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  1. The Brexit Party may do well simply on the grounds of having no track record and only 1 policy. A neighbour of mine is ready to stand for election for the Brexit Party with a view to changing things beyond Brexit - what to, I've no idea...
  2. There's plenty of ammunition here. OK, it's Wikipedia, so follow the links. Trump's father was a racist. Deep down it's clear he prefers a world order that is like the one that handed him a billion dollars where he can hob nob with similar minded people with similar amounts of money. That world view is predicated on not sharing anything with the "other". This isn't just an immigration issue, it's specifc immigrants he is targeting. One Democrat who has been equally and "viciously" critical of Trump as the four women is a man who was actually born in Italy. Trump hasn't mentioned him. Of course they are women as well - he really hates being questioned by a woman. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racial_views_of_Donald_Trump
  3. I think he would genuinely welcome some kind of revolutionary act. Americans' right to bear arms as per the 2nd amendment is to help them rise against government tyranny. What the founding fathers never realised was that future governments would always be able to outgun any uprising or local militia. It would be the ideal opportunity, backed by a favourable Supreme Court and a gutless Congress, to declare executive authority and a kind of martial law. The US public would then have a choice - "safety" with Trump, or lawlessness with a mob they;ve been trained to fear since 1945.
  4. Surely not. JohnM is the wisest amongst us. He bestrides a field of bleeding hearts like an intellectual giant. One who is obsessed by the Guardian and BBC.
  5. Wasn't Trump whinging and moaning about the USA going to the dogs when Obama was president? Perhaps he should have left at that point.
  6. Pretty much like it has been since June 2016. Every week brings a new constitutional issue!
  7. If we hadn't joined / stayed in during the 70s Thatcher would probably have started a process of doing a FTA with them. Whether that would have been successful or not I don't know, but I suspect at some point we would have, or would have joined EFTA. We'd have ended up with a "soft Brexit" or "Brentrance" that certainly wouldn't have got people as riled up in a referendum. Incidently, once somebody sensible gets back in charge, I think that's where we'll end up.
  8. I watched both - I had the men's singles on mute on my laptop. Jimmy Neesham's tweet owns the internet today. In the comments are a bunch of sad Indian and Pakistani supporters blaming the ICC for inventing stupid rules to rob NZ of their title. NZ fans appear to have taken it more stoically.
  9. England won one a couple of years ago, but of course they were "only women".
  10. These days that shouldn't prevent you from voicing an opinion loudly in the pub, or on the internet. Common sense is all you need.
  11. It's got a whiff of Britannia ruling the waves about it. We didn't do so well when we took on Iceland in 1973. However as part of a food security strategy we do need to worry about farming and fishing - shame that the Brexit lot want to hand the agriculture bit over to the USA.
  12. Two points about a Brexit/Con pact: 1. It would be a dangerous precedent for the Tories. They would be effectively creating a competitor who, once they'd got say 100-150 seats might be tempted to keep them after the "pact" was over. They would start on other targets once the EU was out of the way - the NHS, death penalty, abolishing the minimum wage, welfare etc. Moderate/old school Tories would fight such a possibility all the way. 2. It might force the progressives into a pact too. Labour would hate this for much the same reasons as the Tories would, perhaps even more so. Corbyn's wing of the party think that Tom Watson is worse than Thatcher and despise the LibDems. All these strategies would end in tears and not to be compared to the Coalition deal or LibLab pact, where the smaller party was eventually squashed by the big one. I think the main parties have to strap in for a proper fight - Brexit has opened major wounds in both parties.
  13. Yeah, taking all the fish out of the sea is a great idea for the future of the fishing industry.
  14. He does seem to get tetchy when he's not the centre of attention, or the fans are on the other guy's side. However, I think this is part of his motivation plan as he's known to be a pretty decent guy off the court. As are Federer and Nadal.
  15. If you think the RFL is bad, who would start a Championship game on the same day as the World Cup final? Queen's Park doesn't host many games these days which makes it even more dumb.
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