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  1. My next door neighbour is dying with 3 types of cancer, he was admitted to the Conquest Hospital on the 1st of the month after vomiting blood, he is apparently being released today back to his flat. But the care team do not have any notice, or have anyone available to care for him. I think I will have to step up to the plate again. He is a nice Irish guy, who used to buy & sell books, born in 1939. He gave my daughter a copy of a 1901 first edition of J M Barries play Quality Street, which is signed as 71/1000 by the illustrator (J M Barrie wrote Peter Pan, the play Quality Street is what the sweets are based on). I Care for him, I call in to him daily, but I wonder how far my care can go, as I have been served a section21 under the housing act, I want to care for him, he is a nice bloke, but I I worried that the care team are not taking his requirements totally in hand. and I have just had a phone call to tell me he will be back home by 1300. I am happy, he is a nice guy
  2. And both teams gounds have supported Rugby League, so it was a pity for Brentford who have hosted more games of RL, rather than Fulham who started the Broncos (under another name) back in 1980.
  3. Yes, Yes & Yes. It was Perez's Idea, the RFL did invite them, and yes as a brotherhood we have a responsibility to help them out. Although that has never shown any backbone previously, Kent Invicta, Scarborough Pirates, Mansfield Marksmen, Gloucester All Golds, Hemel Hempstead, Blackpool Borough, Huyton. et al
  4. I have to say (as I don't have great God Sky), some the tries I have seen on the BBC Superleague Show have been exceptional. This weeks hat-trick from Regan Grace were superb, especially the first one, as an ex-winger I can appreciate the side steps that left the Leeds defence looking like amateurs. Salford looked very strong, although HFC were really, really poor. Catalans may struggle if they are not staying overnight each week, but looked good last weekend. Saints were fantastic against Leeds, and Warrington deserved that one.
  5. They could ask? Then the RFL knows where it stands with the Government, and when they offer support to RFU, then they can complain.
  6. As most game are to be played at a Neutral venue, why don't they just stay in the UK, Like the NZ Warriors did in Australia?
  7. 14.45 Monday, Film4, Rango. How many scenes can you spot from other classic westerns? 12.55 Tuesday Film4, The Peanuts Movie, for those who remember the tv series, this is quite good
  8. I took my motorbike to Ypres/Ostend a couple of years ago without satnav, I just followed the road signs from Dunkirk, when I got to the hostel in Ostend, the receptionist very kindly pointed me in the direction of Ypres by a more direct scenic route. If you can read (and given the spelling mistakes in the OP...) you should be OK
  9. And look at the International condemnation of it.
  10. Yes, 75 years since the USA committed the largest mass murder in history, in a single act.
  11. There was a documentary on TV about the Hiroshima bombings, the other day, I think on BBC, It was horrific, and looked very similar in the aftermath, geophysically to what happened in Beirut, although Hiroshima had problems with nuclear poisoning that went on for years, but I just sat there and watched in horror about what happened in Hiroshima, and Beirut, at the similar sized devastation.
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