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  1. Depends if your into Marxism Because Comrade Corbyn is really into it:- Pressed on whether he was a Marxist, he replied: “I haven’t thought about that for a long time.” He described Karl Marx as “a fascinating figure who observed a great deal and from whom we can learn a great deal”. “Marx obviously analysed what was happening in a quite brilliant way. The philosophy around Marx is absolutely fascinating. Corbyn admits: Karl Marx is my communist heroSorry cant do links very well but i think this sums up Jeremy well
  2. Well if you had'nt had to shut the benefits thread down
  3. Left Wing surely you are joking Blair and his cronies went so far to the right that Murdoch even endorsed them. Again it was the "New Labour" tag instead of the Socialist Party of Britain aided by the Tory party in fighting over Europe and after 18 years even i was hoping for a change in direction. Corbyn maybe attracting new or young voters (you know the type) buy now pay later brigade or the dont touch my benefits deadlegs,thankfully the older generation (me included) realize the country needs to be financially more prudent. The country needs to tighten its belt not spend more My grandchildren should not be paying for stupidity
  4. The last 2 elections should give you a clue,even a mild leftish oppositon was rejected Britain( well lets forget the scots their on their own as far as English people are concerned)will not go socialist or in Corbyns case semi communist Blair even had to change the name to "New Labour"and drop the socialist logo to get elected
  5. In your eyes it is But your so Wigan biased you'd even have the Wigan coach driver as the England one He'a liability a hot head,the kiwis especially their current hooker could easily wind him up
  6. Comparing Peacock with Galloway is like comparing Shergar with a Blackpool Donkey come on Cuthbertson already there and Garbutt its really early days
  7. Put MM in a bottom positioned team and he would'nt get a mention Average player playing for a top team Pick players on form in all positions
  8. You should have put in your opinion Shes entitled to her opinion but IMO its severely flawed As for the tories being worried by Corbyn behave,its like all their Xmas's came true. Tories are signing up to vote for him,even his mates at the Communist Party(remember Jezzer writes a column for the Morning Star) have told their comrades to sign up to get him in. Trouble is for you socialists is that of the 4 candidates on offer,2 are clones of Ed Milliband (Cooper and Burnham) which the electorate have already kicked in to touch,Corbyn is at best a left winger who is un-electable and Kendall who's tarred with Blair. Labour need to move centre right not full left,its suicide
  9. thing is your losing peacock,kylie,king kev burrow and mcguire are close to the end what you did in the past is just that,its what you do in the future that counts
  10. Are you posting this for people to take note of? Charlotte Churchs view?Its a bit like Russell Brand view worthless and a joke.Millionaire Socialists I read that Corbyn has got the young all excited with his statements,no wonder its his spend and worry about it later attitude.As ive stated previously this is the norm with the younger ones Dont forget in the early eighties this guy was basically alligned with the militant tendancy(good mates with Degsy Hatton and co)Ive noticed he's toned down his rhetoric since being nominated(previously he was side by side with the commons village idiot Dennis Skinner) Anyway if the Socialist party want to commit Hari Kari vote Corbyn(hope he does its cost me £30 so far) Thankfully the electorate dont vote for left wing policies similarly to when Worsel Gummidge or the Welsh Windbag were in charge
  11. Dont like Fury but he's a Brit so i'll be hoping for him
  12. If you've watched Premiersports over the last 3 years,this is a terrible signing,even for a bottom club Been plodding about for years,cant believe he's got more that 12 months
  13. Well 1 gone Ballance for Bairstow fair do's But Lyth looks shot,Bells living on his past This could end up embarassing
  14. Maybe if your Trotsky mate Trojan had'nt kept repeating baloney and libellous statements,the original thread about welfare cuts would not of been locked by John. Anyway i'll butt out of this thread now while you socialists debate who's the next Captain of the Titanic
  15. It only comes in 2017 Never heard of family planning ?
  16. So your happy that people on tax credits/welfare can keep knocking out kids even though they cant afford to pay for them? Its not about principles its about basic education and common sense Sadly its lacking in this day and age,thats why the likes of wonga,brighthouse,uk homemaker and loan sharks have appeared making fantastic profits. People should live by their means,if you cant afford to buy/pay for something whether it be a car,tv or child (over 2) then dont buy/concieve it
  17. Could'nt put it better Their only chance is to go to further to the right or they are doomed Corbyn would be the End
  18. Should be time to go for Lyth,Bell and Ballance even Butler aint scoring But knowing England they'll all get 1 more chance and then the Ashes are basically gone
  19. We hear you!!!!! Obviously Barry is a true socialist,wants everyone else wealth shared but not his Just like the multi millionaires Bob Geldof and Bono Hypocrites
  20. Ask Labour they were going to pull loads out of the cupboard before the last election
  21. The same could be said for 100's of MP'S, i mean do nothing of use Personally i'd cut the number in half we have far too many Wont happen but i can dream
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