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  1. Blooming Clocks going back. Didn't notice it yesterday with my daughter visiting, but today my belly says it is dinner time at 5pm, so I cook my dinner/tea then (let's not argue again over what the evening meal, if you get on, is called. Call Marcus Rashford).
  2. Superb Tao Ghaegon Hart, but when will the teams realise that if their number one rider has an accident/falls behind, there should be a plan B? A second rider to lead the group, a second rider to take the lead? Giro & Vuelta Ineos plans have gone to pot this year, but they have pulled it around by letting the team free themselves out for themselves. Maybe Team Leaders & Domesteques are past there tactical primes?
  3. I finished them. All 9 series of Death in Paradise. Started in March lockdown, ended in my own brain death.
  4. The Brummie would walk her pas the waste bins first, then past it, and it would smell even better, then they'd both be treated.
  5. As it is raining on today's stage of the Giro, I hope Sunweb have place Nonnas along the route to dress their riders after yesterday's panic at the top of the climb, when the stage winner, and eventual Pink Jersey nearly crashed because the couldn't dress themselves in windcheaters. It was hilarious & scary at the same time, it was the only bit of the S4C commentary that I understood, Ooooh, hahaha.
  6. We don't have to worry about LARGER as in capacity, and as it was built as a Rugby ground, it will be bigger than OT, & it won't have those short in-goal areas. Quite pleased actually, that my first alternate, as posted above, was chosen. I like the KCOM.
  7. 3 years ago all 4 clubs that were relegated from the National Conference were Southern clubs, so the two most Northern clubs were shifted to the Northern Conference, that included Kings Lynn, and another I can't recall, meaning some new first time ever league meetings. Barrow beat Bolton last night, I wonder when the last time that happened, if ever.
  8. I have to point out that from where myself and the Ginger one are, nearly everybody qualifies as Northern, except a few to the West.
  9. Mike Holliday, of Swinton Lions, and younger brother of Les. https://swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk/news/lions-mourn-loss-of-mike-holliday/
  10. Not quite Country, But I was born on Ward A3 of Hope Hospital, and when I qualified as an ODA, I was handed my Certificate approximately 10m from where I was Born. So I was Born, and reborn within 10m. I know you don't care!
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