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  1. Yep agree with your initial comments they would be all over the mainstream media, but I also think its early days for them to show their hand Anybody that thinks there are none already in Europe with more to come are living in cloud cuckoo land, there are far too many 20-30's young men for some not to be affiliated in some way. I hope i'm not back on here in the near future saying I told you so though
  2. I don't but how do you know there not. I should have put apparent Genuine refugees I have no problem with ,you and I couldn't got to 95% of countries without documentation And no BR that is not the photo I seen
  3. Chief Harris licker would suit best,going by his statement today
  4. So Tom and Jerry spent the afternoon at a "refugees welcome here" rally, brilliant,so he'd have an open door policy like the Germans And they dragged that classic musician Billy Bragg along to sing "The Red Flag" to all their "comrades" No doubt he's had calls from his pals at Hamas,Hezbollah,Sinn Fein and the likes
  5. I admire your faith but there will be some already here in Europe,its so easy to get here the door is ajar
  6. Made up he won he got my vote His brand of Socialism is dead in the water in this country,come to think of it,it wouldn't get a sniff in his beloved Russia. Listened to his speech hardly any mention of the" working" man,just rhetoric and soundbytes Believe he wants to nationalise the Energy companies well he'd better ask the Bank of England to start printing money now as that's going to cost between £150-£200 Billion. Why should Labour MP's stay loyal to him if you don't believe in his looney policies why stick around to try and help him achieve them. Those that do stick around are hypocrites
  7. Pictures are appearing on social media of ISIS fighters in civvies in Munich with their mates. Tragically this is going to turn out bad
  8. It don't matter how the party conducted the election it matters that they've elected as leader who is unelectable as a prime minister
  9. Scoring good Defence poor Same with Makinson
  10. If Walmsleys gone so are saints Even if Walmsleys not gone doubt Saints can beat the top 3 with shoddy defence like that Cas are fantastic club and Daryl Powell is the best coach in SL
  11. Me too with the Aussie but Steelers all the way for me
  12. Now we know why he didn't appear on Backchat with Hetherington
  13. Yes he has done well Difference was Cuthbertson was 29 when he came over Stewart will be 32 when he arrives and on a 3 year deal
  14. It was negligible up to a month or so ago but the risk has been greatly increased by the percentage of "young men" coming into Europe unchecked with no passports/papers. Why are there so many "young men" who have left their wives/girlfriends and children behind in a war torn country. I saw a clip today of them running riot on a Greek Island,the islanders were scared to death. As for Geordie Saints point about "How many foreign citizens have conducted terror attacks on UK soil since Islamic fundamentalism became a problem? I don't know the answer but I'd hazard a guess at practically none." Well there was the tube and bus bombs in London in 2005 which were 4 nutters born here,and its only pure luck that another atrocity didn't happen a few weeks later. The risk will greatly increase now over the next few years,our security forces are stretched as it is keeping tabs on likely suspects,inviting 10's of thousands of unchecked people on our continent is just asking for trouble. If you want to call that Islamophobia so be it,i call it common sense Remember it only takes 1 Fanatical Jihadist to cause devastation to innocent victims
  15. Agreed certainly past his best and 3 years jeez pension funds need topping up or what. Not a patch on his brother
  16. The human rights lobbies are a joke if that's the case There are too many do gooders in this country who'll forgive and forget the atrocities these people want to/or have committed. Back on topic were has this 800,000 quote come from that Germany will be taking,speaking to an old friend of mine in Dusseldorf,its news to him. Was it a Mrs. Merkel statement?
  17. Probably at one of his rallies or on the phone to his mate Putin Interesting on the social media that I see are people that I know who are praising the "Messiah" and what he'll do for this country then later post stuff like "keep Britain British" something that JC with his array of dodgy friends will never do. I've not seen the panorama episode yet but I believe it don't paint him in a good light
  18. I think the reason might be no politicians are even mentioning it in public is for the fear of sounding racist or inhumane. The more you think about it,its an ideal opportunity for the terrorists. Glad now our Government hasn't open the floodgates
  19. It only takes a few to do untold damage and death we already have a few nutters who were born and bred here Its very worrying
  20. Poor poor signing Never been the same since leaving Wigan
  21. Some woman on sky news that's hot on facebook right now,saying that ISIS said back in February it was going to flood Europe with fighters Sorry cant do a link Its certainly a possibility Its on Mick Turrell news feed very interesting comments though
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