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  1. Let the Americans / Canadians do it at the pace and intensity that works best in their market. Theirs is a very different mentalisty, both socially and when it comes to Sports.
  2. Yes, in 100 years you too could be where Rochdale, Oldham and Hunslet are today!!
  3. Probably too oblique a reference. Anyway, I guess they picked it and there's nothing Caribbean people like more than white blokes telling them what to do.
  4. Like "Kangaroos" for example. Noble beasts splattered across the front of a road train in the morning. Or kiwis, that daren't come out in dylight and are under threat by weasels and rats. Excellent.
  5. Considering that we are supposed to live in a "Health and Safety gone mad" culture, some of the roofers I've seen working on houses rcenetly hve shown zero regard for either.
  6. It was very convenient for getting back from the Wirral to Sheffield! We've already done Birkenhead, Warrington, Chester and Ellesmere Port. Warrington's a good one. Next up when we re over there will be the beast that is Wepre.
  7. Heights (which I suppose is fairly normal) but also level crossings. I hate driving over them. usually there's no other choice so i have to grip the wheel and pray the lights don't start up and I don't stall...
  8. Phoenix parkrun (in Runcorn, not Arizona) today and a 12th place finish in 23.57 - a decent time considering it has a cheeky hill that you do 3 times. Nice bacon sarnie in the cafe afterwards. Chatted to a young lad who plays for "Bears" rugby league - not sure which Bears mind you. He was in his full kit as he had volunteered (for his DoE) and then was off to play in a semi-final.
  9. Bouncing straight back from that league is really hard. It also doesn't guarantee you won't go down again - Barnet have been up and down 3 times.
  10. The Netflix film about American player Mardy Fish (*) is fascinating and really exposes the extreme pressure that comes with trying to achieve and sustain a position in the top 10 of tennis. Raducanu has come tnrough her experience of physical manifestation of stress and hopefully it won't happen again. Fish basically went into a full-on breakdown for months. P.S. In the same series of films there's a brilliant one about the ice hockey team that was bought by a "CEO of a waste disposal company" who used certain cash monies to pay players above salary cap. The fights they had in lower league ice hockey make RL's brawls look like handbags. Any, whatever happens next Raducanu looks like the best British prospect in the women's game for years, better than Konta, who did pretty well but hasn't quite made it to the very top. (*) And yes, I always imagine a haddock folding its fins and saying "I'm not swimming over there" when I see his name.
  11. The way British RL is going, there'll soon be more money available in North American RL than there will be outside of Super League in the UK.
  12. Middlesex's openers (both from the list of ex-England failures) put on 376 for the first wicket against Sussex. In reply, Sussex have done this: Is Orr from Yorkshire, and does he answer to "Sir Geoffrey"?
  13. A bit of parkrun tourism at Ellesmere Port today. I had some kind of 48 hour bug the last 2 days so I was surprised to show up at all, let alone run 24.30 on a course that's mostly grass, which I find saps my energy. Nice, friendly parkrun, just 102 there today and I was 23rd.
  14. And now Root's gone. Time for someone else to step up.
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