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  1. BTW this is not a Leeds thing. Thoughts would be the same for any club, including Cas.
  2. Yes same sentiment stands, it's against the spirit of the game if not the rules. I would also add that in 2014, Cas would have got a drubbing away at Warrington with a first choice team. Warrington were good then. I also recall it did Cas no good, karma perhaps?
  3. This about sums up a top hooker in today's game. Whilst I rate Houghton highly, not sure he ticks all these boxes. As for OP, ask yourself, would you be happy with Houghton playing at SH or SO for Hull?
  4. I thought that was Screensport but maybe wrong.
  5. Lol, I forgot you are a literary genius, I bow my uneducated head to you. My last post till after the game so will extend you the courtesy of explaining the rationale behind my posts. Firstly after watching Hull play Cas 3 times I honestly believe they are a better team than Leeds, who I have also watched 3 times. If they play like they did in the QF, I do not think it will be close. Secondly, in my opinion, what Leeds did last week was against the spirit of the game, not against the rules, against the spirit. A big Sky game between, probably, the 2 biggest clubs in our sport, turned into a farce. Finally, I genuinely believe there will not be one Leeds fan on Saturday that do not care whether they win or lose. There may well be some who think it is not the end of the world if they lose but that is quite different. Apologies in advance if this is not the case. I will leave you with this, if you win on Saturday, your clubs decision will have been fully justified and I will be the first to congratulate you and hope you win the final as a Yorkshire club. Have good day at the semi.👍🤔
  6. Think what ya want mate. That's your right. I genuinely think Hull will win, I sincerely hope they do. If that's pathetic for you then tough.
  7. Nothing of the sort, just think what Leeds did last week was pathetic.
  8. Hull to win this at a canter even tho Leeds will have their 13 injured players from last week back. Really hope Hull muller them.🙈🙈🤔😎
  9. Sorry for deviating from the agenda, will ask permission next time. Although the fact there has been no mention of it since in the thread, apart from a Cas fan, sort of backs up my initial thoughts.
  10. First of all, I think the ban is totally justified. What is interesting though is that the, almost, identical tackle on Massey never got a second glance or mention.
  11. Easy win for the mighty Ull.
  12. Close win for Cats as injury ravaged Cas struggle with heat. Could have done with Kendall but we are stuck with Hull's finest for the second week in a row.🙄🙄🙈. Seriously though, close win for Les Cats. Setting off for Lloret Friday morning, really looking forward to this. Carnival atmosphere win, lose or draw😎😀
  13. Had chance to watch it back now. How Cas got a penalty from that is beyond me. Transfer for Bentham?????? Although he gave the try didn't he.🤔🤔
  14. Cheers mate. Not had chance to watch back yet.