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  1. 3pm according to Raiders Facebook.
  2. 918 was the attendance, not many travellers in that.
  3. Hopefully more games at home in the better weather will work in our favour for crowd numbers, just need to get through the early lack of income.
  4. I don't think that you would make much "on the streets" anyway Mike
  5. No room for him with Saints wanting some game time for the duel reg players
  6. Penno

    1895 Cup

    Also possible, like half empty or half full.
  7. Penno

    1895 Cup

    I did wonder if the first half performance was down to a lot of the lads probably having worked all day and then had to get their heads into playing a game of rugby, unlike the weekend matches when the whole day will just be about rugby for them? Anyway it was a brilliant second half to watch.
  8. That is a good result, shame that these games aren't played in the even or at a weekend.
  9. Penno


    Personally I would rather see our team lose than a team containing 5 duel reg win, just my opinion.
  10. Penno

    Hock gone?

    Good to have you on here Steve putting the rumours to bed quickly.
  11. Would make sense with a new player just being brought in and him not being at any of the games.
  12. Bradford is £23 plus 58p booking fee if you buy now for the terraces and £28 plus 70p for the stand. Both taken from their site, I can't imagine that it could cost any more on the day, but who knows?
  13. So the Women's matches are just being used as "curtain raises" for the Men's games? Genuine question as I don't know the answer, but if not there is no reason that 10,000 capacity will be required. To be honest I think that nothing looks worse than a half empty stadium on TV to show how unpopular a game is. And just for clarity I am not saying that Barrow should or shouldn't have held a game, but that where a suitable rugby league ground was available the RFL should have supported their own clubs and used it.
  14. Don't really see when lots of clubs are on the bones of their ass, in giving revenue to football grounds or councils, but only my opinion.
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