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  1. In hindsight the club should've played hard ball years ago and it might've prevented this situation.
  2. Too much going on in summer. Cos he's have packed in at clubs because lads we're going to festivals or going on holidays and they couldn't raise teams. That wouldn't happen in winter. Youth should adapt to senior rugby not the other way round. Not sure what u mean it was the clubs not CARLA? Is that not the same thing?
  3. Think CARLA have been short sighted in turning down community DR and the switch to summer rugby has been catastrophic. Who was the driving force behind that ridiculous idea?
  4. Wouldn't have happened if we hadn't signed donkeys on big wages who contributed little.
  5. I played in the union scene for years. I know who's paying and who aren't. Aspatria, Wigton, Carlisle, Penrith and Kendal have done it for years and latterly Silloth. In fact there's only Cockermouth, Zebras and keswick who haven't. Doran was paid by Benedicts last season.
  6. Wouldn't be too sure on that.
  7. I know for a fact they are and they aren't the only ones.
  8. One is cumbrian and there'll be at least one other.
  9. Union are suffering. Netherhall have folded from having 4 teams, aspatria have one or 2 from 4, Wigtown the same, cockermouth one from 3, silloth 1 from 2, zebras 1 or 2 from 3 and a lot of sides only fill teams as they have league players in.
  10. Toronto will walk it. At least 2 teams will go bust next season trying to compete with them.
  11. And that it's easy. The first teams of today are the standard of 3rd or 4th teams 10 years ago.
  12. There isn't a high level of rugby union in Cumbria. It's shocking at the moment.
  13. Other clubs players took cuts but didn't so you can't tar everyone with the same brush
  14. All Haven fans/directors no doubt