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  1. I reckon Teddy and Cam Smith will climb yet higher as long as they remain injury free. Harry Grant is the surprise package there. What a great season he’s having.
  2. Latrell Mitchell has taken the early guilty plea for both of his charges from Friday night meaning he will be out for the next two weeks. He was facing a three-match ban if he took on the judiciary and lost after he received a grade-two striking charge for a hit on Josh Reynolds. The Rabbitohs fullback was also slapped with a $550 fine for a careless high tackle charge on Luke Garner.
  3. Cam Munster: Melbourne are hopeful Cameron Munster can come back early from a knee injury. The Storm have now beaten both of last year’s grand finalists without their first choice playmaker and now sit comfortably in the NRL’s top four. Munster was initially expected to miss four weeks with his grade-two medial and not return until Round 11, but he has recovering far quicker than expected.
  4. St George Illawarra have signed Penrith back-rower Kaide Ellis for the rest of the season. Ellis replaces James Graham who decided to end his career back in England.
  5. Broncos Captain Alex Glenn suffered a knee injury in last night’s win against the Bulldogs at Suncorp Stadium. Broncos Head Of Performance Paul Devlin said: “Unfortunately Alex sustained a high-grade MCL injury confirmed by an MRI this morning. “He is now in a knee brace to allow the ligament to heal and will be out of action for ‪around 6-8‬ weeks.”
  6. WELCOME Everyone reading this is welcome to join in. Click on to enlarge All you need to do is: 1. Name the 8 winning teams (a drawn game after extra time counts as a win for both teams for the sake of our comp) 2. How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in R10? (Used as tie breaker for Champion Tipster title is more than one top scorers) 3. How many AWAY wins will there be in the round? When a game is played on the road the first team is taken as the home team. 4. Poll: How many teams will score only 9 points or less? Enter in your post and also at the top of the topic. Entries welcome until the first game of the round kicks off this Thursday 16th July. Award images are made and presented weekly. There's a tipping ladder kept throughout the season too which is kept as a separate thread on this forum.
  7. Tipping Ladder After Round 9 1 Stoney100 52 2 StormGirl 50 3 Graham 49 4 Spotty Herbert 48 5= Barney 47 5= Dee Deuce 47 5= Irish Saint 47 5= Railway End 47 9 R L Winger 46 10 Future Is League 45 11 Dunbar 44 12 Lucky7 43 13 Farmduck 42 14 Bedfordshire Bronco 36 15 Welsh RL & RU Watcher 26 16 jamsieboy86 20
  8. NRL Ladder 2020 After Round 9 Image slightly smaller from now - see above - due to image hosting change
  9. Please click on this animated award to enlage for your viewing pleasure Note the tie breaker saw RLW closer to the points total than our other top scorer Stoney100, making R L Winger our Champion Tipster this week.
  10. Congratulations to Stoney100 and R L Winger as our topscorers this week with 7/8 Well done our other award winners. I'll work on the animated award now. I bet you'll have to click on that too to see it at a reasonable size.
  11. Well it didn't stay at 100% for anybody, though two tipsters did come close with 7/8 Who were they? Look below: The image hosting method now in use gives a smaller image here to start with. Click on it to enlarge it so it can be read more easily.
  12. Fabulously disguised kick through and inside. Norman chases through and collects the nicely bouncing ball and scores under the sticks! 26-4 Dragons They seem to have found their mojo! They have at long last found the line up that works! The spine has worked well. Manly not at their best and this isn't their best side with some good players on the sideline. All the same their efforts in this haven't been up to the mark, they have crumbled against this Dragons side. Aitken has scored a try now on the left hand side. Dragons finishing strongly. Manly haven't scored in the second half. FULL TIME: St George Illawarra Dragons 34 - 4 Manly Warringah Sea Eagles
  13. Game set and match. Desperate Manly throw a pass intercepted by Lomax who sprints to the try line and scores! Dragons have looked the best team throughout this second half. At best Manly have been desperate and largely hard working. Too many errors though and its Dragons who have had the initiative and tactics. No conversion by Lomax to go with his try. 22-4 Dragons What a great performance by Dragons Their fans will be relieved that the tough times might be over, especially if they can keep this same 17 on the park.
  14. Elliot fumbled over line. Ravalava dived on it but it bounced badly.
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