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  1. Everett Yates Manning Everett is getting better week after week ,barring the sin bin Yates have to agree, his best game in a Bulldogs shirt Manning a real grafter, one of the best second rowers in the championship
  2. i remember Yates kicking off along the ground and finding touch three times when he played for Rochdale against us, im sure he or the kicker could try this down hill.
  3. Browny played very well last Sunday
  4. I don't think Keenan has ever let us down
  5. very sorry to hear this terrible news
  6. very well done to all concerned
  7. has any of the other Batley lads ever let you down Davis, Day, Harrison etc,
  8. don't think he ran his weight when he came but i think he has come on a lot and runs a lot harder,but still not as he should for his size.
  9. as anyone asked about Fergy from the Giants it looks like hes available
  10. you must of played very well ,after reading some of the feath fans posts
  11. so does that mean juniors 16/17 yrs still at school ,away supporters, would have to pay full price.
  12. Very sorry to hear this terrible news, condolences to Kevin and his family, RIP Bev
  13. id swap Brearley with Butterworth and have Browny at loose forward
  14. Ward and Campbell were the only two worth paying if you listen to the Donny fans
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