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  1. DeadShotKeen

    Restructure 2019?

    But you seem to be taking out of the equation the idea that their amateurism becomes a "fait accompli" completely out of their control (ie the sport in general continuing to tank). What is that based on? How healthy are the attendances at that level just now? How much guaranteed income do those teams currently have from SL/the RFL?
  2. DeadShotKeen

    Restructure 2019?

    Surely it's common sense that the current pro and semi-pro sides below SL would have more chance of remaining so in sealed off tiers without either promotion or relegation (assuming, of course, a strong and well-funded elite league). This would allow them the chance to find their equilibrium (which they pretty much do anyway give or take the odd season of over/underachieving). A stipulation of the sealed-off elite league would be a guaranteed (and hefty) income stream for the lower leagues to support and strengthen the grassroots. The idea that people wouldn't watch these teams without the possibility of promotion to SL is entirely anecdotal. The Aussie equivalents seem to do rather well.
  3. DeadShotKeen

    Restructure 2019? you mean they will decide the popular demand for the sport at their level? Does this involve rounding people up, nicking a tenner off them apiece and throwing them into the ground?
  4. DeadShotKeen

    Quality of Rugby League

    We reap what we sow, sadly. Myself and the rest of the objectors to the abandonment of licensing in 2013 said time and time again that the return to P&R would reduce both standards and the game's exposure (which of course are inextricably intertwined). Sadly very many traditional fans are prepared to accept both of these in return for access to SL for (their) small heartlands sides. Some of them even cannot see the link and bizarrely expect that you can have both a saturated P&R structure and an increase in standards and exposure. You would have to think that this is the tip of the iceberg as well. In Hull where 2 academies became 1 a couple of years ago to temporarily wring some extra cash for the 2 pro sides surely the drop in standards has not even begun to manifest itself. Again the traditionalists insanely seem to think that such an inverted pyramid will have no effect on the elite pathways in Hull. Again, sadly, we will need to see the appalling results in practice before dismissing the hopeless theory. I am an optimist, however. I see a sensible elite structure involving mergers and expansion teams as something of a "fait accompli" as our traditional structures fail. The sadness for me is that we have never had the brave, progressive leadership that would have allowed us to make these changes on the front foot (as with NRL in the late 90s) as opposed to on the back foot and following many wasted years and the dwindling of the sport's reserves. Some big thinking 10 or so years ago and we could already be looking at a much improved sport and a much bigger talent pool. A shame. But the sport will eventually prevail. It is simply too good not to.
  5. DeadShotKeen

    Whippets and Flat Caps

    I like Wilkin a lot but that is a shocking name for their podcast. Way to explicitly exclude fans in Toronto, London, France etc. They'll say it's "ironic" I'm sure but that is tenuous at best. It is what it is. A shocking, short-sighted name that in essence would have been the first choice of a rugby union spy to minimise its exposure and influence. Yet more self-inflicted damage by those who really should know better. Oh well.
  6. DeadShotKeen

    The definitive future of Super League

    Jupiter were actually initially excluded in favour of Swinton. They reacted badly to this and blasted Swinton into orbit, blaming Salford who under new owner Kim Jong-Un were rumoured to be developing a nuclear capability. In the subsequent confusion, Jupiter were allowed entry (much to the chagrin of heartlands Mercury and Saturn fans, natch). Happily for Swinton, upon re-entering the Earth's orbit they landed on the North coast of Africa, making them ideally suited for an expansion bid. etc.
  7. The fundamental problem with that analysis as I see it is that Melbourne Storm would have constituted a "fake team" in the mid 1990s. They are now one of the sport's benchmark clubs. Bravery is needed to push the sport forward. You don't make an omelette without breaking eggs etc.
  8. I’ve taken on board the comments from the numerous altruistic heartland rugby league fans on this forum (who only have the best interests of the sport at heart, of course) and now agree that it is absurd to try to create an elite RL structure with sides of equivalent stature propped up by numerous semi-pro sides beneath them in a solid pyramid structure that might in conjunction be able to drive the sport forward on a world level. It is quite right that all existing pro and semi-pro RL sides – no matter how small – must be allowed an equal crack of the whip and the ability to reach their full potential. With this in mind I have created a failsafe formula for the future of elite rugby league and fed all of the resulting traditional, leave-none-behind co-ordinates into a super-computer I have created solely for the purposes of ensuring world RL domination! (and you wondered why I was off this forum for so long) And I can now reveal the opening round of fixtures for the 2022 Super League season! Hold onto your hats guys – this is gonna be awesome! Toronto vs North East Featherstone Hull Dockers vs France York vs New York Jupiter vs Widnes Barrow vs London Glasgow vs Thatto Heath Castleford ex-Miners vs Milky Way Papua New Guinea vs Skirlaugh I’m sure you agree this leaves everyone happy and looks amazing! Some of course had to miss out and Wigan St Patricks, The Moon, Barcelona and Warrington Bank Quay can consider themselves very unlucky. But there is always the Middle Eights! etc. etc.
  9. DeadShotKeen

    Restructure 2019?

    A traditional heartland rugby league fan, yesterday
  10. DeadShotKeen

    Restructure 2019?

    Is Gary Hetherington the only owner of a pro sport side in the world who doesn't want his side to take on bigger sides in bigger metropolitan areas and thus play their role in growing the sport generally worldwide? With friends like that etc. Not really rocket science. League should be: Leeds Wigan Saints Bradford/Hudds/Halifax Merged Hull side Merged Cumbria side Catalans Toulouse Toronto New York London Merged Calder side Salford-Manchester Warrington-Widnes No relegation. Best sporting league in the world. Bring on the revolution.
  11. It's one thing to favour the new format and quite another to suggest that licensing as opposed to P&R killed off London. That frankly is a delusional assessment.
  12. DeadShotKeen

    Tony Smith on FiveLive this morning

    Good post. But again, would fans of the small heartland sides support that? In essence (to develop an example from this thread) you would be talking about a well-funded Edinburgh SL side in partnership with the likes of Batley, Dewsbury and Barrow as feeder clubs at least 1 tier down. This would be excellent for the sport and IMHO a great result for all concerned but as ever the sticking point would be the lack of P&R for the smaller sides and their perception that they are subservient to a new team. This perception is of course correct in many ways but neither as evil nor as radically departed from the status quo to warrant either anger or a stifling of the sport's growth. But such a partnership could only genuinely work if that option (P&R) was removed (as with Melbourne and their feeder partners). It thus requires a bold decision by someone at the top, because an endless stream of empty "I want to see these new clubs do well" type gestures from fans like us will never on their own get us there. You are essentially there but in the end most likely lack the courage of your convictions. Or do I read you incorrectly? Would you agree to rule out P&R in order to achieve what you describe replicated in the UK big cities?
  13. You can think that all you want but it doesn't stop the format from being littered with dead rubbers. Nothing to do with prejudice, I'm simply stating objective facts. As for England, all bar Currie were developed during licensing and many of them play in NRL. It is a flight of fancy to suggest that they are the product of 4 years of a new SL format. Said format will be judged by England's performances over the next 5 or so years and given the average age of the England side you would have to think they will go backwards.
  14. DeadShotKeen

    Who will replace the australia spine?

    Good post. And England should be worried as the average age of their side this WC suggests they are the most likely to move backwards. If Samoa can keep Milford then they also move a bit closer to the new big 4.
  15. DeadShotKeen

    Tony Smith on FiveLive this morning

    Not sure why you needed to put the "Does it? Why?" bit when I basically went on to explain why. And your second point is plain odd. You're describing an objective possibility without then giving any kind of reaction to it or even placing it in any kind of context. You're just saying "Well yes, that might happen" and leaving it at that. What does it mean if that happens, that's the point? Can the teams co-exist in the same league? Would they be in the same market for players? Both able to spend to a high salary cap? Both able to offer the same facilities? What would be the outcomes of that objective situation? Without addressing that you're really adding nothing to the debate.