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  1. The RFL have moved forward with Concussion and policies have been issued for the whole game http://www.therfl.co.uk/first_aid__concussion a number of months ago the problem is getting shallow minded coaches sticking to them. The player should be centric in everything concerning their wellbeing but I have seen first hand coaching staff telling players they can play when under the polices they clearly cant. In the case of a concussion lawsuit who would liability lie with. The coach that said he can play who didn't seek or ignored medical clearance to play or the medical practice that said a player was ok to play. A very grey area of the game we need to support which should be so difficult if everyone follows the rules
  2. Reading the article it suggest to me they have re-invited the English Community Lions that toured back in November?
  3. NASDAQ!! Type Stock exchange Location One Liberty Plaza 165 Broadway, New York City, New York, U.S. Founded February 4, 1971; 45 years ago (1971-02-04) Owner Nasdaq, Inc. Currency United States dollar No. of listings 3,058 (July 2015)[1] Market cap US$6.8 trillion
  4. Just saying what a mega Sponsor that is !!
  5. I've stayed there twice, slap bang in the middle of Belgrade on Republik Square. Its cheap and clean and great value for money. can house up to 36 people hence I stayed there with two touring teams i took across
  6. Correct any rule can be changed, this is the true nature of any constitution. The NCL are not above anyone's free will. That's why our society is a democracy and not a dictatorship. The NCL make recommendations which are presented to the members and if the members don't want it they can vote against it through there constitutional right to do so at the AGM. NCL Constitution 11.5 Amendments or alterations to such proposals in writing by two Member Clubs must reach the Competition Administrator by 1st January after which all members will be advised by letter the date fixed for the AGM together with the proposals amendments and alterations. A two-thirds majority of Member Clubs present with voting rights is required to carry the foregoing Don't get surprised Dessie I'm on the ball!!
  7. Its your league and competition if you propose it and pass it that's what it will be. The miss conception is the NCL management change the rules which in fact they don't the clubs do But for the record i agree 2 up 2 down and the second promotion spot done via playoff's If a team gets a double drop then first two up next spot decided via playoff SIMPLES>>>
  8. I'm with the Outlaw. keeping it in the same places will not expand our sport on a global level. Give it a go if the money is guaranteed
  9. There a decent sized population of Welsh in Wales...Sorry couldn't resist
  10. You know as well as i the Lions have faced weaker opposition than that requested by the coaching staff because people at the top did not see the relevance or importance of top quality opposition for the RFL premier community representative team. Therefore the past few outings have been against the Welsh Dragonhearts and an improving South Africa team, and i think one game against the French in 2013. Thankfully someone has seen sense and realised the Lionhearts are the development squads and the English Lions will have a competitive program going forward until 2024 at least. Fiji next stop and already potentially on the cards a 2018 tour to the Southern hemisphere which is not South Africa. To get back on thread don't take anything away the coach is robust and has spotters all around and although in your opinion your players were worthy of a spot his opinion obviously differed. Every coach has a different opinion of every player good or bad but that's fact and every coach has players in the squads to even up the dynamics to make the squad gel, i bet everyone at some point in the next 6 weeks will criticise Wayne Bennett one of the worlds best coaches but hey ho that's life. New coach from next year who will be selecting squads for 2018 in 2017 so tell your lads to stay sharp and look out for the guy making notes at the games!!
  11. Sorry Anita, I'm jet lagged You are correct, still you get back before close of play on a Sunday. And if you can find a Brain Surgeon that plays semi professional Rugby League
  12. The point i was making Anita is they can do it but your right they will have to take a day off work. You can fly on the 12.45 from Manchester on the Friday, play Saturday and return on the 10.20am Sunday morning getting you back in Manchester between 2 and 3pm. Now i don't know how much internationally travel you do but i do a lot and the smart thing to do for two days is stay on UK time and you should not get jet lagged, that's a management thing the clubs will have to sort. Yes you will be tired but you shouldn't have to miss work on the Monday. Also i think the Woolpack will be playing games up to the end of March in the UK then the April Month in Toronto mild frost and snow are the same in Feb in the UK so no difference there
  13. That's Great Lionel, that's one Conference league south side. What was the make of your Champ 1 team that lost to North Wales Crusaders?
  14. As the Tour lead who took the lads to Toronto i have to say Canabull is spot on. The lads really enjoyed their time there and the rugby was much better than 2014 when we last toured there. Went in Shoeless Joes after the game to watch the McGregor fight and most of the Canadian lads came with us. Was looked after in the Club Fiction until the early hours by the security who treated us liked celebs all in all a very successful trip which has enriched 21 players lives. The first game at Burlington was also good except we run out of light Yep only 500.paying attendees!! and that is the part the New Canadian RL team will have to sort. They need to get more commercially minded but it is early days for Paul and the team. Toronno! is a fantastic city where most people are friendly. A championship club can fly in on a Thursday evening play Friday/Saturday and go back Sunday and still be home in time to go back to work Monday, its called planning Cant wait to go back this Country is on the up when it comes to Rugby League
  15. To put the thread back on track and in the wake of the expansion bit currently being debated, it is all connected. The thread is "can the future of Open Age RL be sustained" and i think the common perspective is we are going to struggle. Why are we going to struggle because of a number of factors which merge into one big blur. I wasn't picking on Oxford as a club but i question what they did first to build a base. Had they generated 10-15 community clubs with a junior set up coming through then set up the club you have the pyramid however they were fast tracked to the ranks given 80 - 100k and generate no revenue and take most of their players, if not all, from the Northern "Parochial" clubs who in turn struggle. Combine this with SL clubs signing lads at 16 and very little coming back to the community game at the end of the Academy's and we all begin to struggle. But what could we do better? for me expansion has to be organic and not forced. You cant plant 1 Grape Vine to create wine in the middle of a forest. You have to clear a space, plant many trees and then put a rose to help populate the grape. To put that in English lets take Wigan as an example. A town full of rugby players you may think well stats show there are around 28,000 males between 15-29 and how many play Rugby League in Wigan? Lets work on 19 Clubs with an average of 175 players per club that's around 3,325 plyers in Wigan now as stats go that not a bad return, with a little work and investment in development you could easily hit 25% of the young male population playing rugby. The grape vine and Rose works https://www.wigan.gov.uk/Council/Data-Statistics/Borough-Story/Population-estimates-2014.aspx Now lets look at Oxford, a population of 501,000 of which the males of 15-29 relate to around 9% of the population so 42,000 eligible males to play Rugby League, how many clubs do they have, Bartholomew Bulldogs ? So they put a club there and expect people to watch it and grow the club; its a recipe for failure. No you have to plant the tree's (clubs) for a number of years let them ripen then plant the Rose (Oxford RL) and watch the game flourish https://www.oxford.gov.uk/info/20131/population/460/age_and_gender Now replicate that with a number of other clubs in higher populated areas and the game begins to fail. You cant keep coming north and taking players south and expect the game to expand its nonsense, but remember its not just in the south this happens on our own door step in the North!! The problem is, and always has been, money. How many on here go on CPD's for work? Your professional development is essential to your company being successful but if you didn't develop as an individual and your company withdraw your funding you will soon be on the unemployment pile. The RFL have to dig deep in their pockets or distribute the money away from the likes of Oxford to first build the base by putting people back on the ground other wise the spiral will all be in one direction. I'm not saying Oxford cant exist but the fundamentals need to be in place first. Further more they need to tweak their academy's and signing pro policy. Scrap the signing on at under 16's back to Under 18's which should encourage lads to stay on until under 18's finish, by this time you have a better chance at retaining players into Open Age. There is more but for me these two factors are key to the survival of our sport