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  1. You must halve been distracted there as you forgot to include Featherstone (Rovers). No apology is needed.
  2. Anyone know how we are fixed for unlimited changes to our squad with the two separate parts to Round 1. After all we don't get the team lists for the second cluster of games until Tuesday next week.
  3. The 2024 NRL season officially gets underway on Sunday March 3rd and you'll find all the details of the 2024 NRL fixture below. The 2024 NRL schedule this season is a unique one as the season kicks off with two big matches held in Las Vegas for the first time. Allegiant Stadium will play host to the Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles and Broncos vs Roosters in a massive double header to kick off the season. Will NRL be able to tap in to a whole new audience in the American markets? The split round will then continue with the first of the local matches on Thursday March 7th between the Knights and Raiders. Once again the 2024 NRL season schedule comprises of 27 rounds of NRL action, followed by four weeks of finals culiminating in the 2024 NRL Grand Final on Sunday October 6th. 2024 NRL Fixtures Round 1 Date/Time Australian Times Match Venue Sun. March 3rd (1.30pm) Rabbitohs 24 - 36 Sea Eagles Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas) Sun. March 3rd (3.30pm) Broncos 10 - 20 Roosters Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas) Thu. March 7th (8pm) Knights vs Raiders McDonald Jones Stadium Fri. March 8th (6pm) Warriors vs Sharks Go Media Stadium Fri. March 8th (8.05pm) Storm vs Panthers AAMI Park Sat. March 9th (5.30pm) Eels vs Bulldogs CommBank Stadium Sat. March 9th (7.35pm) Titans vs Dragons Cbus Super Stadium Sun. March 10th (4.05pm) Dolphins vs Cowboys Suncorp Stadium BYE Wests Tigers Round 2 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. March 14th (8pm) Broncos vs Rabbitohs Suncorp Stadium Fri. March 15th (6pm) Sharks vs Bulldogs Shark Park Fri. March 15th (8.05pm) Panthers vs Eels BlueBet Stadium Sat. March 16th (3pm) Raiders vs Tigers GIO Stadium Sat. March 16th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Knights Q.C.B Stadium Sat. March 16th (7.35pm) Storm vs Warriors AAMI Park Sun. March 17th (4.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Roosters Brookvale Oval Sun. March 17th (6.15pm) Dolphins vs Dragons Kayo Stadium BYE Titans Round 3 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. March 21st (8pm) Panthers vs Broncos BlueBet Stadium Fri. March 22nd (6pm) Warriors vs Raiders Apollo Projects Stadium Fri. March 22nd (8.05pm) Roosters vs Rabbitohs Allianz Stadium Sat. March 23rd (3pm) Bulldogs vs Titans Belmore Oval Sat. March 23rd (5.30pm) Dragons vs Cowboys Kogarah Oval Sat. March 23rd (7.35pm) Tigers vs Sharks Leichhardt Oval Sun. March 24th (4.05pm) Eels vs Sea Eagles CommBank Stadium Sun. March 24h (6.15pm) Knights vs Storm McDonald Jones Stadium BYE Dolphins Round 4 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. March 28th (8pm) Roosters vs Panthers Allianz Stadium Fri. March 29th (4.05pm) Rabbitohs vs Bulldogs Accor Stadium Fri. March 29th (8.05pm) Broncos vs Cowboys Suncorp Stadium Sat. March 30th (5.30pm) Dragons vs Sea Eagles WIN Stadium Sat. March 30th (7.35pm) Titans vs Dolphins Cbus Super Stadium Sun. March 31st (4.05pm) Warriors vs Knights Go Media Stadium Sun. March 31st (6.15pm) Sharks vs Raiders Shark Park Mon. April 1st (4pm) Eels vs Tigers CommBank Stadium BYE Storm Round 5 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. April 4th (8pm) Storm vs Broncos AAMI Park Fri. April 5th (6pm) Bulldogs vs Roosters Accor Stadium Fri. April 5th (8.05pm) Knights vs Dragons McDonald Jones Stadium Sat. April 6th (3pm) Rabbitohs vs Warriors Accor Stadium Sat. April 6th (5.30pm) Sea Eagles vs Panthers Brookvale Oval Sat. April 6th (7.35pm) Dolphins vs Tigers Suncorp Stadium Sun. April 7th (4.05pm) Cowboys vs Titans Q.C.B Stadium Sun. April 7th (6.15pm) Raiders vs Eels GIO Stadium BYE Sharks Round 6 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. April 11th (7.50pm) Knights vs Roosters McDonald Jones Stadium Fri. April 12th (6pm) Storm vs Bulldogs AAMI Park Fri. April 12th (8pm) Broncos vs Dolphins Suncorp Stadium Sat. April 13th (3pm) Warriors vs Sea Eagles Go Media Stadium Sat. April 13th (5.30pm) Eels vs Cowboys CommBank Stadium Sat. April 13th (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Sharks Accor Stadium Sun. April 14th (4.05pm) Tigers vs Dragons Campbelltown Stadium Sun. April 14th (6.15pm) Raiders vs Titans GIO Stadium BYE Panthers Round 7 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. April 18th (7.50pm) Roosters vs Storm Allianz Stadium Fri. April 19th (6pm) Dragons vs Warriors WIN Stadium Fri. April 19th (8pm) Eels vs Dolphins TIO Stadium Sat. April 20th (3pm) Panthers vs Tigers Carrington Park Sat. April 20th (5.30pm) Titans vs Sea Eagles Cbus Super Stadium Sat. April 20th (7.35pm) Broncos vs Raiders Suncorp Stadium Sun. April 21st (2pm) Bulldogs vs Knights Accor Stadium Sun. April 21st (4.05pm) Sharks vs Cowboys Shark Park BYE Rabbitohs Round 8 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. April 25th (2pm) Warriors vs Titans Go Media Stadium Thu. April 25th (4pm) Dragons vs Roosters Allianz Stadium Thu. April 25th (7.50pm) Storm vs Rabbitohs AAMI Park Fri. April 26th (8pm) Sea Eagles vs Eels Brookvale Oval Sat. April 27th (5.30pm) Tigers vs Broncos Campbelltown Stadium Sat. April 27th (7.35pm) Cowboys vs Panthers Q.C.B Stadium Sun. April 28th (2pm) Dolphins vs Knights Suncorp Stadium Sun. April 28th (4.05pm) Raiders vs Sharks GIO Stadium BYE Bulldogs Round 9 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. May 2nd (7.50pm) Rabbitohs vs Panthers Accor Stadium Fri. May 3rd (6pm) Sea Eagles vs Raiders Brookvale Oval Fri. May 3rd (8pm) Broncos vs Roosters Suncorp Stadium Sat. May 4th (3pm) Bulldogs vs Tigers Accor Stadium Sat. May 4th (5.30pm) Titans vs Storm Cbus Super Stadium Sat. May 4th (7.35pm) Cowboy vs Dolphins Q.C.B Stadium Sun. May 5th (2pm) Knights vs Warriors McDonald Jones Stadium Sun. May 5th (4.05pm) Sharks vs Dragons Shark Park BYE Eels Round 10 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. May 9th (7.50pm) Dolphins vs Sea Eagles TBA Fri. May 10th (6pm) Panthers vs Bulldogs BlueBet Stadium Fri. May 10th (8pm) Eels vs Broncos CommBank Stadium Sat. May 11th (3pm) Tigers vs Knights Scully Park Sat. May 11th (5.30pm) Dragons vs Rabbitohs Kogarah Oval Sat. May 11th (7.35pm) Storm vs Sharks AAMI Park Sun. May 12th (2pm) Roosters vs Warriors Allianz Stadium Sun. May 12th (4.05pm) Titans vs Cowboys Cbus Super Stadium BYE Raiders Round 11 (Magic Round) Date/Time Match Venue Fri. May 17th (6pm) Raiders vs Bulldogs Suncorp Stadium Fri. May 17th (8.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Broncos Suncorp Stadium Sat. May 18th (3pm) Titans vs Knights Suncorp Stadium Sat. May 18th (5.30pm) Sharks vs Roosters Suncorp Stadium Sat. May 18th (7.45pm) Rabbitohs vs Cowboys Suncorp Stadium Sun. May 19th (1.50pm) Warriors vs Panthers Suncorp Stadium Sun. May 19th (4.05pm) Storm vs Eels Suncorp Stadium Sun. May 19th (6.25pm) Tigers vs Dolphins Suncorp Stadium BYE Dragons Round 12 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. May 23rd (7.50pm) Bulldogs vs Dragons Accor Stadium Fri. May 24th (6pm) Cowboys vs Tigers Q.C.B Stadium Fri. May 24th (8pm) Sea Eagles vs Storm Brookvale Oval Sat. May 25th (3pm) Raiders vs Roosters GIO Stadium Sat. May 25th (5.30pm) Sharks vs Panthers Shark Park Sat. May 25th (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Eels TBA Sun. May 26th (2pm) Broncos vs Titans Suncorp Stadium Sun. May 26th (4.05pm) Warriors vs Dolphins Go Media Stadium BYE Knights Round 13 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. May 30th (7.50pm) Eels vs Sharks CommBank Stadium Fri. May 31st (8pm) Knights vs Bulldogs McDonald Jones Stadium Sat. June 1st (5.30pm) Panthers vs Dragons BlueBet Stadium Sat. June 1st (7.35pm) Dolphins vs Raiders TBA Sun. June 2nd (4.05pm) Roosters vs Cowboys Allianz Stadium BYE Broncos, Rabbitohs, Storm, Sea Eagles, Titans, Warriors, Tigers Round 14 Date/Time Match Venue Fri. June 7th (8pm) Dragons vs Tigers WIN Stadium Sat. June 8th (3pm) Titans vs Rabbitohs Cbus Super Stadium Sat. June 8th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Warriors Q.C.B Stadium Sat. June 8th (7.35pm) Broncos vs Sharks Suncorp Stadium Sun. June 9th (2pm) Storm vs Knights AAMI Park Sun. June 9th (4.05pm) Panthers vs Sea Eagles BlueBet Stadium Mon. June 10th (4pm) Bulldogs vs Eels Accor Stadium BYE Dolphins, Raiders, Roosters Round 15 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. June 13th (7.50pm) Sharks vs Dolphins Shark Park Fri. June 14th (6pm) Raiders vs Cowboy GIO Stadium Fri. June 14th (8pm) Rabbitohs vs Broncos Accor Stadium Sat. June 15th (3pm) Tigers vs Titans Leichhardt Oval Sat. June 15th (5.30pm) Warriors vs Storm Go Media Stadium Sat. June 15th (7.35pm) Eels vs Roosters CommBank Stadium Sun. June 16th (2pm) Sea Eagles vs Dragons Brookvale Oval Sun. June 16th (4.05pm) Knights vs Panthers McDonald Jones Stadium BYE Bulldogs Round 16 Date/Time Match Venue Fri. June 21st (8pm) Dolphins vs Storm Suncorp Stadium Sat. June 22nd (3pm) Titans vs Warriors Cbus Super Stadium Sat. June 22nd (5.30pm) Roosters vs Bulldogs Allianz Stadium Sat. June 22nd (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Sea Eagles Accor Stadium Sun. June 23rd (4.05pm) Tigers vs Raiders Campbelltown Stadium BYE Broncos, Cowboys, Dragons, Eels, Knights, Panthers, Sharks Round 17 Date/Time Match Venue Fri. June 28th (8pm) Bulldogs vs Sharks Accor Stadium Sat. June 29th (3pm) Warriors vs Broncos Go Media Stadium Sat. June 29th (5.30pm) Knights vs Eels McDonald Jones Stadium Sat. June 29th (7.35pm) Storm vs Raiders AAMI Park Sun. June 30th (2pm) Dragons vs Dolphins Kogarah Oval Sun. June 30th (4.05pm) Panthers vs Cowboys BlueBet Stadium Sun. June 30th (6.15pm) Roosters vs Tigers Allianz Stadium BYE Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles, Titans Round 18 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. July 4th (7.5pm) Eels vs Rabbitohs CommBank Stadium Fri. July 5th (6pm) Sharks vs Titans C.ex International Stadium Fri. July 5th (8pm) Broncos vs Panthers Suncorp Stadium Sat. July 6th (3pm) Bulldogs vs Warriors Accor Stadium Sat. July 6th (5.30pm) Tigers vs Storm Leichhardt Oval Sat. July 6th (7.35pm) Cowboys vs Sea Eagles Q.C.B Stadium Sun. July 7th (2pm) Roosters vs Dragons Allianz Stadium Sun. July 7th (4.05pm) Raiders vs Knights GIO Stadium BYE Dolphins Round 19 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. July 11th (7.50pm) Dolphins vs Rabbitohs Kayo Stadium Fri. July 12th (8pm) Sharks vs Tigers Shark Park Sat. July 13th (5.30pm) Titans vs Eels Cbus Super Stadium Sat. July 13th (7.35pm) Broncos vs Dragons Suncorp Stadium Sun. July 14th (4.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Knights Brookvale Oval BYE Bulldogs, Cowboys, Panthers, Raiders, Roosters, Storm, Warriors Round 20 Date/Time Match Venue Fri. July 19th (8pm) Raiders vs Warriors GIO Stadium Sat. July 20th (3pm) Rabbitohs vs Tigers Industree Group Stadium Sat. July 20th (5.30pm) Knights vs Broncos McDonald Jones Stadium Sat. July 20th (7.35pm) Storm vs Roosters AAMI Park Sun. July 21st (2pm) Panthers vs Dolphins BlueBet Stadium Sun. July 21st (4.05pm) Sea Eagles vs Titans Brookvale Oval Sun. July 21st (6.15pm) Cowboys vs Bulldogs Q.C.B Stadium BYE Dragons, Eels, Sharks Round 21 Date/Time Match Venue Fri. July 26th (6pm) Warriors vs Tigers Go Media Stadium Fri. July 26th (8pm) Eels vs Storm CommBank Stadium Sat. July 27th (3pm) Broncos vs Bulldogs Suncorp Stadium Sat. July 27th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Sharks Q.C.B Stadium Sat. July 27th (7.35pm) Roosters vs Sea Eagles Allianz Stadium Sun. July 28th (2pm) Dragons vs Panthers WIN Stadium Sun. July 28th (4.05pm) Dolphins vs Titans Suncorp Stadium Sun. July 28th (6.15pm) Raiders vs Rabbitohs GIO Stadium BYE Knights Round 22 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. August 1st (7.50pm) Tigers vs Cowboys Leichhardt Oval Fri. August 2nd (6pm) Warriors vs Eels Go Media Stadium Fri. August 2nd (8pm) Dolphins vs Roosters HBF Park Sat. August 3rd (3pm) Titans vs Broncos Cbus Super Stadium Sat. August 3rd (5.30pm) Storm vs Dragons AAMI Park Sat. August 3rd (7.35pm) Sharks vs Rabbitohs Shark Park Sun. August 4th (2pm) Panthers vs Knights BlueBet Stadium Sun. August 4th (4.05pm) Bulldogs vs Raiders Belmore Oval BYE Sea Eagles Round 23 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. August 8th (7.50pm) Rabbitohs vs Storm Accor Stadium Fri. August 9th (6pm) Titans vs Sharks Cbus Super Stadium Fri. August 9th (8pm) Eels vs Panthers CommBank Stadium Sat. August 10th (3pm) Raiders vs Sea Eagles GIO Stadium Sat. August 10th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Broncos Q.C.B Stadium Sat. August 10th (7.35pm) Dragons vs Bulldogs Kogarah Oval Sun. August 11th (2pm) Dolphins vs Warriors Suncorp Stadium Sun. August 11th (4.05pm) Knights vs Tigers McDonald Jones Stadium BYE Roosters Round 24 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. August 15th (7.50pm) Storm vs Panthers AAMI Park Fri. August 16th (6pm) Sea Eagles vs Warriors Brookvale Oval Fri. August 16th (8pm) Roosters vs Eels Allianz Stadium Sat. August 17th (3pm) Bulldogs vs Dolphins Salter Oval Sat. August 17th (5.30pm) Cowboys vs Raiders Q.C.B Stadium Sat. August 17th (7.35pm) Tigers vs Rabbitohs Campbelltown Stadium Sun. August 18th (2pm) Dragons vs Titans WIN Stadium Sun. August 18th (4.05pm) Sharks vs Knights Shark Park BYE Broncos Round 25 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. August 22nd (7.50pm) Tigers vs Sea Eagles Leichhardt Oval Fri. August 23rd (6pm) Warriors vs Bulldogs Go Media Stadium Fri. August 23rd (8pm) Broncos vs Eels Suncorp Stadium Sat. August 24th (3pm) Raiders vs Panthers GIO Stadium Sat. August 24th (5.30pm) Storm vs Dolphins AAMI Park Sat. August 24th (7.35pm) Rabbitohs vs Knights Accor Stadium Sun. August 25th (2pm) Titans vs Roosters Cbus Super Stadium Sun. August 25th (4.05pm) Dragons vs Sharks WIN Stadium BYE Cowboys Round 26 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. August 29th (7.50pm) Cowboys vs Storm Q.C.B Stadium Fri. August 30th (6pm) Bulldogs vs Sea Eagles Accor Stadium Fri. August 30th (8pm) Panthers vs Rabbitohs BlueBet Stadium Sat. August 31st (3pm) Eels vs Dragons CommBank Stadium Sat. August 31st (5.30pm) Dolphins vs Broncos Suncorp Stadium Sat. August 31st (7.35pm) Sharks vs Warriors Shark Park Sun. September 1st (2pm) Knights vs Titans McDonald Jones Stadium Sun. September 1st (4.05pm) Roosters vs Raiders Allianz Stadium BYE Tigers Round 27 Date/Time Match Venue Thu. September 5th (7.50pm) Broncos vs Storm Suncorp Stadium Fri. September 6th (6pm) Tigers vs Eels Campbelltown Stadium Fri. September 6th (8pm) Rabbitohs vs Roosters Accor Stadium Sat. September 7th (3pm) Dragons vs Raiders Kogarah Oval Sat. September 7th (5.30pm) Bulldogs vs Cowboys Accor Stadium Sat. September 7th (7.35pm) Panthers vs Titans BlueBet Stadium Sun. September 8th (2pm) Sea Eagles vs Sharks Brookvale Oval Sun. September 8th (4.05pm) Knights vs Dolphins McDonald Jones Stadium BYE Warriors
  4. WELCOME to your NRL Tipping Competition 2024 This is our first tipping competition the new season. Hope you had an enjoyable off season! Everyone reading this is welcome to enter the competition and the ones that follow each week throughout the season culminating in the Grand Final. Whether you've taken part before or you fancy having a go this season for the first time you're guaranteed a warm welcome. Entries are allowed each week up until the kick off of the first game in the round. You can enter every week (hopefully) or occasionally N.B. The first game of the season is on SUNDAY, 3rd March in Las Vegas with the remaining matches of the round following next Thursday 7th March onwards - it's a tricky tipping start then! Fixtures: AEDT Bye: Tigers UK Kick off times 1) Sunday 2:30am ! (2) Sunday 4:30am (3) Thurs 9:00am (4) Friday 7:00am (5) Friday 9:05 am (6) Saturday 6:30am (7) Saturday 8:35am (8) Sunday 5:05am I'm using WatchNRL again this season so can watch the ones I fancy which kick off at unearthly times using the replay option when it's more convenient. ROUND 1 QUESTIONS: Just: 1. Name the 8 winning teams. 2. How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in R1? (Used as tie breaker for Q1 - Champion Tipster award) 3. How many HOME wins will there be in the round? (When a game is played on the road the first team is taken as the home team.) 4. Poll: Which game will produce the biggest margin of victory? Enter in your post and also at the top of the topic. Entries welcome until the first game of the round kicks off this Sunday 3rd March 2024 An animated award will be given for the winner(s) of each competition question. Match tipping scores will be added together as the season progresses to produce a Tipsters' Ladder which will be pinned to the top of the forum topic list page. The best of luck to everyone. Enjoy your Rugby League! Graham
  5. I would because it has been a reguar and successful feature on this forum. Realistically though I just can't take on any more as I already am fully involved running our tipping comp and then there's the Supercoach comp on here too. Big thanks go to R L Winger for running this comps over he last five years or so. Is there anyone else will take it on, or offer an alternative comp?
  6. I hope Politis’s idea is consigned to the dung heap of backwards thinking.
  7. There have been a few reports suggesting NRL who are well in profit might buy SL and make changes to see more easy interchange of players. What do you reckon?
  8. It’s not advanced technology, it’s a kind of magic. I don't understand time zones! How is it possible that in Europe it is today. In Australia it is tomorrow. And in Castleford it is 1890?
  9. I echo Irish Saint’s thoughts. Best wishes to you and yours. I do hope you contribute. Your thoughts are always positive and helpful. Irish Saint was joking about you sending him your proposed team, so you could send it to me instead.
  10. Yes. Overall I consider it worth it, though I get the best value in the season, using it much less outside that time.
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