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  1. The only time you'll see Rob at Dewsbury are the 2 games he'll potentially be playing there for Sheffield Eagles.
  2. I hated them at first, now I hardly notice them.
  3. Danny Dyer on Who Do You Think You Are? - repeated now on BBC1. Unintentionally hilarious.
  4. Only England, unless you went back an extra couple of generations, when you could add in Wales.
  5. I thought this was the pro-Toronto thread. Isn't there another one for the sceptics to discuss Toronto's imminent demise over a half of mild in the corner of a soon-to-be-closed pub?
  6. Briefly on SBW. There was a lot of negativity about him after he switched codes and went of boxing etc. but I was OK with him chasing the money, but happy to see him go as he seemed disruptive. However, my view of him changed when I went to see PNG v the Kiwis at Headingley in 2013. After the game, which was one sided but the atmosphere and support for PNG was brilliant, I had to stay behind to let the crowds go as I was there with a disabled friend. Sonny Bill spent at least 15 minutes after the game walking round, meeting fans and signing autographs. He was still out there when I left. He's welcome back into RL and into SL any time he likes.
  7. Did parkrun #245 yesterday as a pacer (32 minutes) at my home run, then did a gentle 5 miles today. Still at 77kg which is too much but manageable.
  8. OK, let's give "His Dark Materials" a go.
  9. UEFA crack down on Bulgaria (not)
  10. In other news, PNG have qualified for the T20 World Cup. I didn't know you could in massive tackles in cricket. I hope one of them "accidentally" falttens David Warner if they play the Aussies.
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