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  1. Some of the best tries of the season. I also enjoyed Ryan Panenwosit’s breakaway solo try against Tigers in May I think it was. It caught the eye and showed he’d be worth having as a regular in the team.
  2. David Fifita has been released from jail and has changed his clothes at last. He says he doesn’t remember the incident where he struck the bouncer. It’s clear he was drunk. Apparently no charges, at least he’s free to return to Australia. So if NAS got a three match ban for defending his team mate, surely this assault while drunk deserves more, say a six game ban if there’s going to be consistency.
  3. Going back to this NZ Warriors jersey... surely the bloke came to the photo shoot with his pajamas on and forgot to get changed?
  4. Wests Tigers Manufacturer: ISC Major Sponsor: Brydens Lawyers Home Jersey Unchanged design - 20 year logo replaced by regular club logo. Away Jersey Unchanged design - 20 year logo replaced by regular club logo.
  5. Supplementing their 2020 home and away jerseys as shown above, NZ Warriors have today revealed their other jerseys to be used in the season: The New Zealand Warriors will play in five different kits throughout the 2020 NRL season. The franchise revealed their new playing strips on Monday, with their home and away jerseys joined by a yellow and black "bushshirt" design to be used in Wellington for their match there in June. The main jersey wil be predominantly white-grey, while there is a one-off kit for the revived NRL Nines in Perth. There is also a special jersey for the indigenous round on May 23 called the Tāua Tahi jersey.
  6. I read a headline which suggested Jack Wighton might be the first Raiders player to get a $1m contract. The 'story' was behind a paywall so I didn't get any more details. Surely not?
  7. Yes he showed great promise. Maybe this will move will see him recapture his top form.
  8. I wonder if it is all over, or whether the police/legal authorities have yet to decide on taking it further?
  9. David Fifita has shaken hands and reportedly reached a “peace agreement” with the security guard he allegedly assaulted in Bali. Fifita is in a Bali jail after being detained for allegedly striking bouncer Dani Irawan outside a nightclub in Seminyak. Irawan accused Fifita of hitting him early on Saturday morning but has reportedly forgiven the 19-year-old and accepted his apology. Brisbane Broncos welfare officer Adam Walsh has flown to Bail and is continuing to work with local representatives to help resolve the issue. Fifita and Irawan were photographed making peace and the security guard has withdrawn his complaint.
  10. The Sharks have confirmed the return of Jesse Ramien to the club in 2020 after signing a new deal. The 22-year-old will return to the Shire on a four-year deal following a tumultuous 2019 season with the Newcastle Knights.
  11. One or two clubs were interested in luring DFif I saw his name linked to Titans and Bunnies. Presumably Brisbane want to keep him too. The price tag bandied about for him of $1m a season is excessive for him in my opinion. The number of players worth that, if any, I'd say was small. Pushed I'd say Cam Smith, Tedesco and Taumololo... may have missed someone?
  12. Yes, after last year's "trainwreck" of an offseason (as described by Greenburg) and the introduction of hi No-Fault-Stand-Down Policy, it's good to see how effective GBurg's efforts have been.
  13. Brisbane’s David Fifita has been arrested in Bali after an alleged brawl at the same nightclub where Nelson Asofa-Solomona landed himself in trouble last month. The Broncos on Saturday confirmed Fifita was in jail. The club has immediately flown an official to meet their key forward. “The Broncos have today been made aware that David Fifita has been detained by authorities in Bali after an alleged incident involving a security guard,” a Broncos statement read. “The club is working with representatives in Bali to provide David all the support he needs, and a Broncos official is travelling to Indonesia today.” According to a report I read it was alleged he had assaulted a security guard at that same night club connected with NAS incident. Quiet offseason or what?
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