic with rage at the decision. Directing the most vile abuse at the ref who, it turns out, got it correct.
  7. If you’re not happy with that maybe knock it on the head.
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