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  1. I assume Carl Forber must be fit if there is no Marwood in the 19?
  2. I expect Haven to beat us looking at the season they have had and the season we have had, however all the pressure is on Haven. Their whole season rests on 80 mins on Sunday whereas our season effectively ended when we lost at home to Oldham.
  3. I found it laughable that every time the ref lost control of the game he bottled it and got both captains together to tell their team to calm down, which might have worked if their captain wasnt the main culprit for high tackles and throwing punches.
  4. I like the way 1 haven fan says on our forum that we have 14 players available and everyone takes this as gospel and starts turning on the club. I'd rather wait until the 17/14 are named tomorrow before getting my knives out
  5. Would be nice to see a 19 man squad then we have a clue. I'm guessing mellor will be back into FB with fieldhouse injured, so maybe Bolton on a wing for Walsh and maybe Lancaster into Centre with Calvin onto a wing?
  6. I believe reds are wanting to stay at Borough Park for 12 months while the council bluff and delay their way to what new stadium they can agree on. Then reds will move to Derwent Park for 2 seasons, so the pitch would have needed widened at some point in the next 12 months anyway.
  7. Fieldhouse off on a stretcher too, our injury curse strikes again
  8. They can do that just not with NCL teams as the league wont allow it. Whitehaven have at least 2 players in Jake Bradley and Jordan Thompson who when not in the 19 play for Hensingham but they can only play for the A team in the Cumbria mens league. If Blain signs for town he will have to play for Barrow Island A in the barrow league when not selected by town, so im sure that is something he will have to consider before signing for us.
  9. Mr Jenkinson also said he couldn't (as in his council that he now owns) commit to a PFI stadium of 95 million (false figure from mr jenkinson, never been proven) when loads of local councils are desperately trying to get out of PFI builds. I am yet so see any evidence of anyone trying to get out of a PFI arrangement wether it be a local council or anyone else. I know mr jenkinson reads this forum so can't wait for him to give all of these examples.
  10. Not a fan of DR myself but the position we are in this season i dont care where oue 17 come from as long as it puts us in a position to win the game. Not sure if tickle will play as heard on sunday he needs an operation on his hand, hope that was just terrace rumours though. Strange to see gordon in the 19 as well, unless his ban starts next week?
  11. Speaking to a local councillor today they said that before elected mark jenkinson was 100% against having an executive committee making all the big decisions as it should go to the full council to vote. He wanted it abolished immediately. Now he is one of the 6 people on the executive committee he is 100% for it and thinks he should be able to make all the big decisions unopposed. Shows the type of weasel we are dealing with.
  12. What did gordon actually do? I seen him go to play the ball and their player hit the deck like he was auditioning for holby city? I assumed hed maybr made contact with his head when standing up?
  13. Heard forber was a doubt and he will be a big miss in both attack and defence but at least it gives young Marwood a chance to earn a contract. Another plus we will get to see big Fui back heeling them over from the touchlines this week!
  14. I dont think so as we will still have the same pitch dimensions just there will be more grass behind both touch judges. Even today at BP the lines had been taken in a good few metres compared to reds games
  15. Unfortunately i agree. If they go ahead with the original plans now it will prove that their pre election scare mongering was 100% lies told to win their seats. I think most of them would like to go ahead with the stadium for the good of the area and for future generations but they cant without showing their true colours. Probably why Mr Jenkinson has had such a low profile since the elections.
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