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  1. Exactly. Crowds we're bigger andplayers didn't get paid as much as they do now.
  2. Probably had more central funding at the time
  3. Some people just like to twine 👍🏻
  4. For a good player he certainly lets himself down with some of the things he does.
  5. Oh and anyone daft enough to think there's enough quality players layers in this area to make a reserve team is delusional. Thr RFL sold out to France, wales and other areas where rugby league didn't exist without success. Now filters down to the amateur game because kids have nothing to aspire to without moving away.
  6. They'll know themselves.
  7. That's because he is. They let themselves down massively today. We're in the bottom league remember and should be beating teams like Haven. Only positive note being when they go bust and the2 dropped points, along with their pantomime bunch of directors, become irrelevant. Hopefully the new board comes through this tough period and all those who have bled the club dry over recent times and the last few years get their just desserts.
  8. A decent amateur team would've beaten town today. ive kept quiet for 6 month to allow the new directors etc time to bed in but...... the problem doesn't lie with the directors, doesn't lie with the board, doesn't lie with the stewards, the coach, supporters or anyone else. It lies with the players. and until they can be arsed to have a go I can't be arsed to drive 100 miles to watch them. and if I dont come and my mate doesn't come and everyone else thats sick of watching conference standardrugny from lads that are getting paid, then there'll be worse than pay cuts there'll be insolvency.
  9. In hindsight the club should've played hard ball years ago and it might've prevented this situation.
  10. Too much going on in summer. Cos he's have packed in at clubs because lads we're going to festivals or going on holidays and they couldn't raise teams. That wouldn't happen in winter. Youth should adapt to senior rugby not the other way round. Not sure what u mean it was the clubs not CARLA? Is that not the same thing?
  11. Think CARLA have been short sighted in turning down community DR and the switch to summer rugby has been catastrophic. Who was the driving force behind that ridiculous idea?
  12. Wouldn't have happened if we hadn't signed donkeys on big wages who contributed little.
  13. I played in the union scene for years. I know who's paying and who aren't. Aspatria, Wigton, Carlisle, Penrith and Kendal have done it for years and latterly Silloth. In fact there's only Cockermouth, Zebras and keswick who haven't. Doran was paid by Benedicts last season.
  14. Wouldn't be too sure on that.
  15. I know for a fact they are and they aren't the only ones.