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  1. Doncaster Season Tickets

    Looking at their average attendance for 2017 of 600 this would suggest that near enough all of their fans have bought season tickets and the club have taken £30,000 in season ticket sales. Considering that travelling fan numbers aren't great in Championship One and I believe that match day sales of food and drink won't add to their income, I am not sure how a club can survive on such low income unless they have some big sponsors. A great deal for the fans at around £4 a game and I hope it works for the club but not sure how this will benefit the club.
  2. New shirts.

    Just tried mine on and it fits fine over my extra large head, I have had a couple of shirts in previous years that I couldn't get over my head.But I have to agree with Walneyite that I seem to have a players "slim fit" or is that just all the alcohol and food over Christmas
  3. Glenn Riley…/barrow-raiders-add-power-pack/
  4. Match Day Next Season

    If the same as last season which I am guessing that it is, there will be 23 games in the Championship which is 11 home, 11 away and 1 at Blackpool, then splits into Shield and Qualifiers a further 7 games there 3 or 4 at home depending on position. Potentially 15 home league matches next year but a minimum of 14 games at £15 each or £210 if attending every home game.
  5. shane toal

    Congratulations, well deserved.
  6. EGM

    Played as second row in this game and most online stuff points to him being second row. (number 21 for Italy).
  7. EGM

    Not sure that it was said that he is actually Italian, just that he was a prop named in the Italian world cup team and had several super league sides interested in him. Happy to be corrected if anyone heard it differently.
  8. EGM

    Been trying to work that one out, unfortunately Italy named quite a large squad that doesn't help
  9. EGM

    Looks about right to me.
  10. EGM

    What I heard on the Blackpool trip was that it cost us £2k to play but we did win the prize money which was more than costs, but the exact figure for the prize money was available last night. At least that is how I heard it. Regards Penno
  11. EGM

    Nothing really bad, in short we had some short term debts building up mid season and the picture wasn't looking too rosy. We had to borrow around £60k short term, we now have paid off around half of this and are hoping to pay the rest off over the next few months. We are looking at some other ways of raising additional income over the coming season and ideas of how to raise still more are welcome. I get the feeling that it would have been a very different meeting had we not won on Sunday. That was my condensed opinion of the meeting. Regards Penno
  12. EGM

    It is 7pm. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Extraordinary General Meeting of the above named Company will be held at The Raiders Bar on the Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 7.00 p.m. to discuss the following –
  13. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    Just home, I guessed 2500 in the Old Friends
  14. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    Please don't we are trying to encourage people to come, not put them off
  15. Barrow vs Whitehaven predictions

    SUNDAY 1ST OCTOBER CRAVEN PARK KO : 15:00 Referee: S MikalauskasTouch Judges: M Griffiths J RobertsIn Goal: C SmithIn Goal 2: D WardReserve Referee: S RaceM Com: P TabernerTime Keeper: S PEASE