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  1. The lad behind him on the picture got selected also, Eddy Wilcock
  2. Joe Left Coventry on Monday and Signed Thursday for Town, There was some disappointed people at Cov that he left! I think Joe may have found himself in the firing line had DC put him on, not that it would have bothered Joe but could have been difficult to manage given the flow of the game.
  3. True story and seen on the video evidence and because their is no retrospective action allowed in the NCL nothing was said, not even a letter about future conduct.
  4. Yea Rooster please tell
  5. I can safely say YES!
  6. And no staff after the cuts!
  7. It was me being a D... Head Please don't mock the inflicted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3cv6JsG85U&feature=share
  8. Tell your other half be thankful, it was £15 get on at Hunslet!!
  9. Blame Shaun Wane..>WANE OUT
  10. Funny thing perception. Coventry did score a perfectly good try in the opening minutes of the game but a Lopsided touch judge not up with play and 50-60 yards away gave a decision of offside and the try was disallowed? I'm not saying Coventry would have won but decisions like that do change the outcome of the game. Id say about a yard onside!
  11. Its not a mistake Bowes Cuthberts are in 3 and Garswood in 5, we were still up to Friday completing fixtures and agreeing league structures. We have tried to work with the clubs as much as we can to assure consistency. I don't know why the results are updating that should be instant but all should be solved and on show this week
  12. Cheers for that, it didn't show the bye's on the website at the time. Still 20 is a poor indication of the decline of the Under 18's comp. First year I was involved with an under 18's team there were 52 teams entered, a few years ago mind you. I think the year we won at under 14's there was over 50 teams also. Good luck all
  13. Well done Christoff1986 a very fair assessment of the day, well done bud
  14. England having 3 lions on a badge is not new the Puma kit of 1995 had a similar one, it changed after to the last one just going out
  15. Looking at BARLA's website the games are played next week although a couple were played this weekend. One observation is the amount of teams that have entered at Under 18's and if that isn't an indication to the damage the pro game does to our youth game then nothing is 8 teams one Yorkshire and the rest Lancashire, nothing from Hull, sad times 29-01-2017 11:30 Leigh East - Ince Rose Bridge Wigan St Pats - West Bank Bears Dewsbury Celtic - Blackbrook Waterhead - Orrall St James