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  1. James Brown was absolutely fuming on the bench wanting to get back on the field,i think Diskin has ruined the team and destroyed the team spirit,he doesnt even go in the dugout with the players he sits on his own with his own arrogance,his man management skills are nil .
  2. he was fantastic at batley Maureen before he went to salford, great signing.
  3. yes JC Chris is a big centre and is very quick ,he puts some big hits in, but sometimes leaves the line ,leaving a gap in defence,I will be sorry to see Chris leave but wish him well at post office road,I will still see him play as i often watch the rovers .
  4. very sad news RIP Gary
  5. all the lads I drink with in ponty who went to the Halifax game said you were robbed too.
  6. Adam i always liked davies when he was in a batley shirt and thought he played well for you guys,Misi was your man of the match by a country mile,just watch the replay on davies tackle and you will see Scott didnt have the ball when Davies made contact with him ,which is a penalty,as for a bent ref against halifax i wasnt there,but as for last sat your wrong,good luck for the rest of the season.
  7. you have forgot one of the best signings we have made for years Mr scott at fullback , safe as houses, great player who will get better
  8. I do hope your right Billy he looked very safe there and some good signs in attack
  9. I hope i am wrong but i have heard young Tom Thackray has retired from the game, its a shame because i thought he would do really well with you guys
  10. Keep up the fantastic work your doing you are all very well appreciated .
  11. tom signed for swinton last night, i hope he doesnt come back and haunt us
  12. not too tall for a second rower,he played quite a few games at stand off when we had a lot of injuries, he is and was a very good player but always carried a bit of weight when he played for batley. He will be very good for you.
  13. thats gone on for years in our game, as it has in union,with top jobs
  14. Well done Kevin and the BOD and BISSA , please do the same with JC , and get our team to win tomorrow.
  15. did you notice the featherstone chairman and a featherstone director at our sheffield and london match.