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  1. Penno

    8's fixtures

    Even if just everyone else beats Rochdale and Swinton we are safe.
  2. Penno

    Joe Bullock

    Great news for Joe and wish him well at Wigan, I look forward to seeing how he does.
  3. Penno


    More of a case of no interchanges left at the end than switching off I think. Regards Penno
  4. Penno


    To add to that a win on Sunday will probably see us in 8th at the end of the regular season and with 4 home games in the final run in, financially that could be very important with the current financial situation. Regards Penno
  5. Penno


    Last years games, for 1st read finishes 5th in regular season. Home Away 1st 6,5,3,2 8,7,4 2nd 7,6,4,3 8,5,1 3rd 8,7,5,4 6,2,1 4th 1,8,6,5 7,3,2 5th 2,7,6 8,4,3,1 6th 3,1,8 5,4,2,1 7th 4,1,8 6,5,3,2 8th 5,2,1 7,6,4,3
  6. Penno

    Home Gates & Remaing matches

    Finishing 4th based on current league positions would give us London, Rochdale, Sheffield, Dewsbury at home and Swinton, Batley, Leigh away. Swapping positions with Dewsbury and finishing 5th would give us Leigh, Swinton, Sheffield at home and Rochdale, Dewsbury, Batley, London way.
  7. Penno

    Home Gates & Remaing matches

    IF the fixtures for the Championship Shield follow last year this will be who plays who, taking 1st as the team that finished 5th in the regular season etc. Home Away 1st 6,5,3,2 8,7,4 2nd 7,6,4,3 8,5,1 3rd 8,7,5,4 6,2,1 4th 1,8,6,5 7,3,2 5th 2,7,6 8,4,3,1 6th 3,1,8 5,4,2,1 7th 4,1,8 6,5,3,2 8th 5,2,1 7,6,4,3
  8. Penno


    Currently we are in 8th, if we stay there won't 5th to 8th get 4 home games and 3 away?
  9. Penno

    Toronto at home

    Not the best but not the worst either, I would take any home game over away.
  10. Penno

    RFL Disciplinary Panel

    Hi HW, yes SL teams are being cited at an average of around four per game compared to 2 per game for the other two leagues. Not sure what to make of this statistic though, does it mean that SL refs are putting too many things on report or that the two leagues are reporting too few? Or simply that SL does have more incidents that need to go on report. When looking at charges (guilty) per match between the leagues SL stands at approximately 0.5 per match and 0.75 for the other two leagues, so still 50% more players charged per game for the lower league clubs. (all figures now approximate as I am not looking at the spreadsheet) Regards Penno
  11. Penno

    RFL Disciplinary Panel

    I know that though our rose tinted supports glasses the RFL always seems to be against Championship sides and the Super League players get away with a lot worse without suspension, but I was looking on the RFL site at cases that the panel had considered and the outcomes. In short this year of all the cases that the panel has looked at only 15% of Super League players have been charged as a result of a review, where in the Championship it is 38% and League 1 it is also 38%. Maybe the panel also wears rose tinted glasses some of the time. Regards Penno
  12. Penno

    Barrow v Sheffield (league posters)

    Not sure that will cost the club anything and guessing not aimed at fans, plenty of people in the town don't know when, where or who we are playing, all extra numbers through the gate will be welcome. Regards Penno
  13. Penno

    Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Some snow last night but mainly gone now, currently I wouldn't say any issue with playing this weekend. Regards Penno
  14. Penno

    Challenge Cup Draw

    Decent home draw, very few travelling supporters but at least at home.
  15. Penno

    Raiders V Batley

    Barrow are 3/1 under dogs with the bookies, seems like a reasonable gamble. Regards Penno