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  1. Cannot blame anyone for seeing negatives after Sundays performance, but as previously said that was surely as bad as we can get and as John Duffy said it was the worse he had seen from his team - in my opinion far too early to suggest we will be going down but as I am sure everyone realises we need to start getting results soon - as was said before the game last Sunday it was a game we needed to win but we didn't so now we need to pick up another 6 wins to put us in the same position we were last season prior to the 8s - so the games against Rochdale,Oldham,Dewsbury,Batley,Halifax,Toulouse at home plus Sheffield at Blackpool and Oldham,Rochdale away will be critical but lets have faith in the lads
  2. All I will say Ian is we won - far from our best and to be honest London much better than I anticipated
  3. Top performance by the lads on Saturday against a very good looking team - even though Toulouse were the better team overall a couple of bounces and could have been a different result - but as for memories our fans over in Toulouse were superb and the moment the team bus came though Blagnac past us all outside the local bars was a special moment.
  4. Must agree Riggy - since Facebook and Twitter have taken over the Clubs + Fans topics this forum does get neglected
  5. Flying out Thursday Flybe direct t for 4 night stay in Toulouse centre - 4 in total
  6. Top performance last week Ian - some great rugby with ball in hand - as you say massive game and massive weekend with games elsewhere
  7. You seem to have a problem with us (Swinton) - you continue to referr to us as the worst team you've played this year since we obviously committed the crime of managing to draw with you at Derwent Park in a very poor game by both sides - that was one game you shouldn't judge us on - I wouldn't judge Workington on that game as some of your results have proved - we beat you at home and currently have 4 more points than you - we cant be that poor - anything can happen in the next 7 games, none of the bottom 6 teams are safe - I think we will win another game as I think all the teams will - why would sending us down in particular make you happy??
  8. It is one of the debatable points of whether to go for 'the 2' , we all will have our own views - it obviously depends on the current scoreline and also a teams confidence and ambition in scoring tries. As for '1 point lost or 1 point won I would say the game could have gone either way and any point from Derwent Park has always been difficult and as I said in my previous post the 1 point could be precious come end of season - I am confident we will stay up by more than that though.
  9. Very poor game today - two poor performances but well done to the lads for yet again going to the final whistle - could be a very invaluable point - Workington fans commenting on us on their forum ???
  10. Come on you Workington fans - you shouldn't be having a go at the opposition today - you didn't win because your performance wasn't good enough and we didn't win because our performance wasn't good enough - it was a very poor game with two very poor performances and in my opinion a draw was a fair result - we know how poor we were today but it was enough to get a point - never easy at Derwent Park and could prove to be invaluable at the end of the season
  11. Not wishing to be negative but not really expecting a result next week, one thing for sure, is that I will be going to Featherstone feeling proud and after our wins at Halifax and Batley our lads could do it with a good performance - but Featherstone will be looking to bounce back after their game yesterday
  12. Yes Colin - the Sky camera was behind the touch judges and the ball seemed to be drifting away at the time it sailed over the post - of course on what influenced the tv coverage was the forthright options of the commentators and after all is said and done the people in the best position are the touch judges - anyhow it wouldn't have altered the result we would have simply scored another try instead of taking the drop goal ???
  13. What a brilliant comeback - first half just didn't turn up - totally differrenet performance second half and the game could have gone either way at the end - but for a team to overturn a 20-0 half time deficit they deserve the win. Obviously in such a close game always going to be points of controversy - obstructions/groundings and then finally 'the conversion' - from the Swinton end you couldn't guess but having looked at it a few times on my sky recording it could have gone either way - could all the officials have got it wrong (ha ha maybe) - naturally the oldham fans/coach and kicker are going to think otherwise but as we Swinton fans know only too well these things happen in all games. Great 2 points for us and a long way to go yet but I do think both Oldham and ourselves will stay up
  14. Will be there
  15. What can you say about a game like that - obviously the lads didn't have my mindset at Half Time - unbelievable comeback and never say die attitude and all credit to Whitehaven on their effort