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  1. I recall going to a Salford v Swinton reserve match back in the 80s, when season ticket holders were admitted free, and there were still fewer than 50 at The Willows.
  2. I got my £10 Christmas bonus from the PIP today, spent it on real luxuries, bread, milk, tomatoes, apples (X2) and a packet of m&m's. As I was leaving Asda on Silverhill, at around 1045 there was a person in the cafe wearing a Warrington shirt, with a cooked breakfast. I couldn't stop to say hello as I could see my bus, so apologies if it happened to be any of you lot.
  3. 2020 kit design to be announced a first League match half time?
  4. There were a lot of loose ends that the dance sequence at the end didn't help.
  5. I didn't know whether to put this on the RANT thread, or here, but I was so hungry this morning I made some powdered milk, liquid, and ate some 18 months out of date granola. PIP due next Tuesday.
  6. I'm going to miss Giri/ Haji very entertaining series.
  7. Sometimes you can make political statements without attending ckn & John's indoctrination classes on the politics thread.
  8. And the Toffees are now the next headless chickens. Also, this round of midweek matches, when did we last have a full 10 matches in the Premiershit without a drawn match?
  9. Is he a Catholic Priest? Then you might have a chance if you're 14
  10. Got my first Christmas card of the year today, from my Auntie in Swinton who makes her own cards.
  11. Yeah, him, good job I called him Henning then without his surname!
  12. Just had a pot of tea while sitting at the table next to Henning Berg, the German comedian who is on Have I Got News for You. I know it was him because as I was leaving I asked him. He was sitting on his own, so I didn't interrupt him.
  13. Just saw a programme called World War Wierd that suggested that the D-Day landings were leaked to the Nazis through the Daily Telegraph crossword. I knew there was something about that paper I disliked
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