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  1. so does that mean juniors 16/17 yrs still at school ,away supporters, would have to pay full price.
  2. Very sorry to hear this terrible news, condolences to Kevin and his family, RIP Bev
  3. id swap Brearley with Butterworth and have Browny at loose forward
  4. Ward and Campbell were the only two worth paying if you listen to the Donny fans
  5. zaz9

    Diskin out!

    Agree totally with your comments about Wardy he was fuming when he was brought off, cant understand disco doing this when he wasn't injured and breaking the line with almost every carry.
  6. Very sorry to hear this sad news RIP Cyril
  7. who's these Batley fans then
  8. Batley has its fair share of idiots on the forum just like Featherstone has, I know that most Batley fans second team is Featherstone and love coming over there and look forward to you visiting us
  9. Your right the two Batley lads wont let you down that's for sure, and I think when young Harrison fills out ,with his work rate he could make the move to super league.
  10. not a prop but a very good forward Kyle Shelford who is at Swinton.
  11. where has Cowling gone ,he must be one of the best tacklers in the championship.
  12. I spoke to someone at the game and he said they played the last quarter with eleven players.
  13. they are both up to it, I for one are very sorry to see them go, but il still see them as I still watch Featherstone pretty often
  14. you have taken two of the best , them two with Davis you have a great back three.
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