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  1. Well done marra your doing a great job
  2. haven94


    We were targeted last year and before that a few times. Exactly the same as the club are doing well I hope the lo life #### are caught
  3. What about jason Robinson brilliant in both codes Dion aiye Jjp
  4. Just before you start getting excited
  5. Sorry to ruin your thunder guys but he's not coming to you he's heading to barrow.
  6. I believe some of your fans were verbally abused yesterday it's out of order. We got the same a few weeks ago and 1 of ours was called a racist at the end of the game. I love the banter with fans but some are OTT.
  7. Good luck with it Scott great money maker
  8. seems i was right about stack fancy that. and dion signed for haven weeks ago
  9. just asking he works with my mate just what i heard marra
  10. has stack gone to barrow good signing for them if true.
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