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  1. Sadly this type of protest will get more commonplace when the swampies of this country realise their new "messiah" isn't electable.
  2. Thank god they are not my accountant £1million a week? £1.3m invested since Cameron became leader? You couldn't make it up or could you
  3. Thought so And that's why you and Weary will never get your wish, the majority of the electorate are decent people who believe in democracy not a mob/animal culture Good luck your going to need it
  4. So you condone this sort of behaviour? I suppose your happy for the delegates and press at the tory conference getting spat at and called #### Typical ugly side of socialism and its "swampy" friends
  5. Who did that? I know the IRA murdered Jonathan Ball (AGED 3) and Tim Parry (AGED 12) Two wrongs but come on kids
  6. Their unionists not republicans so they sit with the party that defends their principles, fact is if I don't like a political situation I don't murder 2 young kids in Warrington and so on
  7. I presume you want to give the Falklands to Argentina like your messiah does?
  8. WTF so he's got to tell his sisters who to marry? Did he invite them to the palace? You are getting desperate now Anymore misinformation/lies/bull you can find?
  9. Links maybe but buddies and honouring them No But I will condemn terrorists of any side
  10. Obviously there was atrocities from both sides no one is denying that, what is repugnant is that JC invites his "friends" over to Westminster 3 weeks after the Brighton bomb and continues to befriend nasty evil Arab murderers, whilst honouring other IRA butchers with memorial plaques in London recently. I've no doubt the British government were in "private" talks with Sinn Fein but that is what they were private, so as not to give any publicity to the Sucm.(will this beat the swear filter). And then to appoint McDonnell to any position just beggars believe after his famous statement:- "It's about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. "It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table. "The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA." He later told the Sun: "The deaths of innocent civilians in IRA attacks is a real tragedy, but it was as a result of British occupation in Ireland. "Because of the bravery of the IRA and people like Bobby Sands we now have a peace process." Disgusting and yes I heard his so called apology/justification on Question Time which was a joke As for WR photos interesting that both Major and the Queen ain't smiling unlike the creep McGuiness
  11. Are they really? don't make me laugh A leader who classes Hamas, Hezbollah and Murdering #### like Adams and his sidekick McGuiness as his friends A shadow chancellor who admires IRA murderers and wanted to assassinate an elected leader of her majesty government A further cabinet member who's done time for Arson Yeah really nice!!! As for the rest of the shadow cabinet some are has beens, most are total rookies, one even admitted she'd never met JC when he appointed her, another had only been elected in May. And the Eagle sisters FFS Scraping the Barrel springs to mind As for the conference all the soundbytes and clichés are from 30 years ago, which were rejected then Love how JC keeps referring to his mandate of 60% who voted for him, which is true but JC these were left wing labour voters and me and my like we wanted you to win, 40% didn't want him. He's already backtracked on his EU and NATO withdrawal and now his Anti Trident statement is against most of his cabinet, no wonder they didn't want to debate it in Brighton. Heard John Pienaar today questioning him about not using the deterrent,seems like JC thinks he can talk the others round Fun times ahead Cant Wait
  12. Is this April fools or something this is taking the urine Ban Em Now
  13. James Roberts has lightening pace but not much else Blake Austin started off great but has faded badly Woods is a plodder Better 2nd rowers than JJ
  14. Think your bitterness/jealousy has fuddled your brain, the metres he's been making for 2 years now makes that a ridiculous statement and why he's been nominated for MOS Suppose you'd have Mossop
  15. His first conference speech and he's praising/honouring them now http://news.sky.com/story/1559465/corbyn-pays-tribute-to-sinn-fein-revolutionary Knowing families as I do who had their brave youngsters blown to bits at Warrenpoint I find this disgraceful and abhorrent from any leader of a political party in the UK. Is he deliberately trying to hurt these families. A memorial FFS!! What next Knighthoods for Adams and McGuiness
  16. Could this be the End? I have a "Bluemotion" is it worth anything now? Are others using this technology? Must be loads going cheap
  17. Think you need to make your mind up "The NHS is the most efficient public sector healthcare organisation in the world in terms of output against state funding per head. We could increase NHS funding by 50% and we'd STILL be cheaper.
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