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  1. Well he has already insulted our two main sponsors by saying Gambling shouldn't sponsor sport, because he has had a major problem with gambling in the past. Did no-one explain this to him before he took the job? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/49004780
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/49034395 Meanwhile in North Wales the WRU are considering a Pro14 side in the area
  3. On topic. The North is all relative, I regularly tell Londoners the are Northerners, well from here anywhere is North.
  4. Billie Piper to Christopher Eccleston, Dr Who.. "If you're from another planet, how come you've got a Northern Accent?" Dr Who.. "Lots of planets have North's"
  5. Big crash, looks horrible, Wout Van Art looks badly injured.
  6. Toulouse, Halifax, Featherstone, Leigh, Swinton, Widnes, & York to win by 90-100 points in total* *What I mean is the total difference of all 7 games will be 90-100 points, not that York will win by that much.
  7. Just remember, you're not a pheasant plucker, you're the pheasant pluckers son, and you're only plucking pheasant till the pheasant plucker comes
  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. more than 75% of Yanks don't have a passport, this explains why, they would never find their way back to the airport. I once worked with an American doctor, he had an amazing medical knowledge, but was thick as a short plank when it came to ANYTHING else, he even burned toast. In his six month stay in the UK he ate take aways every night
  9. I am not dismissing sponsorship, but we need to break away from the Sky monopoly, we need more than "The Super League Show" on BBC2 at midnight on a Monday/ 1300 on a Tuesday. We need highlights at a time when the working person can see them, 1900 on a Tuesday maybe, early enough so kids due for school on Wednesday can see it, and late enough for the adults to return home from work. At the moment the BBC are pitching the highlights programme at the unemployed, those who stay up late up north, and those with a Sky record box. I'm not sure how much influence Adam Hills has in this, but if he can help get RL on C4, so be it.
  10. Glad we had a rest day Tuesday. The last couple of days have been intense. Now they are not being tourists anymore, Albi-Toulouse Stage 11 should be a separated.
  11. I'm sure this has been voiced earlier, I can't be added going over all 5 pages. The RFL will sign with whichever company pays them the biggest figure. We could do with more exposure, but RFLHQ just want money in their own personal pockets in the short term. Typical Northern Businessmen, give us the money now! Never mind all this "Long Term Investment" Bull that the South are trying to do us out of our Shillings. Clubs are 30-40 years behind marketing, RFL is still in the 50's. When did you go to the cinema and see a RL game advertised? Or even World Cup? In M62 heartlands there is very little "Hard" advertising. In cinemas in Hull, Leeds, Manchester, & Liverpool & Cumbria & Newcastle we could provide a 7 minute try tape of last weekends games, show them as 'adverts' for a build up to the GF & CCF?
  12. Trump says lots of people LOVE his opinion on going back, they are dressed in white robes and tall pointy hats, & carry burning crosses.
  13. Just spent a superb 90 minutes watching BBC2. 8 Days: To the Moon and Back. What a superb film. I recommend anyone to watch it.
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