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  1. I saw that, great film. Ferris Beuler was on Sunday, my 12yo had never seen it before, I haven't heard her laugh out loud so much in ages.
  2. Wind change might be good for the bathers in Hastings, as we had a triple sewage spill.
  3. One of the complaints about e-scooters, is they are fast, and quiet, therefore undetectable to blind people. But so are bikes, e-bikes, and electric motorbikes & cars, but the politicians are saying they are the future. I nearly got hit by an e-taxi last weekend because I looked the wrong way, at the wrong time. She just drove on. If I had been hit, The Sun & Mail would've be requiring a ban on 60 year old walking alone.
  4. Just had 3 x winners at Goodwood Races, 1x loss, and in the Sussex Stakes I had Alcohol Free to win, 2nd e/w and 3rd to win, not a bad job. My Ladbrokes account at new year 2021 was down to £1.25, now it is just short of £100, although I only bet occaisonally, I bet for fun, not habit.
  5. I now overlook the start of the Hasting Park Run, and the Start/Finish of the Half Marathon (+/- 100m), so from my nice warm comfortable sofa I can observe all the suffering.
  6. Everything will be alright in the end, if it's not alright, it's not the end.
  7. If anybody enjoys watching Horrible Histories "with their kids", and has watched Ghosts will be pleased to know the 3rd series is coming up soon. Strange coincidence, the house where it is filmed was also inherited by a relative that didn't know he had a connection, the inheritor was University Challenges Bamber Gascoigne.
  8. Despite hating anything Red out of principle, I quite like the home kit.
  9. I noticed Park Run in Hastings started again Yesterday.
  10. A couple of years ago when Brighton were in the Championship I took my daughter to the Amex to see them play Leicester, Brighton won 3-0, City still went up and Won the Premier League soon after.
  11. Selfish & Parochial, Superleague? Nah, wouldn't stand up in court, too drunk. Apart from relocating Catalans to Liverpool, it's not an M62 sport, at all. NRL Players probably do more miles per season than SL Clubs do
  12. Has Japan gone into Lockdown again, or are they operating as normal for Olympics, with some events blocked out?
  13. Australia says it is too risky to travel to the UK, but isn't 50% of Australia currently under another Lockdown?
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