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  1. Whether you support The Eagles or not, please can you take a minute out of your day to sign this petition. Imagine if it was your club going through the same thing. Every signature will help if you follow the link below. You will have to register to sign this petition, THANKS in advance for your support on this. Katie https://sheffield.moderngov.co.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?id=115 We the undersigned would like to express our concern for the future of our club SHEFFIELD Eagles. It’s taken 13 years for Mark Aston and his team to recover from being disbanded to where we are today the current CHAMPIONS of the Championship League. He’s worked tirelessly within the community to encourage young people to be involved in the game, some of which have already gone on to play in our first team. Sheffield prides itself on being a City of Sports and now Sheffield Eagles are asking the council to ensure their future is in Sheffield and not in doubt. We would like the council to reassure us that this work has not been in vain and to keep Sheffield Eagles in SHEFFIELD. We are probably the most successful team that Sheffield has had in recent years. We want the council to help the Sheffield Eagles remain in Sheffield by helping with funding's, like they have offered to help the athletics relocate now the Don Valley Stadium is to be demolished.
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    My sentiments exactly, tho I'm v impressed. It's reyt good. It just needs to be more informative. Quick Q, we r taking the kids to Fax Sunday. Do they get in free wi their season ticket?
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    RFL PREVIEW and reports from the fans

    ESO I could not agree more on what you said, infact it's exactly what I said. Give or take a bit We looked the business in the first 10 n I thought it was in the bag, but in the next 20 I thought that it was either gonna b a draw or they may jus edge it. Then it all changed, we were a bit scetchty at times, but my God we were awesome at some points. All in all it give me confidence. I've gta mention Craig Cook n Brendon, outstanding, oh yeah n Mitch. I thought the ref was dire, I mean dire. Well done to our boys.
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    First real match

    And that was the day we all walked it there to raise money for, Oh God I can't remember his name arrgggg Lee ? from Hull? I'm ###### aren't I, I'll prob have the day wrong too hahah ah well, at least now I know Aquilla is a bald headed man (apperently ). Ooo I think it was Jackson!
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    I'll join in but I fight dirty, tis the only way *Grabs her steel toe cap boots* I'm ready I thought Aquilla was a women
  6. Nah then Hardy

  7. Oh what a big list of topic's you have EAGLEBLADE!