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  1. Can be spelt either way. It's brilliant. I was 53 when my first grandson was born and now thetes a second one. What I dont understand is how men manage to be dads in their 60s. I'm knackered after 2 days of looking after the oldest.
  2. Away on business and now on a weekend in Spain. Up to 80.5 again. Now for another business trip. Bu99er.
  3. My son's favourite games to ref were in the NCL.
  4. Went to see Just Mercy today - based on a true story and, for once, pretty accurately. Excellent ensemble acting and it didn't drag, even at 135 minutes.
  5. I didn't realise how bad Jack Leach was - he had sepsis and genuinely could have died. This tour has had some pretty bad luck but oddly it's also shown that there are glimpses of a brighter future for the red ball game. Sibley, Crawley, Pope, Bess, Archer and Burns look like a good batch of young players to support Stokes and Root. We'll get hammered in India and in the Ashes but we need to stick with these players. I would also get Foakes back in - not sure why he was ever discarded.
  6. 78.9 this morning. Decent 5 mile training run last night and improved eating. It's pretty basic theory on losing weight, harder in practice!
  7. Agreed. The sets are amazing, as is the cinematography. The direction and writing are top class too.
  8. Finally catching up with Peaky Blinders. It's nonsense, of course, but it's very stylish and compels you to watch it. If only for that amazing Nick Cave theme song.
  9. JoJo rabbit was an intriguing, funny and sad film. Excellent central performance by Roman Griffin Davis as JoJo and director Taika Waititi does an excellent job in imagining a version of Hitler conjured up by a child brainwashed by Hitler Youth. Sam Rockwell and Stephan Merchant have great fun hamming up their Nazi stereotypes. it won't be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed its weirdness.
  10. It's bonkers but strangely enjoyable to watch. So many deaths, in some entertaining ways.
  11. Business trip this week, weighed in at 80.3kg so not too bad.
  12. I enjoyed it. Daniel Craig's accent was a thing of beauty. I'm off to see JoJo Rabbit now. I'll report back.
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