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  1. Similar to parts of the USA. Amazon leverages the US postal service for remote delivery but gets a very good deal from their viewpoint, which the USPS has limited ability to change. Predictably Trump blames Amazon for the gradual demise of USPS - he would normally be pro-business but Bezos owns a paper that publishes anti-TRump stories so... If USPS were to stop delivering for Amazon they may cut off large parts of the US for free delivery and focus on the cities, where it's way easier for a guy in his own car to make multiple deliveries per hour while peeing into a bottle so he's not late.
  2. Gates must be slightly baffled that he's the one visible mega-rich person who is demonstrably sharing that wealth out and yet he's now subject to the most hideous abuse and weird conspiracy theories. On the same computers that he helped to popularise. No wonder the others want to hoard their gold, like dragons. I imagine Bezos sleeping in a cave on a bed of money.
  3. This could get political very quickly, but I watched the Bill Maher show and (whether you like him or not) he made some pretty good arguments against amazon becoming so dominant and the COVID crisis just making it worse. Bezos appears to have no scruples at all. Of course, we are all complicit in it, but can we stop it once we are released into the wild? Should we stop it? How do we get them to improve working conditions and pay fair taxes? Is the High Street worth saving? Should an individual be allowed to accumulate 1,000 billion dollars. Yes, not a billion, which is a lot, but 1000 times that. He could spend a million dollars a day for a million days (2739 years) and would still have interest in his account. Maher's argument is not totally a bleeding heart liberal one - he cites an online diaper (nappies to us Brits) company who were undercut by amazon, who made losses on those lines to drive them out of business. This is definitely anti-capitalist, unelss you believe it's actually the end-game of capitalism. Either way, not good for us.
  4. Godwin's Law proven again. Anyway, Mainz 05 lived up to their name by losing 0-5 at home to RB Leipzig. RB definitely stands for RasenBall (Lawn Ball) not Red Bull. Definitely. And the 17 shareholders are absolutely RB fans. Anyway, enough DB politics. Back to the EFL, from the BBC: The English football pyramid will be destroyed - unless the game starts to plan for the financial impact of Covid-19 beyond the 2019-20 season, says Phil Hodgkinson, the owner of Championship club Huddersfield. Hodgkinson thinks as many as "50 or 60" clubs could go out of business. He is also looking at a "worst-case scenario" of no fans allowed in stadiums for the 2020-21 season. "The problem is not whether we finish [this] season or not, it is what happens after that," he told BBC Sport. "If we don't come to an agreement there will be no football pyramid. There are clubs I know of that are only still trading because they are deferring wages and [tax] and other creditors. They will need paying at some point."
  5. I don't know, but many clubs were teetering on the edge of viability before this. The money is really at the top, and as you say, they aren't going to give it up. So it's either a grown up conversation about the structure and financial control below the Premier League, or let market forces create more Bury and Boltons.
  6. Daren't get on the scales. Not well at all this week and now off work for a bit (not COVID) so exercise is hard but eating is easy.
  7. Dire warnings again for the EFL clubs today. Is it time for the whole sport to reset itself? Clubs have been living beyond their means for years and have shown no backbone in controlling spending. Especially in the Chanpionship, where the Golden Carrot of the Premier League has drawn them into addiction to success.
  8. I also watch out for Darmstadt 98, who are our twin town and play in the same colours. A 4-0 win today against St Pauli in Bundesliga 2.
  9. I'm so bored I'm following the Bundesliga. Here's a handy chart to pick your team. Mine is Mainz 05 - they got a creditable draw away at Koln last week but remain just above the relegation places, which is where my team are, although many leagues lower in the English pyramid. This week "we" have RB Leipzig at home. They are despised in German football as they are owned by Red Bull who are breaking the spirit of the regulations regarding ownership. Anyway, whose yours? You can use an RL team as your guide as there are parallels.
  10. In that case, tricky. It is used in contexts other than "readies" (like cash flow)
  11. It's nice to get some good news. Not out of the woods yet, but get back home soon Michael Rosen. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-52783472
  12. Don't worry - no-one's judging your house, we want to judge you. I've included me, and a neighbour's house, for you all to judge.
  13. Ryanair flying from July 1st - does this look adequate to you? https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/useful-info/healthy-flying
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