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  1. Couldn't agree more, Dave. Eddie is a joke. The story was Wakey came to win, and would be successful (against all odds). Any other result was an outrage to Eddie and Phil.
  2. Obviously it would be a stretch of elastic proportions to suggest Brown has "hit the ground running" in a Wire shirt. However, his start has been disrupted by poor team form, as well as personal injury. I think he will still prove to be an astute signing.
  3. Well played Wakey. As a Wire fan I thought we didn't treat possession with any respect (as usual) However, we hung in there and showed some grit and Lineham continued some good form.
  4. Thaler's logic when Warrington put the bomb up = Warrington knock-on
  5. Warrington AGAIN not respecting possession. Eddie Hemmings again showing he treats the art of commentary the same way that Paxo treats a chicken...
  6. Sky cameras should be on Thaler in his next few games to see if he is as intolerant of verbal abuse...
  7. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one: I feel that refs pick and choose when they are offended by this degree of action. And I feel Cas had a reasonable argument for a penalty their way...
  8. Certainly wasn't being sarcastic - I love rugby league debate! I'm not sure he'd already blown for interference - and besides, cant he ping a player for the worst offence at the tackle e.g. even if he had already blown for the interference he could override it with the aggressive actions by Bateman?
  9. But, for a knock on, don't we only judge on the "first bounce" - everything after that is open play?
  10. Fair enough, calling me on my vocabulary - but by your own admission, IT WAS A FOUL - so why didn't Cas get the penalty?
  11. The ball travelled backwards?
  12. Bateman belted the guy on the top of the head - surely that was the first offence on that whole melee