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  1. So just say the NRL decides at some point to re-start the season and through necessity has to extend it to December. In that case some players who were contracted to their club but had planned to move to another club could have their move arrangements affected. Likewise those players whose contracts come to an end this season. Could there be chaos? It looks like the NRL is going to approve a change so that all players' contracts for this season will now run to Dec 31st. Usually 1st November is the date off contract players can sign with other clubs. This could mean chaos with all the chasing of players by clubs being done on the eve of the new season. Frizell and Arrow for example wouldn't be able to join their new clubs until January. One NRL CEO at least predicts chaos:
  2. I can’t see Greenberg lasting very long after this has taken its course. He’s not handled things well during his tenure. This last week in particular has shown him up. He’s shuffled his position with regards to his chosen pay cut and has been shown to be in charge of an NRL administration that appears to be poorly run. He preaches prudence and strict control to the clubs and their players while overseeing what appears to be a fast flowing spending spree for his colleagues and himself.
  3. Their stupid behaviour has cost them dear. It has cost their club a huge amount of sponsorship money. The girls have had to live with a lot of unpleasant and unwanted response to this. Yes they are young men and a liable to make mistakes. This is such though that an example has to be made of them to be a warning to others in the future.
  4. I don't think the Japanese thought invading Australia was feasible, but I'm told there was a real fear in Australia that the Japanese would invade. As I understand it NSW/QLD rivalry goes back way before WW2
  5. This is building into both a scandal and a nightmare. It now seems that the NRL have not been paying what they should into the players pension fund for the last couple of years. They spend money on limousine travel, diamond rings and pay themselves enthusiastically. If anything good comes out of this current worldwide sadness, let’s hope one of the things will be a sorting out of the administrators of the game and putting the finances in order. It may be some time now before the game can expand as it ultimately should. The main thing is to see all the clubs survive in the short run. Can Mr Greenberg and his team be trusted to take the game forward?
  6. Ye gods, that sounds like they’ve been spending money like water! The game will carry on whatever.... eventually...... Whether it will be run and organised as it was is a good question, surely changes will be needed.
  7. It’s business, so not the act of a friend. Talk of changes in the future contract.
  8. Rabbitohs general manager of football Shane Richardson has resigned effective immediately in a bid to help ease financial pressure from the suspended season due to the coronavirus crisis. Formerly CEO of the club, Richardson will stay on board in a consultancy role. South Sydney released a statement on the matter on the club website, where Richardson addressed the club members. “In times like these, leaders have to step forward and lead,” Richardson said. “When we were reviewing things with Blake (Solly) early in the week, it became very clear to me on Tuesday that I needed to step down. The cost of having me remain in the football department was one of our largest costs and as a club we need to cut the cloth to suit the suit. “I made the decision on my own, it’s my decision, and then I informed Blake, the Board and Russell (Crowe). No one pushed me into this decision. It became very obvious to me that this was a decision that needed to be made for the next 18 months for the club. Souths co-owner Russell Crowe added: “Quite simply, without Shane’s focus and input during the decade leading up to the 2014 premiership win, that victory would not have happened,” Crowe said. “Such is his vital contribution. “Shane has made an incredibly selfless gesture on behalf of South Sydney. It’s something I’ve come to expect from him, he always puts the needs of the club first in everything he does.”
  9. Canterbury Bulldogs, North Queensland Cowboys, Parramatta Eels, Newcastle Knights, Penrith Panthers, and Cronulla Sharks are asking staff to take some form of leave from their duties.
  10. Phil Gould is another cheerful chappie who prophesies doom. He can't see all 16 NRL clubs surviving. Amidst this doom and gloom, Canberra coach Ricky Stuart sees clubs sticking together to try and get every one of them through this. Peter V’landys also has some fight in him:
  11. Personally I see other clubs struggling more, but others on here , especially aussies, might know better. Nine NRL clubs are either owned by or have links to leagues clubs, and some rely on them for financial security most years. That doesn't include Cronulla whose league club is shut for a couple of years for upgrades. The NRL has already handed each club $425,000 in support, but it’s anticipated further strain could be placed on sides - particularly if matches are lost. The NRL could consider playing until as late as December 20 to ensure all matches are played. Belt tightening will be the order of the day.
  12. The thing is, all three of them have private owners who at least in theory could dig deep into their pockets and help out.
  13. Quite... he's also known by other names! But we won't use them on here. The other club he dragged into the group was NZ Warriors.
  14. Happen so. They weren't the other team Paul Kent included.
  15. Knights off-season recruit Jaydenn Brailey has been rocked by news his season has been cut short by an ACL injury. Jayden Brailey has suffered an ACL injury to his right knee, the club confirmed in a statement. “I’m extremely disappointed but I will bounce back,” Brailey said.
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