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  1. The game is on.
  2. The game is on.
  3. Same problem here, I seem to remember there being the same problem with a batch of Raiders shirts two or tree years ago. It will have to go back but I guess that there won't be any option to replace it atm.
  4. This is the press release that Leigh made, so it would seem yes that they are on loan for 2016 season. “To this end Cameron Pitman, Chris Hankinson and Jamie Tracey are all on season-long loans to Barrow Raiders in 2016. " Regards Penno
  5. Is that for finishing top or getting promoted? Regards Penno
  6. AGM

    No is the obvious answer, but it appears from what some are saying that it is written in the AoA. I would say that the AoA need to reflect the world with live in now where more people read the internet than buy newspapers, not sure how this would need to be done though. Regards Penno
  7. Happy to stay in this league for the next season, imo the last thing we want to be is a Yo-Yo team. The Championship structure to me is a mess at the moment and other than Leigh I can't see any sides gaining promotion to Superleague, my guess would be that it will just be Superleague and ex-Superleague sides swapping places for a season or two. To go up we are going to need lots of money to prevent ourselves being back in C1 the following season and we aren't there yet. Only my opinion and I would love to be wrong. Regards Penno
  8. I prefer Sunday afternoons myself and have missed a few games this year because they were on a Saturday, my son who did attend every home game can now only make away games because he works in a bar on Saturday evenings. The bar receipts will certainly of increased but is that more down to the MOM and the speeches being in the bar afterwards or it being on a Saturday, how did the game on the 7th June do in the bar? Anyway 3rd in the table and reasonable attendances so good so far.
  9. Another home draw which is nice and will be good for the finances, possibly will be our biggest crowd of the year. Certainly a very difficult match but could be an upset and I am sure that Halifax will be taking the game seriously, lets see what happens.
  10. Ladbrokes Challenge Cup - Third Round Barrow Keighley 922 Kells Rochdale 587 Wath Brow Newcastle 550 N W Crusaders Widnes West Bank 532 Elland Featherstone Lions 300 Leigh Miners West Hull 300 Oldham Coventry 256 South Wales York 247 London Skolars Swinton 165 Hemel Stags Oxford 125 Gloucestershire Skirlaugh 87 Oulton Raiders Normanton Knights ???? I can't find any figures for the Oulton Raiders game.
  11. As I said I think that we are having a great season and I certainly don't wish to knock any of our players and certainly not Josh, therefore I won't comment on the conversion attempts any further. I will finish by saying some really good rugby being played this season by the team a massive well done to all involved. Regards Penno
  12. Just while we are on the subject of slagging players off which I don't believe is what Drewjak was trying to do with his post, I heard yesterday that Dolan came in from some stick from so called supports last week in the bar after the game. I hope that this isn't true as I thought that he has been good for us this year up until the All Golds match and while in a game with a lot of errors Kyle did stand out as having more than his fair share of mistakes the conditions were awful. Regards Penno
  13. Not wanting to knock Josh as I said before but I was stood at the Tesco corner for the first half of yesterdays game and I wouldn't describe it as a strong wind yesterday, but certainly we had the wind against us in the first half which won't have made the kicks any easier. I didn't remember all of the kicks being "well wide" of the posts either so I had a quick check on the NWEM video, first attempt was a couple of metres in from the right wing and was a difficult kick, also the third kick was from out wide on the left wing and straight into the wind, but the second try was midway between touch and the posts on the right wing and the fourth try was a similar distance away from the posts on the left wing. Again not trying to knock him and hopefully just a bad day for him. Regards Penno
  14. Just looking back over the match reports and it would seem that he has converted 24 from 37 attempts or just under 65%. Whitehaven 5 from 8 which I believe were all Josh. Keighley 5 from 7 again all Josh I think. Barrow Select 6 from 10 by Josh (plus one that Jamie Butler took). Oldham 4 from 7 all by Josh? All Golds 2 from 3 all Josh again? Keighley 0 from 4 by Josh. I see him as a great player but I do agree that his kicking does lack some power and considering the winds that we can get at Craven Park he may struggle on some days. Regards Penno.
  15. Anyone driving don't park in The Range, the car park is monitored by cameras and you just get a ticket via the post. Yes you can argue about the legalities of the parking fine but easier just not to park there (or shop there either) because as your post above states plenty of parking in the streets around the ground. Have a safe trip. Regards Penno