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  1. be a local lad signing tonight.
  2. heard carter going to barrow
  3. another one to follow
  4. seems i was right about stack fancy that. and dion signed for haven weeks ago
  5. just asking he works with my mate just what i heard marra
  6. has stack gone to barrow good signing for them if true.
  7. We had tom grant rfl say he needs more training God help us this weekend
  8. I agree with you marra we had tom grant Saturday night he did everything he could to make sure we didn't win its a shame we cant have Gareth hewer he is one of the best about at the minute the refs in our league are rubbish
  9. pleased to hear keith on the mend really nice bloke from all at haven.
  10. im taking a bus to sheffield on saturday still places available, if you would like to come get in touch with me asap. cheers
  11. im taking a bus to dewsbury on sunday i still have seats available pm me if you want to come with us. old and new all welcome cheers
  12. i have just been in to see keith had a good old haven/town crack nice to see him sitting in the chair said he was hoping to get home this week lovely fella take care marra. thanked everyone also for the messages im sure he will back on here soon.
  13. I had many a crack with Keith via forum or Facebook he knows some of my family a true rugby league man and top fella rivalries aside get well soon my friend hope you are back watching the town soon
  14. I take it im not in the top 3 anymore hearing different stories about the trouble no good these 6.30 starts with fans tanked up.thank's for turning up last night we needed the run out ike back home good luck with your season