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  1. Aye it got a chuckle for me that The kick from outside of boot that went out near corner in first half was very special too
  2. Leeds had a massive issue when it came from shifting the ball from the middle to the edges - I think that’s partly down to players we had out there. (also due to general poor showing) Large portions we had JJB/Delaney in 2nd row, Singleton at loose, and young fullback Walker – its these four players that need to be that extra pair of hands between hooker/halves to outside backs. These 4 simply don’t have that in their locker at this level, although Walker did try, McGuire missed him out for most attacking plays, rather than pass out back to FB went flat to Watkins who got instantly tackled. Add to this we had Handley at centre, who tried hard but wasn’t able to create any space meant Leeds struggled all night We got bogged down in the middle far too much and made it easy for Huddersfield to defend. We rarely stretched them. It showed how much we missed Ferres/Ablett/Keinhorst/Golding/Sutcliffe – its these players (especially Ablett/Ferres) who can offer this attacking link up play. Leeds were crying out for an Ali Lauitiiti style player to come off the bench – an attacking forward. Added to the fact the awful awful errors at the play of the ball we were up against it all game
  3. Whats getting more coverage, Huddersfield Giants shock win or the fact Gareth Southgate turned up to watch?
  4. Kicked us to death as usual master class in kicking
  5. no eye deer
  6. TV games Halifax v Featherstone - Thur 11th - SkySports Salford v Hull KR - Friday 12th - SkySports Castleford v St Helens - Saturday 13th - BBC Sports Warrington v Widnes - Sunday 14th - BBC Sports
  7. Its not against you Gary, I just dont buy into all this smaller clubs get treated worse. Salford seem to be the worse for this kind of thing When it comes to disciplinary too so many different factors come into play as to reasons why one charge might be higher than another I do strongly believe its mainly down to the inconsistency of the disciplinary panel, the fact those on the panel changes doesnt help
  8. Ive heard it mentioned, ive also heard the RFL fix cup draws, the RFL are against Salford, the RFL do all they can to help Wigan/Leeds, and X ref is 100% against X team - its normally just small minded idiots
  9. Do you have any examples of this at all?
  10. Giants normally play well Vs Leeds - Brough will have another stormer I imagine Chris Kendall is the ref For Leeds Walker and Oldezki keep their place in the squad - while a fair few come back in Possible team Golding Briscoe, Watkins, Ward, Hall McGuire Moon Galloway, Parcell, Singleton JJB, Delaney Cuthbo Bench - Burrow, Garbutt, Mullally, Oledzki Out - Walker, Handley - if Golding isnt fit id start Handley over Walker Ward is wasted at centre but best we've got if we dont want to move Moon, Strong team from Leeds - i'll go for Leeds by 10
  11. Widdop out for 6 weeks so will miss the test
  12. I can’t see them using any Guardians characters, or inhumans - they'll want to use their biggest starts for maximum brand regeneration. They will go with the norm I imagine - Cap USA, Thor, Ironman, Spiderman, etc
  13. Must be RFL really stamping this out then
  14. Does it not show the RFL getting more and more serious with these kind of matters? Slap a grade E on Zak to show rest of the league this kind of comments arent on, Carney didnt learn, so increased it up to grade F this time. I do remember Zak admitted he said "fag" but did insist it was aimed at the Wire player - forgot who that was Has Carney got a higher charge anything to do with his past record?
  15. Following a request from Salford Red Devils, Justin Carney's case has been adjourned until next week. Carney won't play until the hearing. Intresting