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  1. Why should union members who dont vote Labour (and there are loads)have their subs paid to them?
  2. Because basically he's a SWP man ok he withdrew years ago because they had as much chance of gaining seats as Weary Rhino's looney brigade
  3. Decent signing Are wire going to keep Wheeler ?His injuries seem to have followed him to Wire
  4. Yeah all 2-3 of them Imagine how many Labour MP's are going to disagree with jezzer when he's the leader
  5. So us non lefties are banned from making a "true" statements whilst certain posters post lies and libellous and insulting remarks. I'm not an alright jack i work hard everyday and see things that would open your eyes Ignorance,tiny minority your joking Freedom of speech is the first thing socialists ban,the second maybe me Just because you have nailed your cap to the jezzer camp you as a moderator should stay that way.
  6. Oh behave for some on here think he's the Saviour,The Messiah
  7. How do they do that? Another example recently one of our younger lads working in a house,the woman shows him her latest Tattoo on her lower back,says her latest beau will love it when he's back scuttling her (her words)costing her family £75,meanwhile her 3 kids come in ask for whats for dinner,she gave them a bag of multi pack crisps. Priorities Aye
  8. WTF are you on There is no need for families to use "foodbanks" if they use the money they get firstly on food and not on none essentials. Feed your family first,heat your home,clothe your family in sensible attire instead of designer gear,dont smoke or drink excessively,dont buy goods from rip off shops or catalogues were the apr can be in the 100's%' Another thing we come across is designer dogs,the number of households with fancy dan dogs shar pei's and huskies seem to be the fashion at the moment,some of these are £400 -£500 a pup.1 home had 2 iguanas I'd love to take some of you lot with us on our daily work it would open your eyes I'm not saying its easy being on a low income it is'nt but its about being frugal and prioritising your budget. Live by your means dont try to keep up with the Jones
  9. As Saintlass says quotes from the Guardian are pretty much left wing at best,its a posh Morning Star. Ive no doubt i could find counter arguements in the Torygraph. As for the foodbank situation,the need for these has been brought about by the people opening these in the first place,if you can get free food and spend your giro on other "extras" ciggies,alcohol,tattoos,piercings,fake designer gear for them and their kids,buying massive TV's from the likes of Brighthouse and Cash Converter. Dont tell me this isnt true as i work in the social housing sector and its situation we come across daily. We also come in contact with people in the same financial situation but they prefer to spend their money on feeding and clothing their families first,whilst heating their homes. Its all about priorities and education,some people want what they cant afford and will just get it and worry about it later. Ive seen giro families with bigger TV's than me
  10. Red Card correct Saints flatter to deceive Ben Flower won the SL Title for them last season They used to be the entertainers but thats long since gone,they are boring to watch now,not just under KC but also under Brown
  11. Yep take Feka with you. Small claims court maybe your only other option. Sorry to hear this maybe speak to the police with it being possibly stolen
  12. You dont look that old What are/have they done for you to make this statement?
  13. But having read that he aint denying it Mr Corbyn said: “I think we should talk about what the objectives of the party are, whether that’s restoring Clause Four as it was originally written or it’s a different one. But we shouldn’t shy away from public participation, public investment in industry and public control of the railways.” He seems to say one thing one day and then his"spokesperson" tries to deny the next day. His "idea" to renationalise the energy companies would cost the tax payer fortunes
  14. Tomkins has been average at best for NZ Warriors in his whole time there Lost pace,still dodgy under the high ball. Not happy with Hardakers antics previously but his rugby form is excellent and thats what counts. So SHOULD be automatic choice for FB,wont hold my breath though
  15. This Its wonga politics,buy now your kids pay later I've read he wants to put up the top tax rate to 75%
  16. Or more importantly who will serve in his cabinet,Cooper and Kendall have said they would'nt No doubt many more Blairites MP's would'nt be interested. Its comical that a party in Britain would select as their leader a man that makes Michael Foot seem like a Capitalist. As has been mentioned earlier in this thread Labour need their new votes to come from the Liberals,Greens and UKIP voters,this is not going to happen with Jezzer in charge Tory voters in 2015 certainly aint going to go socialist,so as John M post states this is the longest suicide note in history Go Jezzer
  17. Reed got tore to shreds by an ageing Jamie Lyon last week,surely we can find someone better
  18. Maybe Saints might have him back,he couldnt do any worse than Burns and Walsh have been doing
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