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  1. Just watched the game back and rather than back up what I thought last night at the game. Actually, after the opening 30 mins, Cas were not that bad. Leeds were very good. Jack Walker is gonna be some player. Anyway, whilst over the moon with a Cas win, it was good to be part of the whole event.
  2. For 20 minutes it was like Cas of last year. Then for rest it was like Cas in final at OT. Lucky to win in end really.
  3. Just heard Shenton is out. Makes it a little tougher. Should still be good game/ night though. As Leeds showed last year, it's not these games that matter but would still love a win.😎😎
  4. Wigan very easy. Should set up a classic for Good Friday.
  5. Should be Saints but HKR to make it tough early on. Saints by 12.
  6. Be interesting to see how this goes as Cas have them both over Easter. Wakey by 4.
  7. Well I keep saying it but, surely the mighty Hull to get back on track here. By a few too!
  8. Think this game comes a little early for Cas after a disjointed start to the season. Looking forward to the game though. Leeds by 10☹️
  9. Routine win for the mighty Hull. Still an impressive squad without Watts, Kelly and Houghton.
  10. Liam Watts

    Would not swap Millington for any other prop in SL. Cas legend.
  11. Saints by a few for me. Look very good so far. Good Friday already looking like a must watch.
  12. Not sure we are at a level to compete with the top teams yet. Hopefully we can give Wigan a game.
  13. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    I tend to agree with your logic.
  14. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    Just been told he has signed for Cas. 3 year deal.😳😳🤔