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    Boxing and Rugby League are my two main sports.
  1. Jamaica Head Coach

    Good luck to him. We might get a few Jamaicans next year then
  2. Starting 17

    I have to disagree on this Point. They weren't the half backs needed then and I don't think they are now I'd swap Groat and Tonks around. Groat is good but he can be a real penalty machine at times.
  3. Atmosphere at home games

    Not much came of it in the end lol, but I'll definitely keep trying!
  4. Team against London

    Pryce at 6&7? I'd have put Jamie Vardy and Muhammad Ali there personally
  5. 2016 Season Preview

    My mate Dan has got a voluntary job with us Graham, he is a decent journo.
  6. Lucas Walshaw

    Don't know where Leigh play Reynolds/want us to play Reynolds. Kain is a good scrum half though I wouldn't disagree with that choice. Where does that put Pryce though when Gudzek is back?
  7. Reserves

    Hopefully we have a few from more local amateur teams this time.
  8. Atmosphere at home games

    It depends if drums are still banned or not. I'm planning to stand at the back (just me or a couple of us I don't know yet). Hopefully by about June/July time we will have a south stand that isn't afraid to start one themselves from the back and not to rely on me to do it for them. I only plan on standing at the back to get some atmosphere started for short periods of the game.
  9. Lucas Walshaw

    Gudzek is injured and Sykes is a stand off (I see him there personally, a waste of a quality kicking game if not). That sees us down two centres at the moment pal.
  10. Atmosphere at home games

    Hi guys, I'm not wanting to drags this on too much I just thought I'd an idea to see what people thought. I'm one of the few that tags along to games with the barmy army, I plan on improving atmosphere at home games (in the south stand in particular) and plan on stand at the back for short periods of the game to get a few chants set off. What do people think? I hope it's a well supported idea as I may aswell not bother if people don't think it's a good idea lol

    I was going to say Graham it was at Salford!
  12. Lucas Walshaw

    A lack of centres though from my memory
  13. Saints away.

    Which bus will you be on Equalizer?
  14. Sheffield (H)

    I don't see why you couldn't come if the dogs aren't playing PM, I normally go watch Batley play if we aren't playing and you're a home.
  15. Roy Powell Trophy: Dewsbury Rams v Batley Bulldogs

    Put him on the bench