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  1. some posts seem to have disappeared from here?
  2. Straight back on thread, sort of My concern has always been for the game, the Winter/Summer debate has a lot of off shoots that need to be tied back in and the operational rules are included in the whole debate. Whilst myself, NWML, and NWC work around issue of bringing the game back together in the north west we are mindful that at the same time we need to align our rules so we first do not conflict and second move forward for a more sustainable competition regardless of when the rugby is played, this will probably marry with the operational rules? I have conceded on many occasion that the rules are a template and it is only a couple of items that need to be amended but that is the decision of the clubs and leagues to agree. The majority of the rules are fine, I sit on the regulatory group and we do know some will have to change. We all know mistakes have happened, regardless where blame lies! so what we need to do is stop this whole Winter/Summer debate and agree how best we get as many people playing the best sport in the world, the only way you do that is by putting your political differences aside and work together to move the game forward. I am also always mindful that clubs vote with their feet so our ultimate challenge is to ensure there is a generic competition regardless of what time of year they want to play you can only do this under one set of rules. You won't find me telling any club they have to play here and there I'm always where and when and I think that's the kind of attitude we need from everyone. Time is now right to stop pointing fingers and start to fix, we in the north west have started is everyone else going to do it? Stuart
  3. How does the song go? "Its a new Light, its a new day, Its a new dawn", but were not feeling blue
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