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  1. The bete noire of the right wing press barons, the BBC, has IMO played a blinder with its BBC News coverage at the moment the nation needs an independent voice to maintain a reliable comms channel. The 450 job cuts in BBC News have been deferred - I hope they rethink that decision.
  2. That dog will go for a ###### somewhere, at some point. Better out than in, both for the dog and her house. She's another "idiot exposed."
  3. I now know 2 people (one work colleague, one ex-colleague) who almost certainly have it and are currently at home with moderate symptoms.
  4. Don't know, I'm not the head of an Institute of Virology.
  5. "Germany's relatively low death rate was largely due to the high number of tests being carried out, said Christian Drosten, head of the Charite University Hospital's Institute of Virology in Berlin"
  6. We're doing that at 5pm each Friday.
  7. "Other bicycle firms such as Brompton Bicycle, a folding bike specialist, have lent bicycles to staff at hospitals in London to help them get to and from work." Halford's getting a lot of stick for staying open, but they are a major bicycle retailer (allowed on the list) and people still need to use their cars so certain things in there are effectively essential.
  8. We've got some hi-tech small manufacturing companies on the park where our office is (we are all at home) that have started making ventilators and ventilator parts. I'll find out who they are when it's all over.
  9. He already is, even after his wife took half. Maybe we'll be more minded to extract some actual tax from him now.
  10. That's suspiciously foreign - get to the back of the queue!
  11. I've not been in a McDs in the UK since 2010. I'll be OK. I might get fish and chips tomorrow in case all takeaways are shut down sooner than I expected.
  12. 79.7, not bad considering I'm cooped up at home. Tomorrow I will measure out the perimeter of my lawns and drive. I hope it's about 100m, which means I have a 50 lap parkrun.
  13. If you knew you were Skypeing someone, you wouldn't say you were "seeing" them, you would "call" or "Skype" them.
  14. To be fair, trusting this government and PM is a leap of faith. Especially as some of the messages so far have been watered down, or confused. It may become a problem if the food sources are seriously affected. As long as all countries are still producing, we should be fine, especially as this outbreak has to end at some point within 12-18 months (or, if not, we resort to the bonkers "herd immunity" idea).
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