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  1. Today is the Start of the League Season. . .

    Yes. End of thread.
  2. Team for Sunday

    Dear me, the irony of the "question" you asked is starting to become rather apparent. I haven't got any more time to waste on a keyboard warrior who I know for a fact, if he sees me on Sunday, will not say a word. If you really were looking for an answer, no, I'm not thick. No doubt Eagleraider will be along in the morning to close the thread and pretend you never said anything. Night.
  3. Ref V Fax

    It's ok, it was snickers if I remember correctly, and he's allergic to nuts!
  4. Team for Sunday

    "Are you thick or what?" is hardly just a question, is it? It shows a complete lack of respect, and if I said it to you you'd be down on me like a ton of bricks.
  5. Team for Sunday

    Is there really any need for that? An honest mistake and you resort to name calling/personal insults and implying I'm under the influence, add that to the fact you didn't actually say you'd play that same team, you just said you'd have Woodcock in instead of Haley. You're supposed to be an adult, grow up.
  6. Team for Sunday

    No disrespect to John Coleman at all, like you say he has stepped up a few leagues, but I wouldn't call his performance at Oldham a good one, particularly defensively. He is a good goal kicker, but to kick goals someone needs to score the tries, and that's why Menzie and Tangi must start in the centres. I suppose in hindsight, presuming he's fully fit, Woodcock will have to start to cover the goal kicking base, but this would be extremely harsh on Thackeray. You've contributed a few times to the thread now Eagletarian but still not posted your 17! Let's 'ave it
  7. Team for Sunday

    His goal kicking is top notch from what we've seen so far, his try was a walk in. He doesn't contribute enough in my opinion, certainly not to get in the team ahead of Menzie or Tangi.
  8. Team for Sunday

    Baffling. The only reason he's not in my team is because Ashley Thackeray played a blinder at Oldham, and if he doesn't retain his place he's going to wonder what he has to do, no relfection on Jonny.
  9. Team for Sunday

    Would you want to tell Ged he's not in the team?
  10. Team for Sunday

    Mitch, Tangi and Brendon can all kick goals.
  11. Team for Sunday

    Yeah, was thinking that, or maybe McDonald.
  12. Team for Sunday

    Now we've had a look at the whole squad, barring injured players, what would be your team for the first league game? I'd go with: Thackeray Barnett Yere Ropati Taulapapa Lindsay Brooks Howieson Cook Stringer Szostak Corcoran Green Subs: Hepworth Barlow Exton Haley This is presuming Alex Rowe gets a ban, I think his disciplinary was today.
  13. Oldham game on Eagles TV

    It wasn't that good, and yes it was freezing.
  14. Oldham game on Eagles TV

    There was a blatent forward pass in the build up to their 4th try on second viewing, and can you actually believe some of the Oldham fans around us were protesting about the penalty in which we kicked the winning points from?
  15. Ref V Fax

    I'm not standing next to Basil.