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  1. stewybill

    4th Round of the Cup

    Should be a hell of a game.
  2. stewybill

    Away a Travel.

  3. stewybill

    Away a Travel.

    Hello to all. Where can I find details of away coaches please ? Bill.
  4. stewybill

    Widnes problems

    I will never think it’s fair when players are punished for the antics of non players. Im just glad Widnes are still with us. An Eagles fan.
  5. stewybill

    Have you started stockpiling yet?

    I keep,trying to stockpile John Smiths but ,,,,,,
  6. stewybill

    Widnes game off

    Bad news indeed. Good luck to the Widnes club.
  7. stewybill

    Biggest yet ?

    Bulls at OLP should easily be the biggest attendance yet. Should make for an interesting evening. Bill.
  8. stewybill

    Wolfie Sacked !

    Absolutely,, cheered up the Fletcher End loads of times.
  9. stewybill

    Wolfie Sacked !

    I doubt that anyone from St Helens would want this to happen. Sure enough there could be other factors here, but sacking him ? just seems a shame to me.
  10. This stuns me,, is there no humour in RL ? Seemingly (this May be wrong) it’s re the Saints incident.
  11. stewybill

    Sheffield's "Stadium"

    My apology,, how do I remove it ?
  12. stewybill

    Sheffield's "Stadium"

  13. stewybill

    Never been.

  14. stewybill

    Sheffield's "Stadium"

    Just let’s take a breath. The Eagles are working miracles to exist at all. Sure enough people can point backwards if they wish, I don’t see the point. I froze to my bones yesterday, my 1st visit to OLP. I’ve been to multi million pound stadiums all over the UK, thing is, not one of the clubs using those fine places has the financial status the Eagles have. They all pay vast fortunes to cheats which they don’t actually have. Everything to do with those clubs is eye wateringly expensive, fans are cash machines and nothing else. It is minimal at the OLP. The Eagles are in an ongoing transition period. If I go to a club this season in the same position I will expect the same thing. RL will grow in the Steel City, it will grow from the OLP via the cash that people like you and me hand over. I’m proud and happy to do it and will be at any other RL club. RL = the best team game on the planet.
  15. stewybill

    Never been.

    Really enjoyed my 1st visit. Team were sharp as a razor, people were helpful and very friendly, whole thing was well worth the effort. Surely it can’t be that cold again ? How's the injured Swindon player ? Bill.