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  1. 16th October

    Well a Turkey is for Xmas Or in Jezza case a lame duck
  2. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Where does it imply he's a rip off landlord? Of course there are bad ones really bad ones But in my experience most private landlords want happy tenants regular rent and no damage to their investment The problem is most bad tenants who were evicted from social housing for various reasons end up at the bad landlords doors as the good landlords have them thoroughly vetted in advance Therefore most get what they deserve
  3. An apology

    Your wasting your time Martyn, the Tom Watson's of this world and this forum say he was guilty
  4. Tax Credits

    Well done sir you should be applauded but on here I doubt it
  5. Tax Credits

    I work in the social housing sector the waste by councils is huge, way too many chiefs driving round all day with fancy titles on big salaries doing sweet FA. My local council leader earns over £100k(expenses) and the mayor is drove around in a chauffer driven Rolls
  6. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Then I apologise Because on my reading its perfect Must be some setting I have to set Is that correct?
  7. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Do I need to report this ?
  8. An apology

    Thought you'd defend him, funny how he's not chased after Janner as much. Brittan's are against a 19 year old Allegedly Janners are horrific allegedly Anyway Uncle Tom is going to have to answer to these Hope they throw the book at the horrible little man
  9. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Oh believe you me I've had all kinds turn up for job interviews over the years Miss spelt Tats, nose pins, spiked weird coloured hair Vyvyan from the Young Ones sprang to mind. Some hadn't seen or heard of soap not to mention washing powder. If you cant make an effort to try an impress by your presentation then its bye bye
  10. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Sounds like it was an interesting night with the PLP. It was a long and difficult meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party. One MP said it was the worst they had ever been to. Jeremy Corbyn was apparently "read the riot act" and said nothing. Another described it as "shambolic", lacking "any aspect of democratic politics". A former shadow cabinet member told me it was "without doubt one of the most heated" PLPs and that "passions were running high". Others were clearly outraged at the shadow chancellor's change of plan. As he left the meeting, former cabinet minister Ben Bradshaw branded it a "total shambles". John Mann MP was furious, he shouted so loudly at the party's leadership he was easily audible in the corridor outside. Despite that anger, a spokesman for Mr Corbyn said the meeting had been "warm and friendly" claiming the only disagreement had been on the need for there to be more discussion on the issue. It all shows the seriousness of the cracks within the party and many in Labour will worry about how much worse it could all get. Comrade Corbyn and his mates sound like a dictatorship, his £3 votes have gone to his head
  11. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Sorry typing error should have said BET instead of BUT I wouldn't want these to represent my company, if you cant take pride in your appearance your not for my company Pretty sure my clients wouldn't be pleased if I sent out the likes
  12. Jeremy Corbyn & the Labour Party

    Who could he insult?, apart from the piggy situation. Cameron didn't insult him he just said what Corbyn is, an IRA/Sein Fein sympathiser, a friend of Hamas and Hezbollah, is anti EU (though that's changing), associated with anti-semetic groups and holocaust deniers, wants to open the floodgates to migrants of any denomination Imagine an American politician inviting a couple of Al Qaeda's political wing to New York 3 weeks after 9/11. And now we have his new deputy Watson having double standards as well as being a lying barsteward. Voters judge political parties from their leadership down and at the top of Labour right now we have a mixed bunch, which include a liar, a man who thought Bobby Sands was basically a hero and wanted to assassinate Thatcher, an arsonist, your mate Burnham who's change's his opinions so many times he doesn't know which way he's facing as well as being a brown noser. JC has stated he's not concerned who joins the party or voted for him as long as they pay their dues, so the scenes we've seen in Manchester will become more and more frequent and violent as more of the looney left/swampies join his crusade.
  13. Grand Final Referee

  14. I'm just using Exiled Wiganers favourite phrase when mentioning Saints players who don't come from the town ie: The Widnesian Percival or the Wiganer Makinson