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  1. U2 1970s disco The sort of music that Premiership footballers seem to like and another vote for Ms. Carey.
  2. My first poetry pamplet, published by Glass Head Press, is at the printers. If it comes back OK, I will be launching it on November 8th at The Brewery and Tap, Doncaster. That Toshack poem is bad.
  3. I celebrated the 15th birthday with a run at Faelledparken in Copenhagen. It's the second time I've done that one and, despite being 5 kg overweight (again) I beat my previous time. I need to get some more running in and, like Martyn Sadler, lay off the biscuits.
  4. Nah, Canada's an advanced country. They've been CGI'd in.
  5. To huge sighs of relief from every club in the Championship. They can sign convicted players again now.
  6. Chesterfield is twinned with Darmstadt in Germany. I go there a lot for work meetings. Does anyone know what actually happens with twinning? Edit: Here's some stuff. https://www.chesterfield.gov.uk/your-council/your-chesterfield/twinning-links/darmstadt-germany.aspx
  7. That's very sad. When you get reports of trigger happy US cops, you can see why they're jumpy about every interaction with the public.
  8. At least Norwich, Villa and Sheff U were already full-time and can pick up players world-wide to boost their squad. This is a bigger gap with a restricted player pool. One of the arguments for licensing was to avoid yoyoing like London and Leigh.
  9. Also that one. I do feel a bit of a ###### pointing these things out but someone has to maintain standards old boy.
  10. Of course Fev would go up. Anything else is pure paranoia. Or the result of seeing inexplicable decisions taken in RL since 1895.
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