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  1. Ian St John, a fine footballer and straight man for Jimmy Greaves. Aged 82. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56250355
  2. 69.8 for me this week. First time I've been less than 70kg for about 40 years.
  3. The Royal stories just keep on coming to mask the Government's dubious contract awarding shennanigans. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56137887 File under "Man and woman have baby". Mind you, that baby has to grow up knowing its grandad was Prince Andrew.
  4. Sport is way more enjoyable once you accept that refs are fallible humans (like the players and coaches) and not corrupt bar stewards. This morning's "Who gives a ****" moment is dedicated to Ms Kim Kardashian and Mr Kanye West.
  5. And go on Twitter. I wish it had said "Don't no this number. Who dis?"
  6. I see they have collected rock samples that will be brought back to Earth in a future mission. Frozen mutant alien virus, anyone?
  7. Peter Lawrence, father of missing Claudia Lawrence, aged 74. I always felt for him whenever I saw him on TV - her disappearence really hit him hard but at least he turned it into something positive.
  8. My thoughts, for what they are worth: 1. The pitch isn't as bad for Test Cricket as Michael Vaughan and Jonathan Agnew are making out. A flat, dead track where 500+ plays 500+ in the first innings over 4 days is worse. 2. India's spin bowlers are better than England's, or at least more experienced in the conditions. If England really want to dominate Test cricket, we need more wickets like the one at Taunton, and show more faith in the best spinners we have. 3. The real difference in this match so far is Rohit Sharma. Without his brilliant first innings 161, England wouldn't hav
  9. As per my answer on cricket it depends on whether it's stats or stats+personality. Football - Ronaldo. I don't like him very much but that's irrelevant. Greatest keeper - Gordon Banks. Boxing - Ali because of context, the era he fought in, and personality. Basketball - Jordan, obviously. Athletics - Agreed on Bolt, but I did like watching Michael Johnson. Jackie Joyner-Kersee in women's athletics. Formula 1 - Schumacher, but Hamilton will take over when he retires. I have to say that since Lauda crashed it's a different sport and anyone who drove in it before 1980 had
  10. Statistically, not even close. Look at this: Root is probably #4 in the world at the moment and his record is very similar to Viv's. He was also coming out to bat after his teams' fast bowlers had usually decimated the opponents. His effect as an icon of West Indies cricket elevates him above his stats - but he would struggle to get into an all-time XI middle order up against Lara, Tendulkar, Kallis, Dravid, Sangakarra, Waugh, and the current crop of Kohli, Smith, Williamson and Root. In pure cricketing terms, Jacques Kallis is first on my all-time team sheet. Phenominal
  11. Flat last week but this week down to 71.2kg
  12. I was informed today that my HSBC branch was closing. To be honest I'm surprised it's lasted this long and I can't complain as I haven't been in it for more than 10 years. It's another example of how the high street is changing and almost disappearing. Retail and banking are disappearing online, parking is expensive and difficult, companies don't even need to have offices anymore. Could one solution be to revitalise town centres by encouraging people to move back in to live there? I have noticed in Spain that towns and cities are still vibrant because they have so many people living
  13. Handball and offside have always been contentious - in this respect VAR isn't the problem, the laws of the game and the interpretation rulings are. VAR just makes it worse by slowing things down and creating more uncertainty. For offside, VAR should only, IMO, overrule a decision that is clearly wrong. That is, where the player is absolutely beyond the last defender at the point the pass is made. The real "howlers". For handball, I'd prefer to see it being used only where the hand contact has been completely missed by the officials. The comms between the VAR and the ref/ARs shou
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