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  1. Well played Wigan, head and shoulders the better team. As for my lot, indisciplined rabble that got what they deserved - 0
  2. Congratulations Wire. Top notch defensive effort. 👍👍
  3. I for one would probably pick Toronto over Catalans. More for the change and novelty value TBH. Toronto in SL can only be good IMHO. Does that mean I have to move from Yorkshire?
  4. Whilst I would like this to be a close game, I fear Saints will win by 16.
  5. I have to agree with this, home advantage is massive I feel. Looking forward to going over but it is more in hope than expectation unfortunately. I just hope we give it a good go and it is a great game. Wigan by 10 and then to win GF.
  6. Back to normality, I hope. I have this down as a close game. Wakey are a competitive unit nowadays and this will be tough for Cas. 22-22 draw.
  7. Yes and interesting that the corresponding fixture in the regular rounds only drew, was it 5500? It did clash with Pontefract races on a glorious day but that is one hell of a difference.
  8. Looking like Gale & Wardle out. Close game Hudds by 4 in spite of their injuries. 🙄🙄
  9. Happy to come away with the win but that was a poor performance from Cas. Discipline was shocking and were lucky not to have someone in the bin. Will need a big step up in performance to do well in the semis.
  10. The Hull players will want to regain some pride in front of their home fans. Cas should win but it would not surprise me if Hull win. Cas are nearly as bad at Hull as they are at Saints. A pretty close game I reckon.
  11. Not watched the game or read the whole thread so apologies if repeating. Does this result make Wigan favs for the GF you think? They are a big game club and Saints seem to be out of form.
  12. Yes and with Cas at your place next week the same could happen again. Sad to see that performance but it could well bring about the right reaction next week. Plus Cas very rarely win at the KC.☚ī¸â˜šī¸
  13. How much longer can Radford survive performances like this? Genuine question, I know he has the CC wins in the bank, but chairmen and fans have short memories, can he survive the season? FWIW I hope they stick with him, he could turn it round next year.
  14. Should be a classic this one. Arguably the best 2 teams this year, can Saints show they have what it takes or will the old masters show once again, they are the team. It will certainly be worth watching, could be a preview of the GF.
  15. Surely Cats will have been on the lash all week. Cas need to win this and should have a couple back.