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  1. I'm not sure whether to start another thread on this, but the racist abuse of Paul Pogba on social media this week is both disgusting and baffling. Pogba certainly deserves criticism; not so much for the penalty miss but his overall attitude in his time at Man United, but why target his race? Is this country really able to still produce such ignorant people and does social media enbolden them to spout this garbage? Phil Neville has called for a social media boycott which of course may hide the problem but what's the root cause here?
  2. The Championship has just about the right number of games. League One doesn't have enough. We need to figure out some kind of balance.
  3. What about players ducking into high shots? Batsmen will misjudge deliveries and end up being hit anyway. I think the umpires should be harder on deliberate and repetitive short pitched bowling. They can do that now if they want to - I'm not sure why they let Cummins bowl a full over of short stuff at Woakes the other day.
  4. Deaths in cricket are very, very rare. When the helmet was introduced players didn't like wearing it, but now it's normal. The new helmet is a bit more claustrophobic but they're just going to have to get used to wearing it. If short pitched bowling is banned (and this would have to include hitting in the sternum/heart, which is also dangerous) then the game as we know it is done.
  5. I went to Sheffield v Barrow today. Sheffield weren't great but were ultimately too good for Barrow, who are now almost certainly relegated. Which is a shame, but the table doesn't lie. It was worth going to see Menzie Yere attempt to convert his own try after the hooter. It did not end well, but I now know he kicks with his left foot.
  6. As a Sheffield fan, I refute that possibility! Keith is the King of On-Field Trainers and you all know it.
  7. That would be generous, but it depends on how much the hiring fee is. I was speaking to a work colleague from Cincinnati who supports the soccer team there. They are building a new stadium and in the meantime are hiring a facility from the University. The rent is low, but the Uni keeps all the concessions and the parking fees. The average crowd is 27000 so that could be a lot of money per game.
  8. There appear to be 21 rabbits and Steve Smith, whose technique has morphed into something very strange. He got into a horrible position against the Archer deliveries. It's 40% Australia, 35% draw and 25% England for my money today. England can't afford to lose - if they do, there may need to be a change of captain. Right now Root's form is in the toilet - we have such a bad batting lineup they should just pick the best county captain, even if they are not "Test Class". After all, neither are Roy and Denly.
  9. At the risk of turning this thread political, what we really need is an Australian-style Runs System. On a serious note, a good drubbing in this series might be the incentive to refocus on the Test team like we did for the white ball team. The problems have been apparent for some time and it's been allowed to drift.
  10. Perhaps you could be an advisor to other Championship clubs, for a suitable fee of course.
  11. No charge to get in for Eagles v Barrow, donations accepted. https://www.sheffieldeagles.com/article/53216/last-home-game-of----no-ticket-prices-donations-only
  12. No surprise, too risky because of his injury. I doubt if England's team for the last test will be the same as this one.
  13. Proper brawl. It's a good job that the pitcher missed with his first haymaker. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/baseball/49175917
  14. That spinner got some real hammer.
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