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  1. Like Raiders, I like to see Eels do well. I’m not anti Broncos though.
  2. Tipping Ladder After Round 26 (Finals Week 1) 1 Graham 126 2 Barney 120 3 Stoney100 118 4 Railway End 119 5 StormGirl 118 6= Farmduck 117 6= southwalesrabbitoh 117 8 R L Winger 116 9 Irish Saint 109 10 Lucky 7 81 11 The Future is League 78 12 Dunbar 21 13 Bedforshire Bronco 5 14 Spotty Herbert 2
  3. Congratulations to our Champion Tipster and top scorer this week with 3/4 correct tips The Future is League Well done winners of our other awards. Next week’s comp and the awards for this week will be posted Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. G
  4. NRL Finals Round 1 (R26) 2019 Summary: Winners Roosters, Raiders, Sea Eagles and Eels Poll: Teams scoring 25 or more Roosters, Sea Eagles and Eels - Category 3 or 4 Total Points: 160 Tipping Scores: southwales rabbitoh 1. (Pts -60) Poll Yes Future is League 3 (-50) Poll No Barney 1 (-5) No Lucky 7. 2 (-50) No Graham 2 (+15) No Spotty Herbert 2 (?) No Irish Saint 2 (-42) No StormGirl 2 (+16) No R L Winger 2 (-23) No Farmduck 2 (-11) No Railway End 2 (-18) No Champion Tipster - The Future is League 3/4 Points Winner - Barney Poll Winner - southwalesrabbitoh
  5. The summary sheet etc will be a little late this week as I’m away from the appropriate software. It’s likely to be Tuesday before I can do a round up and set up next weekend’s comp.
  6. If Storm had to lose to anyone, I don’t mind that it was Canberra. I like their style of play.
  7. Roosters blitzed Souths in that first half. They ran that game. In the last 20 minutes or so Souths got more into it, but by that time it counted for nothing. In that sort of form they’llRoosters will be favourites against anyone. Rabbitohs didn’t apply themselves until too late.
  8. Thanks for the updates. In London this weekend. Will watch it this evening.
  9. I read today about Ryan Matterson being unsettled at Tigers. The report said he and Maguire were not on the best of terms, despite Ryan having had a great season.
  10. Cam Smith for one! Matterson, though I read he is unsettled at Tigers and may want a move. Teddy of course! I used to always have Corey Parker (CP13) as an ever present and almost always captain! I always want a CP13 in my team.
  11. Thanks Irish Saint. This has been a great season. Very competitive in our league from top to bottom with almost everyone more than just sticking with it and fighting for places up and down the entire league. There have been a lot of consistently high scoring teams week in week out. Most people in the league don't seem to chat on here so thanks to those who do. Some feedback is appreciated. Even so there are lots and lots of views for this thread so for that alone it is worth me updating it regularly. Then there's my usual sense of completeness and tidyness that I feel the urge for! Well done everyone. Hints and tips or just a few of your thoughts positive or otherwise, are welcome here. Cheers, Graham
  12. Okay then... In Rounds 8 and 9 this season the points totals in every game were even as were the first two games in R10 and the last two games of Round 7 That's 20 games in succession where all the totals of points were even.
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