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  1. If you are down to London for the Cup Final head to Wood Green and go and watch Skolars, don't drink in the Skolars pub though, it's vile, and worse than anything in Hastings.
  2. The Falaise gymnasium in Hastings is named after the village where William the Conqueror (William I) (William the Basrted) was born.
  3. 6 meters? That's in the room. (Look above to false ceiling, look into false ceiling), oh S**t Aliens
  4. Very much a life wanted RIP Gary a
  5. Hey how let's go, hey how let's go ;,Blitzkrieg bop we are on a roll, not a sandwich roll we are coming up
  6. We are on a roll. 2020 is our championship year. You are afraid. We are coming for you.
  7. On the 18th of August 2009 I started reading Nation by Terry Pratchett. It has been 10 years & I am starting it again. I name & date all my books in case they go missing. Colour of Magic has 4 dates. Earliest being 4.6.1993
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