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  1. Just how good is this ?
  2. Hello to you and thanks for the reply. 30 yrs is a long time,, well done for that. Im not sure about the validity of being a fan for years and the ongoing situations at the club, I have no doubt that everyone is working hard and in good faith. ”Work will start soon” re the stand along one side of the field has worn off with me. I think you will find that the RFL will not accept that at the end of this season. There is no possible way that the building could be completed by next season. I will see out this season and hope.
  3. My 1st season as a proper Eagle, background being watching Wire all my life. Wasnt sure what to expect, so, here’s my view so far. On the pitch, really quite impressed. Good efforts week in week out, plenty of pace in the centres and on the wings, and an appetite for “lighting it up” whenever possible. Stand out annoyances being not starting until 15 mins in and dumb penalties all the time. Mr Aston must be pulling his hair out most weeks. Off the pitch, shocking. No club shop on match days, no travel to away games- not even local ones, no proper weekly draw, a program which has no fixtures and results page, can’t hide from the cold wind on the bad days, seeing infirm away fans faces when they arrive, no junior or youth set ups, maybe I should stop there. This isn’t a rant, just my honest view. I want The Eagles to progress, some of the above would generate money,,,, unfortunately I think the off the field stuff will be end of it all. Everyone at the club is friendly, match days are pleasant, we need the hot days to arrive. In all honesty, I am not sure I will subscribe to another season at the OLP.
  4. Hello to all. Where can I find details of away coaches please ? Bill.
  5. I will never think it’s fair when players are punished for the antics of non players. Im just glad Widnes are still with us. An Eagles fan.
  6. Bad news indeed. Good luck to the Widnes club.
  7. Bulls at OLP should easily be the biggest attendance yet. Should make for an interesting evening. Bill.
  8. Absolutely,, cheered up the Fletcher End loads of times.
  9. I doubt that anyone from St Helens would want this to happen. Sure enough there could be other factors here, but sacking him ? just seems a shame to me.
  10. This stuns me,, is there no humour in RL ? Seemingly (this May be wrong) it’s re the Saints incident.
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