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  1. ameliasdaddy

    Haven reaction

    On the halfback scenario, I would love to see us have a real go to get Karl Dixon from the brow, probably tried before but be great if we could persuade him.
  2. ameliasdaddy

    Haven reaction

    Fair play to haven, snatching a win like that. They played to the end and took their chances. Much as I can’t stand Forster for 80 minutes now and again he’s a bloody good prop and has them all galvanised with a hell of a team spirit. We go again and will have our day soon.
  3. ameliasdaddy

    Amateur RL in Allerdale

    Why not get more Copeland teams involved in pre match and half time games offer cheap deals for parents, meet the players after the match. i was at Wigan last year for the fans day, they held an under 9 festival and the first team squad all met the kids as they came off there was a lot of people there. Brilliant day out. Understand town would never match the scale of that but why not give it a go.
  4. ameliasdaddy

    Ryan Bailey to Leigh Centriouns

    Foster isn’t coming back
  5. ameliasdaddy

    London Skolars Prediction

    Knee injury
  6. ameliasdaddy

    Music at games

    Communication from the club much improved. Club shop much improved I had never been to a season launch night until this year but thought that was a really good night. interesting times ahead I think.
  7. ameliasdaddy

    North Wales Crusaders

    Why would they update before a pitch inspection?
  8. ameliasdaddy


    Twilight of his career with a bit of controversy in his past. Sounds similar to when we signed thacks, I’ll believe it when I see it but hope he has the impact thacks did if it’s true.
  9. ameliasdaddy

    Haven V Town predictions

    I’ve seen both town and haven the last 2 weeks playing in poor conditions. based on what I saw I’d say town are looking sharper and fitter, it appears our squad isn’t as stretched as havens at the moment. haven defended very well against Swinton I thought and won’t be easy beat on their own patch but I think town will come out on top
  10. ameliasdaddy

    Haven V Town predictions

    Havens goal line defence was very good against Swinton, last play kicks will be definitive I think. Town by 14
  11. ameliasdaddy

    New signing

    No thanks
  12. ameliasdaddy

    New signing

    I couldn’t make our game Saturday so in need of a rugby fix went to watch haven yesterday. they did very well in those conditions with a 2 man bench, Forster and shackles played 80 mins I’m sure. It wasn’t much of a spectacle with loads of penalties but haven deserved credit for a gutsy performance, they won’t be a pushover this season.
  13. ameliasdaddy


    Interested Gary, if you could get a price for me please
  14. ameliasdaddy

    New Facebook group

    Best page on facebook
  15. ameliasdaddy

    Ollie Wilkes

    Agree with you about bullock, he’s very good. I seen Ollie 3 times last season and he’ll be a good signing for us.