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  1. So quiet that I have just checked that the game is actually this weekend. Do we have any coaches going up? Regards Penno
  2. Barrow have already said that all Super 8s at home will be on a Sunday.
  3. Next weeks game is massive, if we win or draw we will finish second and get a home game against third (Whitehaven) in the Super 8's, also the team finishing second at the end of the Super 8's gets home against fifth in the first promotion play off and also home in the final again whoever wins the third vs fourth play off. A win next week should set us up for some big attendances and pay days in the coming months.
  4. 15:00 on the Whitehaven site and 14:00 on the Barrow site, maybe it is a tactic
  5. I hope that we do beat Whitehaven at the Rec next Sunday, but I just have a bad feeling that the home advantage could be the difference which due to the idiots at Red Hall will mean that we play them again at home where even a win will not guarantee us finishing above them, which would then give them home advantage for the final promotion spot. Only the RFL could dream this system up, potentially five games against our nearest rivals could all be away. Let's hope for the right result next Sunday. Regards Penno
  6. I notice that all the dates above are on a Sunday, does that mean that they are fixed by the RFL? Regards Penno
  7. Mike, I believe that you have posted last years play off system hence the issue with the dates being out.
  8. Personally I have found that Saturday evening has clashed with more things than Sunday does. Home matches this year that I have missed have been Hemel Stags, South Wales, Hunslet and North Wales all of which I would have made if they were on the Sunday. Also it is as people have said above habit forming, Mrs Penno has said to me several times this year "are you at the rugby on Sunday". Lower attendances could be down to other factors and the lack of travelling supporters certainly won't be helping or the quality of some of the opposition, then there is the state of the fixture list thanks to the RFL where it looks like we will end up visiting Toronto twice this year and potentially Whitehaven three times and neither of them visiting Craven Park for a match (other than the Whitehaven friendly). The question is IF Saturday games are leading to lower attendances are the bar sales making up the shortfall? Regards Penno
  9. Not good for Keighley either as they only have three days between games and they are losing what should have been a good crowd at the weekend.
  10. 3 games in 7 days, really isn't thought out very well is it?
  11. That is a shame then would have been nice to have an all Cumbria final.
  12. This site has Gloucester 22 v Workington 30 is that wrong?
  13. Good draw hopefully a Barrow v Workington final
  14. I seem to find Saturday nights harder to make than the Sunday afternoons, not sure why but last week it was a 50th party. May be I don't do anything Sunday afternoon because I used to go to the rugby? Like I say not exactly sure why but I am busier with non rugby stuff on Saturday nights. Hopefully the bar takings are making up for lower attendances which I believe was the idea behind playing Saturday (or have I got that wrong?) Regards Penno
  15. Happy with that draw, any home game would have done really.