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  1. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/england-lionhearts-to-host-germany-in-international-test/
  2. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/england-lionhearts-to-host-germany-in-international-test/
  3. Well everyone in the room voted for it plus its a £100 fine if they don't attend. pointless voting for things then not engaging in it, they have three games of 7.5min each way and can turn up with 9/10 players so if they cant do that then we all may as well pack up now and go play tiddlewinks
  4. Tara is also a developing referee from here in the UK, someone i hope will become the first Super League Woman referee! She is not doing all the games its a mix but she is entitled to develop and this is her next level, a little like Liam Moore when i took him to Italy and Canada in 2014 + 2015 and now he is a Super League Referee. Stuart
  5. As said above there has been a change in culture and lads just are not as loyal as there were 10 years ago. The travel also does not help many lads work locally Saturday mornings and cant finish work until 12.30, not good if your on a 3 hour drive to Hull or Cumbria. The league and clubs also need to change their cultures if they are to survive
  6. Its called League 1 Also who says some don't pay already?
  7. I cant get the website to work properly, fixtures are all over the place Hopefully this link will help folk, all fixtures are in the link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j85xs9x183djvml/AACsTKsM2exlMizzOiXYXb6-a?dl=0
  8. Point taken Shawy and it was only my view from last time Ulverston was in the League. As it happens they have asked to be lower down as they rebuild so chances are we could have one in 3 different leagues
  9. I was at the game and I couldn't be accurate but it looked like all the Siddal lads stayed out while TH lifted the cup but went in straight after. I did see about three medal boxes on the pitch when they walked off. One of the trainers ran round and picked them up when they went inside
  10. But does it give them the right to set up new teams with a months notice and no prior development. All SL Clubs have foundations and all cater for girls, and boys, within the program but I think its worded very Cleverley in the article. For me they should be having a 12-18 month focussed build up promoting the game recruiting at community level then launching. Instead its take what's there now by offering expressions of interest from established players, typically building top down and as we all know this never works.
  11. Ask the question guys where were they when the game needed developing and a push for women to play Rugby League? What development have Wigan done of the Women's Game over the last 5/10 years? and then ask where are they going to get the players from to fulfil there "Super League Quota" I agree the SL clubs need to embrace the movement and encourage the woman's game to grow but they have done very little to grow the game and now they are just going to take the players from the local community clubs. Widnes don't even have any community women's teams so where are they getting the players from. Its typical hypocrisy when the fat wad of money is shown the greed takes over. My point being of my post is you can wave goodbye to the Women's domestic game at community level because there will be no one left to make up a team when Wigan, Widnes and probably Warrington enrol players because the greedy clubs will not focus on any more development or recruitment.
  12. Not sat down with the management yet but we will try to even it out so every division has a traveller. There is a lot of debate to happen as yet but from the two I think Ulverston are the strongest and Walney are just behind on ability. Our meeting Monday was very positive with some great insight to the players demands. We Will, as suggested, play league games constantly up to July with very few breaks with bank holidays having as many local derby's as possible! then a modified cup comp in July and a Nines comp in August when teams struggle for Numbers come back September and finish the league in October. we are working on structures now and hope to get them out in the next few week's
  13. Its also my opinion that the North American game costs us nothing as they pick up the tab, unlike Catalan that cost the RFL a reported £2.2million per year! More clubs will probably come with the same model as Toronto as expansion hits over there and yes I would suspect the game will be even more diluted with over the hill Aussies and lower Championship players eager to get a wage. In theory it sounds like there should be more money for the community game on mass but in reality nothing will change as any money saved will be divided by the PRO clubs
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