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  1. Oh its this Been bloody boiling in UK, lads not allowed to wear shorts, wear skirts instead - fair play At this stage I cant confirm or deny the use of recreational drugs
  2. I dont have my copy of Toronto Star to hand, do you have a link to web version?
  3. Ha good story this from JJB - worth a listen Leeds really making a big deal of this match - defeat could really damage moral, a win and we could be flying
  4. Told you it was down to the pubs you drink in....
  5. Uni = Drugs thats slightly different St Helens is a dump in fairness, id be off my face on coke if I lived there too haha
  6. Must be crowd you hang out with / pubs you drink in Gates as its no where near as bad as you make out
  7. Bit of rain in air at moment, been due a storm in Leeds all this week - could be on its way
  8. Dreadful crowd, worse game
  9. Crowd for Tigers v Titans is shocking
  10. Has his time at Hull been a success then? I was a little disappointed when Leeds didn’t re-sign him but in hindsight im pretty happy we didn’t Granted I don’t see him week in, week out but never been overly impressed when I have seen him (between injuries that is)
  11. McDermott "We're going for Cas," / "Our blokes are going into battle." "But the way you people (the media) have spoken about them all year is as if they've invented another version of the game. I feel you lot have put them on a pedestal and put them under pressure." Plenty of fighting talk from Leeds
  12. I really worry about Leeds fringes - Ablett plays a key role here and is missing again just like Magic Weekend Handley will be out there too which is a bit of a worry
  13. Brian McDermott says Rob Burrow out & Ash Golding unlikely for @CTRLFC game through injury. Ablett out with tonsillitis
  14. LEEDS CURRENT U19 ACADEMY 1. James Barraclough – Leeds 2. Harry Boyes – Leeds 3. Ben Brady – Leeds 4. Reece Champman-Smith – Wakefield 5. Spencer Darley – Leeds 6. Alfie Goddard – Wakefield 7. Tom Hall – Leeds 8. Kiedan Hartley – Scarborough 9. Joshua Jordan-Roberts – Leeds 10. Loui McConnell – Leeds 11. Muizz Mustapha – Nigerian (brought up in Leeds) 12. Harry Newman – Huddersfield 13. Ellis Nuttall – Halifax 14. Mikolaj Oledzki – Gdansk, Poland 15. Tom Schofield – Leeds 16. Harrison Scott – Leeds 17. Cameron Smith - Pontefract 18. Connor Sunderland - Altofts, Wakefield 19. Alex Sutcliffe – Wakefield 20. Owen Trout – Wakefield 21. Daniel Waite-Pullan - Leeds 22. Jack Walker - Leeds 23. Nathan Waring - Dewsbury 24. Harvey Whiteley – Leeds Leeds = 13 Wakefield/Ponty = 6 Hudd/Dewsbury = 2 Scarborough = 1 Poland = 1 YORKSHIRE = 23 NOTE WORTHY ACADEMY / FIRST TEAM PLAYERS – Stevie Ward – Leeds Liam Sutcliffe - Leeds Ash Golding – Leeds Jordan Lilley - Leeds Jordan Baldwinson – Leeds Jack Ormondroyd – Leeds Jack Walker – Leeds Sam Hallas – Leeds Cameron Smith - Pontefract Joshua Jordan-Roberts – Leeds The majority of the lads above will be a staple of the Leeds team for years to come
  15. A club has strong ambitions to get promoted and make it in SL….. ….and this is a bad thing?