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  1. Not a chance. Some are at Town because they couldn’t cut it at that level, some others never will. There’s a huge difference playing at that level week in, week out. Have to say the coach has had them playing above their level though so credit where credit’s due.
  2. Not facetious at all. Name me 10 players who could do well in the league above?
  3. I’ve only seen Town 3 times this season and they’ve been average on each occasion, Should we get promoted we’d need 20 new players to compete which would be a financial disaster.
  4. That’s a different argument.
  5. No it’s not. SL used it last year.
  6. To make teams complete the full fixture list would defeat the object of having a percentage system.
  7. We don’t need someone who can play stand off, loose forward or Centre? Aye ok ?
  8. Yeah Tansey would be a revelation.
  9. Doesn’t usually affect their performances tho
  10. For Huddersfield possibly but the Ike game is a must win. Its disrespectful to him and amateurish if we allow the shambles of last year to repeat itself.
  11. Yeah but it’s the biggest of the season in terms of future crowds. Use them against Huddersfield by all means but 17 v 17 is the sensible option it’ll prevent the debacle of last year.
  12. I think there’s a major issue that needs addressed. Our players don’t seem to win prize money in our lottery anywhere near as often as Haven’s do in theirs.
  13. I hope they don’t. It would be a stupid move after we lost last season. If we lose the Ike game the momentum shifts to Haven and the attendance for the first league game reduces (and revenue) in an instant.
  14. Well the lad had a broken nose so I’d say it was high. Possibly a clash of heads but still dangerous. But I agree they’re taking the fun out of it, although not to the extent they’re doing it with union. Bring back the biff.
  15. I’ve watched it on numerous occasions. Whilst it was a hard tackle it was also dangerous.
  16. You don’t get an extra game ban if you shouldn’t have been sent off in the first place. Hes got a reputation so will get bigger bans going forward. if you get a player who misses a quarter of a season but plays less than 60% of the minutes in the other 3/4 is that good value?
  17. So 2 bans in one season isn’t bad? Aye ok. And if he gets another he’s likely to get another 4. We need a young hungry prop who can do minutes to cover Olly, not some has been. If you know anything about rugby you’ll know that. But then again, Dad’s army didn’t do too badly in the 2003 RU World Cup.......
  18. Exactly. Think of the pro rata cost and what you’d get for the money he’d be asking for. Seems senseless to even consider it.
  19. He virtually was last season. Why anyone would sign anyone that can only give you 30 minutes and has a shocking disciplinary record is beyond me. Unless we’re struggling for numbers?
  20. Surely such an upstanding honest club wouldn’t tell fibs though
  21. I’ll cringe when I see him in a Haven shirt. It’s surprising how resentment can eat away at people and the things it makes them do.
  22. Thought he played for Spurs ?
  23. Slander is only applicable when it’s a false accusation.
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