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  1. Feels like quite a harsh assessment, although, admittedly, he has wracked up a healthy number of Super League games by now (including last year's Grand Final) to understand game management
  2. I share his waistline and his propensity for bad language...but no, i'm not Mr. Wane
  3. Dave, do we accept this is the type of play he has to learn (in the intensity of the match) OR should we expect this of him by now?
  4. Nah, that would be papering cracks. I was hyper critical of the official but, some calls you get, some you don't (although i'm still bemused HOW the TJ didn't see it, and if he did, WHY he didn't call it) It was a tight game and, as Dave T alluded to, Patton fluffed his lines on the 4th tackle play in the last minute. His decisions on that play made everything that followed a more difficult effort.
  5. Disagree. We were far from perfect but it was a "flip of a coin" game. To say we 'genuinely' didn't deserve to win is about as harsh as it gets in a 1 point game.
  6. Strange to see Joe Tomkins kicking off when it didn't involve his baby brother...
  7. There's something fatalistic about Warrington. They bust their a$$e$ to get back in the game, and then immediately throw it away
  8. I think 2 points from the penalty is actually a bit of a get-out...
  9. Wire got what they deserved for that final try with feeble defence. But, watching it again, I still don't see how the TJ can't see that it was a forward pass. Are they afraid to get involved and make their own calls?
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