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  1. It's difficult to make your name, and a living, as a poet. Shows how good he was. Only 8 weeks from diagnosis to being dead at 65.
  2. Then renege on the deal like a third world dictatorship? I might pitch that to the RFL.
  3. Sheffield have had a few ins and outs but they have re-signed the Farrell brothers, Kris Welham, Ben Jones-Bishop, Quentin Laulu-Togaga'e and crucially Anthony Thackeray. Among others they've also signed ex-Eagle and local boy Eddie Battye, former player and Midlands youth product Ryan Miller, hooker Kyle Wood and Alex Foster from Cas. A couple of players who have left will be missed, but I think overall the squad is stronger. The average age may be an issue, but you can't argue with the experience level.
  4. It's neither nice enough to be wearable seriously, or bad enough to be funny. Negative IMG points.
  5. The worst, yet somehow the best, bit of merchandise available for Christmas. This has to be worth some sweet IMG points I reckon. https://eaglessuperstore.com/products/christmas-jumper-errol https://eaglessuperstore.com/products/christmas-jumpers-errol-and-santa
  6. My team, Chesterfield, had a great win and performance against Portsmouth in the FA Cup today. Orient up next, but next week's game against Barnet in the league is way more important. Win that and we become massive favourites to go up.
  7. It's a format designed to engineer the end of 50 over cricket. If RL did a World Cup of a single group of 10 counties all playing each other at a game a day we'd rightly call it completely bonkers.
  8. I'm not fit and too fat so the hilly courses of the last couple of weeks (Roundhay and Graves) have been tough. Up to 352 runs now at 120 venues.
  9. If you want a Chumbawamba song that actually mentions Rugby league, try this: https://genius.com/Chumbawamba-lord-batemans-motorbike-lyrics John Barleycorn he works the land and drinks at Bateman’s Inn And every evening toasts to all the things that might have been Tells the world that once he had a trial for Hull KR Now he watches them on TV in the corner of the bar
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