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  1. New Teams 2018

    Its also my opinion that the North American game costs us nothing as they pick up the tab, unlike Catalan that cost the RFL a reported £2.2million per year! More clubs will probably come with the same model as Toronto as expansion hits over there and yes I would suspect the game will be even more diluted with over the hill Aussies and lower Championship players eager to get a wage. In theory it sounds like there should be more money for the community game on mass but in reality nothing will change as any money saved will be divided by the PRO clubs
  2. What is the future ?

    Hi Spidey, We would create small pools of teams 3/4 per pool and ensure you get a number of round robin games, then a final. these would be played over 7 weeks and can be played any day or night of the week to suit. It doesn't have to be a district cup but they can if they want and I'm happy to have an open discussion with all districts. We are trying to make it more relaxed over the difficult months but with a purpose. The start to this however would be 15 weeks of continuous rugby with no breaks except Easter? but we play the other bank holidays. We then resume in September to finish the league season and get our play off finals in around now (October first two weeks) Ultimately the clubs will decide and if its not for them but they cant have their cake and eat it. We need to find a solution for all and not continue to let the holiday period dictate what rugby does take place. And for the record I'm not fussed when we play but we would suffer the same lack of commitment in December (works parties etc) and bad weather January if we ever considered going back to the traditional season
  3. What is the future ?

    Simple answer, I want to bring back town team, cups. Play them when you like as you like. Wednesday night, Friday Night Saturday morning then at the end of the season or July and August a champion of champions. However for example If we only get a small intake from say Widnes merge them with Warrington and call it the Cheshire cup. like wise for Wigan split it 50/50 if some clubs cant enter then merge them with some in West Lancs and call it the west and East Lancs cup for the others, or just bring back the Ken Gee and invite the Chorley/Leyland clubs in. I think we are missing the old rivalries and if I can make it happen and if its what they want then we will facilitate it. Actually I don't really mind if the Districts want to run the cups and call them there own names I just want to run a full season with no walkovers, give the players the potential breathing space in holiday season and bring back some good old ding dong games if I can
  4. What is the future ?

    Does this mean that 3 still go down or is it 2 plus the removal of Blackbrook?
  5. What is the future ?

    The official list from Alan Smith Conference League Kingstone Press National Conference League - Division One Pos Team P W D L For Agst PD PTS 1 Hunslet Club Parkside 20 19 0 1 603 238 365 38 2 Underbank Rangers 20 17 0 3 625 345 280 34 3 Normanton Knights 20 12 0 8 585 456 129 24 4 Milford Marlins 20 11 1 8 426 447 -21 23 5 York Acorn 20 10 0 10 516 446 70 20 6 Lock Lane 20 9 1 10 531 447 84 19 7 Featherstone Lions 20 7 0 13 489 587 -98 14 8 Shaw Cross Sharks 20 7 0 13 407 529 -122 14 9 Ince Rose Bridge 20 7 0 13 438 566 -128 14 10 Hunslet Warriors 20 5 0 15 328 595 -267 10 11 Hull Dockers 20 5 0 15 317 609 -292 10 12 Blackbrook 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  6. What is the future ?

    As a regional league chair I have listened to the masses this season complaining about consistency and availability. Your correct Celtic the players, although wont commit for the full season, do not want to go back to winter but also do not want to play come the summer months notably July and August. I have also learned that the cup comps do interfere with the consistency of the game therefore next season we will offer an alternative to try and gain a full seasons commitment but it may involve getting rid of the cups and league games will not be part of July and August. Its not finalised yet but I'm hoping I'm giving the players what they want when we discuss the options on the 16th October, however they will have the final choice of when they want to play.
  7. some posts seem to have disappeared from here?
  8. Saddleworth is also a good Community ground these days with a new club house to boot, and i could name a lot more clubs that would welcome the bar takings, but these lads do deserve a game at a pro ground. Batley may not be the best ground but like most they are very welcoming and happy to have you play. I like HGG am worried that if the weather is wet the ground will cut up and what should be an entertaining final will become who can manage the slope the best. Fingers crossed we have a great day, see you there and I promise not to sing Stu.
  9. Having been part of the community game since its switch, and before of course, I have to admit that Summer is not working for the longevity of our game. It is not about acceptance its about commitment and sadly as illustrated above other obstacles are put in our way. However through the "previous traditional Months" less obstacles pop up and commitment is back to there is naff all else to do on a wet, windy, cold, icy December, January, February afternoon, so lets play rugby and go out with our mates. the wife wont budge all day so I'm not going to get nagged! (that's how I see it anyway) The move was supposed to increase our skill level, the community game I watch now is no where near it was 5 years ago. It was supposed to increase spectator and revenue, all I have seen is a decline in both. I admit leave the kids where they are but the adult game has to significantly change. Perhaps it is a split season or we do turn back the clock I do not know but I do think its time to have an honest review of where our game is and where we want to go at community level, and that's not just the secretary's but players n all nor is it through an online survey!! I Now its time to talk and be grown ups, not point fingers but come up with a solution to keep this game alive.
  10. Well done son

    The lad behind him on the picture got selected also, Eddy Wilcock
  11. Squad News

    Joe Left Coventry on Monday and Signed Thursday for Town, There was some disappointed people at Cov that he left! I think Joe may have found himself in the firing line had DC put him on, not that it would have bothered Joe but could have been difficult to manage given the flow of the game.
  12. Thato Heath

    True story and seen on the video evidence and because their is no retrospective action allowed in the NCL nothing was said, not even a letter about future conduct.
  13. NWML cups

    Yea Rooster please tell