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  1. Very much so, as various videos show!!!:-)
  2. Think the red one looks really good.
  3. Correct. I guess it's down to Mr Bennett to sort it out for the Aussie game. I'd be quite happy for Watkins to get a hatrick and prove us all wrong.
  4. You could argue it is yes. General opinion on here seems to be its a poor centre pairing. I honestly am not sure but seems like Gale is copping quite a bit of flack for England's demise.
  5. Your statement about no centre pairing could shine with that half back combination! You may well be correct, having said that, a Half-back is only as good as his runners. FWIW I reckon Watkins/Sarginson will keep their places and Gale will sit out the next game. Whether that turns out to be correct we will have to wait and see.
  6. Think your clutching at straws mate blaming Gale for Watkins performance. Gale probably isn't international class, I agree. Watkins definitely isn't.
  7. As a Cas fan, I rate Gale highly. Unfortunately, his kicking game is not international class. Watkins and Sarginson were passengers I'm afraid.
  8. This unfortunately. :-( From a reliable source too. Thanks for your time at Cas Denny, still think you could have done better than RU tho.
  9. Congratulations to the Leigh club and everyone associated with them. Talk about learning from last year!!!! I think you will be a great addition to superleague and look forward to some highly entertaining games against Cas. Again, very well done.
  10. To be fair, even with a full, fit squad we very rarely look like beating Saints away. They seem to just have it over us.
  11. That's actually quite funny.:-)
  12. Not allowed to bin Saints players at home. Don't you know the rules?...
  13. I thought he sounded genuinely quite excited about the game - good plug.
  14. Too close to call I reckon. Would hope for Hull, we still class them as Yorkshire. Having said that, Warrington would be fine too. Just hope its a good game for the 2 excellent sets of fans.