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  1. And if they do move to Moor Lane, and Swinton are refused planning permission, that will show bias against the Lions.
  2. Yes, move to Kersal, that's where the fan base isn't. That will be the death of Salford RL
  3. The last time I went to The Willows was for the last game at the willows v Catalans, pretty good atmosphere that day.
  4. There is a lot of if, but's and maybe's in that story, more than a usual Sun story. Why would Salford City FC, move from Moor Lane, after all the money that has been spent on it, and just missing the play-offs, spend £4m on buying Gigg Lane, ditto Salford RLFC?
  5. Without sounding anti-sematic, because I'm not, I will not be going to Israel anytime soon. I am very anti-Israel, pro-Palestine
  6. Major League Soccer USA, is that it? No promotion or relegation? Are there State Leagues, not colleges, which I am sure are allowed.
  7. As Israel continues to Murder Palestine subjects, worse than the Nazis did, what are we, in the west, going to do about it. Israel are murdering people on a scale similarly to ww2
  8. Swinton had to sell because of debts, Salford moved because of greed, now they are on their asses.
  9. Given the other thread, maybe play the semi's at Salford then? hahahahahahahahahaha
  10. Could be played in a car park just south of Maidstone if no one is allowed in, would it matter if it is a huge stadium, with nobody in attendance?
  11. This person is deliberately trying to defame Salford, not the Rugby League Club but the City.
  12. That was BS, there is no evidence of it being RL related, I got beat up twice, in Halifax and Warrington. Then you shouldn't park on the M602, it's a motorway, not a car park.
  13. Read the article, "The future is bright for Salford Rugby League under Marwan" hahahahahahahahahahaahahah
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