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  1. Well that was an excellent game to watch. I love watching London this year, they just play with so much enthusiasm. Thought HKR more than played their part too. I could see both of those teams stayin up.
  2. I have to agree, it would be a brave man that backed Cas against anyone at the moment and Salford are a better than average team.
  3. Hull are starting to show some signs of hitting form just recently. Depends which Catalan team turn up, that will dictate the difficulty, but still fancy Hull to win by 10+.
  4. Yes he certainly would not be missed. Stealing a wage at the moment. Could not comment on the incident as I could not see what happened.
  5. Just on the penalty, was it the one where the Hudds dummy half threw the ball into the Cas player? If so, massive respect to Thaler for penalising it, it would have been so easy to give the penalty to Hudds. It was blatant cheating and deserved to be penalised. This is not having a go at Hudds, all teams have done it, including Cas. It will soon be eradicated if refs take this stance. FWIW also think Hudds deserved something from the game.
  6. I suspect Hull will draw the winner of the championship Q/F so Wembley is a distinct possibility. Cannot see anyone having an easy game against Hull though, in the cup that is.
  7. Hull lifted it since Half time and Catalans cannot go with them. Be nice if HKR could get a result tomorrow and then an all Hull semi.
  8. Still think Hull look the more likely, just need to cut out the errors and they will be fine. Griffin has looked strong down that side, may get some joy there later.
  9. Hull defended well for first 10 minutes but are struggling now due a succession of penalties against them. Thaler evening it up a bit?
  10. Well I thought Hull would win easy but would have backed them big if I knew they had signed Thaler. 2 tries, 2 shocking decisions.
  11. Agree with the earlier posts, forget the magic performance, Hull will be up for this big time and even though Cats are going quite well, suspect home advantage will be enough. Hull to win quite easily.
  12. Got to say Saints were very good and simply too good for Cas. Surely they will have learned from last years experience and I would expect them to go on and do the treble. Brilliant team to watch too.
  13. Well played Hull, way too good for Cas. Best of luck in next round.
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