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  1. Ukraine keeper had a brain explosion there. Yesterday in the Denmark-Finland match there was a Delaney and O'Shaughnessy and I assumed Ireland had qualified.
  2. WTF just happened. 2-2 after a brilliant goal and Ukraine suddenly look like they could win.
  3. Netherlands playing well and 1-0 up. The cooler temperatures helping them up the pace I think. Ukraine are all over the place.
  4. Only 1 defrib required for Christian Eriksen to get his heart going. That's quick. My friend was technically dead for 25 minutes, saved by two medical professionals who happened to be running behind him when he collapsed and then the prompt arrival of a defib (not as close as the one in the stadium though), followed by a trip in the Air Ambulance.
  5. The same argument can be made about rugby league. The NRL is the best quality in the world, but they're pretty regimented in 80% of their play. The winners grind the opposition down and only really throw it around once they are clear.
  6. Yes, if you're not planning on winning the tournament. Give the ball away that often against France, Belgium, Italy or even England and you will lose.
  7. You also get told to do it for a couple of minutes between shocks before the machine checks the heart again.
  8. Croatia are a decent side with a world class player in Modric but other teams have better strikers for sure. All eyes on Scotland tomorrow. I think Belgium, France and Italy at least are better than England.
  9. I did the training - you still need to learn CPR as that is also required. CPR is way more physically difficult than you think and you may need to do it for a while before the defib is ready or the paramedics arrive.
  10. I thought we were much better than that. This isn't the gung-ho Premier League and it was 30 degrees out there. They passed well, they defended brilliantly and it will give those young players tremendous confidence. Watching England platers who can pass and can control the ball is a breath of fresh air. I've been watching them for 50 years and we're rarely short of effort and pride but often very short of composure.
  11. They used to be part of Yugoslavia so sometime since that broke up. They were then FYR Macedonia, blocked by Greece from using the name Macedonia, because part of Macedonia is in Greece, finally all agreed on North Macedonia. They have a pretty funky flag by European standards.
  12. Perhaps a lesson for UEFA and their host broadcasters. Let's not forget the stadium full of people looking at it too. The players shouldn't have had to provide privacy.
  13. Yes, he was always supportive of the wider game and not just at Hillsborough. Sadly missed. Here's the article about the development officer. https://www.sheffieldeagles.com/Eagles-News/article/andrea-dobson-rugby-development/
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