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  1. AJ Bell help Salford out..........? nr Manchester central to most clubs
  2. I'm a Swinton Season Ticket holder living in South Cumbria, its easier for me to get to Swinton than all other clubs in Cumbria apart from Barrow (where I work). Building a club in Cumbria and then expecting lots of fans to support from all over Cumbria is not realistic, too big a county, too few people. For people who don't know the area look at the map, physically Cumbria is huge and public travel on a Sunday is non existent. What I have found though is the passion for the game is wonderful here though, far greater than anywhere else I have lived.
  3. Beaten Toulouse already this year would be nice to beat them again.......come on you lions......
  4. Can someone help please? Have been to Challenge cup final regularly for last few years. I live in the Lake District so plan to jump on a train. It's a long way to drive! We meet up with friends and stay usually Friday until Sunday. I notice the main stations in London are closed for railworks over the Challenge Cup weekend so I need to make some different travel plans (rather than staying in London itself). Thinking i'm going to catch the train to Wembley from somewhere outside of London and then return later that evening. Has anyone got recommendations for good place to stay on the train line max 1hr away from Wembley by train and easy to get to from the North? Thanks in anticipation of your help. Ian
  5. Supporting Swinton 2 from Lake District, 3 from Bolton....
  6. Thanks for this, the mighty lions have a good few players back this week so hoping for a good result!
  7. Eye gouging, many high tackles, players tackled off the ball, cheap punches, incident on report sin bin, 2 ambulances. I thought the ref was there to protect the players?
  8. It wasn't......Rochdale are thugs, ref lost control and 2 Swinton players in hospital. Horrible
  9. thebigbopper


    First half difficult to watch we seemed to lack organisation and the players appeared a bit jumpy....2nd half much better!
  10. As a Swinton Supporter who works in Barrow with a view of Walney from my office window I can say that I am very impressed (as the Barrow fans said I would be).Very good going forward, and strong in defence. He put a great tackle in against Bradford I think. He's had a couple of games out through injury and I do think we missed him. Certainly not out of his depth in the Championship.
  11. I played similar time to Celtic crusader for Bolton, Des Drummond used to coach us and Dave Hadfield kept telling me to watch my knees when tackling.....3 cruciate ligament replacements so guess I didn't listen, seem to remember a great name in Tommy Wingnut no idea if that was his real name, moving a stolen car off a pitch in Liverpool and then playing. Happy days
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