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  1. Never saw that coming. Crowd was good, wonder if they will try that slot again? Trouble is you know Wigan will be in the mix at the business end of the season.
  2. Never known a Wigan team that didn't give it a go TBH. Really looking forward to the game. Be interesting to see what crowd is, unusual Sat night slot for us. Joshua fight on after rugby.😀
  3. Gale passed head test and plays. Hopefully back to early season form.
  4. Would not disagree with anything you said and FWIW I agree about the BBC. The Observer piece is in addition to these though so in my mind is more exposure. If just one person reads the article and takes an interest in Cas for the future then I see that as positive. Gonna leave it here, good to talk to you.😀
  5. Sure if you include Ponte, it's more than 14k. After all, all Ponte folk support Fev.
  6. I think the rule is he can play on the sixth day. Rumour is he failed the head test yesterday, last chance this morning. I would be surprised if he played.
  7. See this is my point, Castleford are mentioned in the national? Press, regardless of the details. Is this not a positive?
  8. No argument, more a discussion😎
  9. No they all go to watch "Fev", hence the amazing crowds!!!
  10. Plenty of what you say I can agree with. I know there are many things wrong with RL in the current climate, I know that Cas crowds will drop off if they do not carry on winning games. Its pretty obvious to anyone that reads your posts that you are passionate about RL. Where we are different, IMHO, is, I prefer to look at the positive side rather than dwell on the negative. Enjoy what we have regardless of where we are going to be in the future. I know I am powerless to change where RL is going. You may be different.😊
  11. Another loss for Cas I fear. Just not playing well at the moment.☹️
  12. I'm a Cas fan and thought the red card was harsh. 2 match ban on top is well over the top in my opinion.
  13. That's very harsh from what I have seen.
  14. I was not at the game so can only go on the videos. Red was harsh in my opinion, yellow at worst. FWIW the general consensus on the Cas forum is that he was unlucky to get red. As regards the game, yet again Cas have been punished for a terrible 20 minute period. Really cannot do that against the top teams. Well done Hull. As Gates stated, proper rugby supporters.
  15. Do you ever say anything positive about RL? Just enjoy it for what it is.