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  1. Home games against City,Scousepool and Everton 7-0 down
  2. only good thing is the taxman gets £140k of that
  3. See Wayne Rooney has become the highest paid player in the world,bloody good agent he has,as he's not in the top 20 players bin the world
  4. Having lost to (no disrespect to HKR,Widnes and possibly the worst Saints team in the SL era)could this be the last chance with this current squad to break their duck.The older players Hodgson,Briers,MM,Morley,Higham,Carvell etc seem to be coming to the end of their playing careers and when some have been injured this year their replacements just don't seem to be able to step up to the mark.With the quality of overseas players seriously dropping maybe Simon Moran will have to get the chequebook out to reinvigorate the squad
  5. going to take a monumental effort now 2-0 down,second goal rather fortunate,1st pass threw legs then shot at goal threw legs,need an early 2nd half goal
  6. And now the RS are losing 3-1 against lowly Oldham Lovely
  7. 10 mins to go and its bradford who look more likely to score again
  8. average player for £12m,but what baffles me is someone from hull being a scousepool supporter,but nothing suprises me on here you've got wigan rl fans who support liverpool and vice versa,what a joke,and then the warrington born and bred fan who supports Spurs weird
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