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  1. I think it’s tongue in cheek although I’d expect any reasonable journalist to check the facts before writing such drivel
  2. AGM or EGM I’d say. Im a shareholder in HSBC and Barclays amongst others but they rarely consult me unfortunately.
  3. The shares are worthless anyway. There’s uncalled share capital on the balance sheet, if the shares were a decent investment or in demand that wouldn’t be the case, all they give you is voting power.
  4. I’d expect they’d want to sell one of the sites to recoup some cash.
  5. Those conditions should be a given. Rugby’s hard enough when you’re fit never mind when you aren’t. And any player wanting guaranteed money win or lose should be shown the door immediately.
  6. Or pay the players with their lottery money ?
  7. This is the problem when people like this get elected. They may be appealing to the man in the street but they aren’t fit to do the job and aren’t capable. Trouble is they’ll never admit it.
  8. 3rd worst defence in the league after South Wales and Coventry ?
  9. If the majority can be arsed 24-12 to Town, if they can’t NW will win comfortably.
  10. I reckon that would save a bob or 2. I’d consider getting rid now where possible. Although to be fair tickle played quite well prior to his injury.
  11. For all Pryce’s faults he had Doran firing last season. This season it changed. If he didn’t want to learn from one of the best players the country has produced recently then it says more about the player than the coach and certainly wouldn’t have helped Leon’s position in terms of results. He was overweight in a Superleague environment so I’m not sure why anyone’s so shocked.
  12. Definitely. And save some money in the process.
  13. Definitely. I went to my first game in months last week and saw a few players just picking up a wage packet. I’ll get slated on here if I name some of them as there’s rose tinted glasses when it comes to some of them but I think it’s time some started earning their money rather than just turning up and getting it.
  14. Be lucky to get in the play offs at this rate.
  15. So where’s the risk to the tax payer?
  16. 96million PFI? What does that mean?
  17. I think they’d find a developer easily enough.
  18. That’s the key. If we defend well we’ll win. Town to sneak it for me. Hopefully we’ll exceed the 1,000 mark.
  19. I think there’s a (sometimes justified) negative perception of football fans which is probably the main reason. I can hardly see there being a full on riot at the reds with the gates they get.
  20. Just another way of conning their supporters
  21. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do business. Haven always seem to find the wrong way ?
  22. Looking at that Haven must be struggling financially already.
  23. Not if you say they’re children or OAPS’s. Or season ticket holders or guests. Or mascots or kids playing at half time. There’s loads of ways around it.
  24. You pay tax on the income not the number of people in the ground.
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