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  1. rfl block minga

    I don't know the ins and outs of the French visa conditions , but it seems they are much more relaxed than the English ones, that's why Minga was allowed to play for Toulouse, so I can't imagine this is a problem.
  2. rfl block minga

    Yeah I understand that, but why can't the RFL have a law within the game that says they won't register a player if he fails the UK immigration standard for RL players no mater which country he is in. That way everyone is playing under the same rules and we wouldn't be in this situation where a player can play for one club but not another in the same division?
  3. rfl block minga

    The problem is why is he allowed to play for one club in that division but not the others! It would be like if only Catalans were allowed any Aussie players in SL.
  4. Challenge Cup Round 1

    Got this one the wrong way round. Lions won 29-28.
  5. Don't know if there is a reason for it or not, but you are missing Melbourne in the table. Great read though.