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  1. Well we will find out over the next few years and so on I'd be amazed if they were all squeaky clean We've already got Born and Bred Brits willing to help the ISIS cause
  2. Pretty poor if true Kendal and Burnham have'nt got a chance anyway Coopers got Ed Balls as a lead weight to carry So its the JC the messiah all the way to electoral oblivion
  3. This influx to Germany will not be welcomed by the general public there I worked there in the late 70's/early 80's and foreign workers were hated especially the Turkish community,a load of migrants who have no use to the system at all will be totally alienated. Not to mention the growing Nazi league's response This will be Merkel's last term in office
  4. Ok so you say theres plenty of capacity within the social housing sector,not from what i see daily and my firm work in that market,believe me as we complete a dwelling tenants move in within 24 hours,sometimes on the same day. Then what about feeding/clothing/heating for these new additions,not to mention medical and education bills to the already stretched resources(according to the socialists). As of Thursday my local Labour Leader of our council declared his intention to invite a small number of refugees into our town,you should see the response he's been getting online from this heartland Labour town its white hot,no, no,no from 90% of the respondants. There was a migrant on BBC news this morning who had fled Syria to come here 3 months ago,when asked where his family were(wife and 2 children aged 1 and 8)he said theywere back in Syria.Now i'm not doubting the situation is poor there,but i could'nt for the life of me leave my young family in such a dangerous place. I fear a lot of the migrants are economic migrants with Germany and some Nordic countries making the situation worse by openly stating they will accept them. Word will get round and more will come meaning more dreadful scenes like the turkish beach
  5. Still give more penalties away than any other Pretty sure he averages 3-4 personally per game
  6. You've changed your tune Sure you was a JC lover/voter earlier in this thread
  7. Wow,thats more than the entire prison population in Britain And then you encourage more to take the risky passage Who pays for their upkeep,housing which is in short supply anyway. They need to be discouraged from coming/safe havens in neighbouring countries is the temporary answer. After you let in 100k what do you do when another million turn up?
  8. "The news comes despite the fact that new research into why Labour lost the election showed that nearly two thirds of voters in England and Wales are against the Scottish Nationalists being part of the UK government." Meaning he'll lose votes south of the border due to getting in bed with the devil. Oh and labour lost 40 seats at the last election in jockland
  9. Good God man give it a rest So stupid things like this never happened under Terrible Tony or Gormless Gordon Its pathetic/nah rephrase that its Childish!
  10. Tragic for the lad He's going to need all the help he can get
  11. is it possible to sack a coach when his statue is outside your ground
  12. Sorry Difference being Directors of companies have to be successful (ie profits) or their ousted Union leaders dont have to be succesful,in those terms members come automatically as in most cases if you dont join the union chances are you wont get the job. Us older people remember some of the union leaders from the 70/80/90's who held the country to ransom were we could'nt bury our dead,bins not being emptied,british leyland and the likes. Scargill.McGahey and Red Robbo all communists in truth made the public distrust unions so its self inflicted
  13. My employees are handsomely paid,most earn £250-£300 per day,And none of them are in a union I built the company,but i'm pretty sure if my employees were to elect someone to run the company as succesfully as it has for the last 30 years,i would be the only choice(if i say so myself) As for shareholders if they dont like a company contributing to the tories dont buy shares in them or sell them. As for customers WTF. Why should they have a say what a company does with its money.Again if you dont like it dont buy the product or service. Last time it was polled i think 35-40% of union members didnt vote Socialist/Labour,that percentage probably increased at the last election since the jocks deserted them. Looking at how many of Labours top donators have said they'll withdraw payments if JC wins it could soon be the "Big Issue" and "Bob-A-Job Week" as their only form of funds
  14. And some on here want this barnpot running their party,with his friends from Hamas,Hezbollah and IRA not to mention his anti-semitic contacts. Thankfully the nations electorate will not be seduced by his "charms"
  15. Bit like you really Half truths,speculation,guesswork,blatant lies and wishful thinking. Edit: A lot like you in truth
  16. So you you worked for them,did you own the company? My company employees dont get a say what i spend my money on. Its my money not theirs. Union Leaders are still only employees of the union. As for the opt out i bet most cant be bothered going through the process
  17. Jeez sign Burns and Walsh long term are you joking,Burns is average at best and Walsh cant defend at all or take the line on. Ah just noticed your a Wigan fan
  18. Maybe the panic/reality is getting through,vote for the looney left Corbyn and face oblivion Best thing the other 3 can do is 2 drop out and let it be a straight fight between lunancy and debatable chance
  19. You wish more like The Tories could have Ronnie Corbett as leader and still beat "your" new party leader elect BTW who is the leader of Left unity?
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