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  1. Hetherington was handed a $1500 fine and will not miss any Broncos games. What else could he have done?
  2. Given the directive there were some stupid actions/players in that game.
  3. RCG lifted and dropped in tackle. Was it Brooks lifted him? Yes - he's on report.
  4. Immediately Papali'i knees prone player to head. Idiot. Okay then to use elbow but not knee.
  5. Deliberate facial in that tackle on C-G How does that get treated?
  6. Gutho individualist try under the sticks. He spun round and then switched direction as he sniffed a space to run through. Gutho comes off to be rested with 10 minutes to go. 38-12 Eels
  7. Brooks high tackle. Nowt much but is he on report? Don't think so.
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