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  1. Spain, Italy and France have comparable populations to the UK, but France and Spain are spread over a larger landmass. The Figures we need to concentrate on are Italy. Similar Land Mass, Similar Population, but ours are more concentrated, most of Scotland is uninhabited, as is Wales. Most of our populations live in larger conurbations, such as West Yorkshire, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow/Edinburgh, Birmingham, and 7.5 million in London. Larger cities need to enforce lockdown more than rural communities, or smaller towns where the governments cutbacks haven't helped citizens before this. Where has all this subsidy suddenly come from, if it was there before, why wasn't it released into the public domain before, when shops needed help, when the NHS was struggling last year? Were the powers that be waiting for something like SARS to happen again, knowing that if it happened, we had a major hold back of finances to help out in 10, 15, 25, 40 years, but we'll let the NHS rot until then.
  2. I haven't seen the Airbus 380 yet, but when I used to live near Heathrow, if I had a day off, and I happened to be passing, there was nothing better than watching one of those trundle down the runway, gathering speed, then the noise, then the wingtips start to lift, then the nose wheel slowly lifts, and it's off. Noisy. Pollutant. But beautiful. I agree Gander, probably better than Concorde. When I went to Aus & NZ, every flight of 7 was on a 747. You think you are a geek?
  3. I will get two meals out of them, as some of the lettuce is looking a bit brown, but free food is free food. It's like when you go to the foodbank, do you return the food you don't like? or ask to swap it? I ask to swap it. If I don't like it, someone else will.
  4. I have found out why my Landlord wants the property back. He is dying, and wants to move back from France to his first purchase in the UK, my flat. I hope he realises my next door neighbour is dying of 3 types of cancer. It will really lower the house prices in this block when that gets out. He has postponed my Section 21 under the current situation, and that gives me time to find a deposit for a new flat that I have seen, that has been taken off the market, due to the situation, I really hope I can get the money off the council to help me, as I think the flat that I saw was the third best Place I have ever seen.* (* The best place was the house my -ex- Partner bought, and persuaded to buy, and the 3 bed flat that my daughter still loves, even though she was only 20-40 months old, she is now 11yo).
  5. I needn't worry to much about about food this week, just been to check if my benefits had been paid, and the owner of the convenience shop where the cashpoint is called me in, and offered me some nearly-out-of-date ready meals for my freezer, 5 for £5, 2 packets of salad for free, although the sell by date is Thursday.
  6. Sex and Money, are like Oxygen. They're not important, until you're not getting any
  7. Thing is, I already have a hdmi computer to tv cable for watching most of my DVD's (except US imports), so I never even thought about it, especially as my tv has youtube on it anyway.
  8. Yeah, I know that kind of persuasion. "If you eat L'Escargot, we're finished", gentle, but persuasive.
  9. I was playing with my new phone last night, and I saw an icon at the top that I didn't recognise, so I pressed it. It linked my phone to my TV.
  10. Welcome to my world. it's a good job my kitchen clock has a day/date function.
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