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  1. Spike Milligan Billy Connolly Groucho Marx
  2. Today is my birthday
  3. During the 8 in a row Cup wins (88-95) Wigan wore 4 different shirt designs, 2 by umbro, 4 by Ellgren (2 different designs) & 2 by Puma, the kits were 'similar' apart from the Puma one which was quite different.
  4. No it isn't, the 2012 home shirt didn't have the side pieces.
  5. I believe Warrington have gone back to primrose and blue stripes, not hoops, this year, and an away kit of green and white hoops.
  6. Seasick house music
  7. Using that bain-marie was a big mistake, what was she thinking.
  8. its stopped.
  9. It's raining.