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  1. Reds game being postponed might put a few more on today's attendance.
  2. Think you'll get your wish this season
  3. Just seen it announced, Calum back in due to injury to Dave Scott
  4. We're not his team, pretty sure he's a Warrington fan but watches plenty games of ours and others in this division going by his comments.
  5. Think you're meaning Jamie Doran, would have been playing hooker spelling Graeme mattinson
  6. He wanted to go last year didn't he?
  7. What's happened with Kris wonky
  8. I'm not ruling latu out yet, he's had a horrific run of luck. The few games he played last year he looked to be playing injured. Hope the lads luck changes and he turns out the player we hoped he was.
  9. There wasn't much between the teams today, we got in front and didn't push on. I thought Swinton were dangerous every time they went wide Lloyd and littler both had good games for them. Swinton were the better team on the day but we didn't ask many questions of them, and were beatable. One thing I noticed is they dont follow instructions from the sidelines very well. Best example today was swintons hooker was knackered and came wide for a breather, Jonty is screaming at them to run at him, we were winning and not once did we target him. They hear the instructions as they acknowledge it but don't follow it. Jonty was at the defensive line all game about keeping shape an equal spaces. The warm up did look very laboured, for me there are players who shouldn't be playing but are good enough to put their hand up for the cause. Only one I would criticise today was verlinden, just doesn't work hard enough? He's definitely got the attributes required.
  10. Different team came out this half
  11. Was it not Shackley who wanted to go to haven last season, he's also big mates with brocky i believe so that might be part of it.
  12. What's being said over on about JS? Thought they wouldn't bother who we play now they are world beaters again. Haven't read any reports on their game yet but I'm guessing Carberry made the difference to them, he was a good player before his injuries. JS has his own thread, varying opinion but shows they are worried. By all accounts they played really well Saturday, wish we could pull a result out of the bag like that.
  13. Calum doesn't half get some punishment, definitely thought we looked better with him on the field. love the haven thread about keeping sammut quiet, you'd think we never beat them without him last year.
  14. A valid observation, I don't think there's such a thing as a one man team but he obviously lights things up as you would expect of a player with his ability. Without him, who knows, doubtful we'd be in this league based on his impact last year. But there's 17 fellas pull the shirt on each week and they all have a part to play. Good luck to Oldham this season, gave us a good scrap yesterday and a decent noisy travelling support.
  15. Been told he will be ok for Sunday.