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  1. Ref R Hicks TJ M Wilson TJ A Sweet RR C Halloran RTJ T Crashley VR TBC MC S Presley How has Mr Hicks performed in Eagles matches in 2010...... see the topic about success of Eagles this season............
  2. FRONTLINE FAIR PLAY LEAGUE: In the Co-operative Championship, Sheffield Eagles have finished at the top of the Frontline Fair Play Index and can now be rightfully called the best disciplined team in the Co-operative Championship. The Eagles managed to remain in the Number 1 spot after conceding only five fair play points in their 29-28 victory against Leigh Centurions which was their last game of the regular season. The South Yorkshire club finished a comfortable nine points clear of nearest rivals Keighley Cougars. Sheffield will collect their
  3. Joe is a quality player who loves Sheffield and the team/family spirit here. He has come on in leaps and bounds and I hope he is still with us next season and more. He is developing like Hepworth did and look how good Ryan is now.
  4. That's what the Scarborough Air does for you!!
  5. Listen on the net by clicking this link Raiders v Eagles
  6. I have had a trawl through Cumbria's programming-the on line section, for tomorrow(Friday), and there is nothing at present down for the match, but that does not necessarily mean they wont broadcast it because it is Radio Cumbria!! BBC Radio Cumbria - 95.6FM, 96.1FM and 104.1FM Click here for the link The schedule is: 18:00
  7. Take care with the 2 speed cameras (one on each side about 400 yards apart) on the A590 shortly after the end of the dual-carriageway after getting onto the Barrow road at what I would call the Kendal roundabout. The road works are on a stretch which is normally 70mph, and has been reduced to 40mph and single lane and it then gets reduced to 30mph. Often a police car(+camera) at start of 40mph in a layby even though the road looks clear. Hidden mobile cameras are often around Ulverston and Dalton area. There were last night
  8. Has anyone got a copy (either on video or dvd) of the Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers Match in National Rail Cup: 12th February 2006, which I could purchase? I have a presentation to get sorted during the next 2 weeks!! If any one can help out please pm me Many thanks Nigel Borham
  9. M1- M62-M61-M6-A590 is 157 miles Meadowhall to Craven Park and takes 2hr 30min ish. If you go Huddersfield, Halifax, Keighley,Skipton, Clapham, Kirby Lonsdale, [A629-A65] cross M6 then A590 it's 130 miles but takes about 30/40 min longer. Road works on A590 at Low/High Newton bypass (just as approaching Newby Bridge) and COULD add 20+ mins to trip. Road works were just installed on Tuesday last week and are there for 5 weeks (allegedly!!!!) and have made dual carrageway down to single line. Most traffic leaves Barrow around 3.30 - 5pm and there have been horrendous traffic queues in Lindal (Barrow side of Ulverston) all times of the day !! Plenty of parking around the ground and surrounding streets See you there for my "Home" match
  10. Desperation measures Has anyone got a copy of the following matches on video or DVD which I could copy/buy/borrow, URGENTLY.? Willing to pay for post etc Matches played in 2006 National Rail Cup: 12th February v Featherstone Challenge Cup: [Tues]March 14th v Swinton. League Game:[Friday]April 7th v Keighley Please please please contact me by text or email if you know me(!!) or PM me or contact me through Facebook Many many thanks in advance Nigel
  11. Misi has a fractured fibia and torn ligaments
  12. Mark was a great guy and will be sadly missed. He had a tremendous knowledge of the game and The Eagles, and told me when there wer errors on the website!!. I also wish to pass my thoughts on to his family at this sad time.
  13. That was a bit of an understatement !!!
  14. Unfortunately due to external technical problems the website will not have any updates, if there are any, until Thursday at the earliest. Any major announcements will be made on this forum, by the GM.
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