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  1. The squad list on our website is constantly updated now and has Holroyd and Ramsden added already. Looking at that it lists Fui Fui as a player so guessing he is staying on another season. He was previously also listed as a coach but seems to have been removed from the staff section now.
  2. Guessing Colton Roche then? Hope so anyway because he was outstanding when on DR with us and i was gutted when he went to Newcastle instead of us
  3. Sounds strange when Dixon isnt contracted to Haven next season?
  4. Unfortunately it looks like ottawa will walk the league in 2021 and guessing if New York get off the ground they will walk it in 2022. Could be 2023 before we have a realistic chance of promotion, if there even is a league 1 by then
  5. Thought overseas players had to be on a guaranteed 25k a year to get a work permit? That would be a big gamble paying out 100k on 4 players when no one knows how much or if there is any central funding next season
  6. Cant see jamie going to Haven when they have an Australian half coming over and already have Karl Dixon and Callum to play 6 and 7 and dion who can slot into either as cover. Anyone know who haven have released, heard they are only keeping 12 of last seasons squad so could be a couple available?
  7. As a neutral who enjoyed an excellent game of rugby league my biggest complaint with mr hicks was why after the hooter went and huddersfield were on the attack gaskell got clotheslined on the last tackle of the game it was just given as full time. Surely that should have been a penalty, which looking at Sezer's kicking he wouldn't have kicked anyway but he should have been given the opportunity
  8. Not wanting to get political but looking at how we have handled covid and how france have if i was a super league player I think I'd be happier playing all of my games in France
  9. Workington Reds were broken into last night too, guessing it was the same vermin who done both
  10. To be fair I didnt think crashley had a bad game, he has definitely got a lot worse since then
  11. I bought my copy today on my first trip to the shops of the week. I dont mind paying £1.50 if it helps keep the paper viable and would have done so even if it was 1 side of A4 paper!
  12. Maybe worth doing another big push on season tickets again, seen as weve only had 1 home league game so far?
  13. Anyone know where Maudling has been last couple of weeks? Hope to see him make the 17 today, especially when one of our second row have been badly all week
  14. Anyone know what the attendance was? Seen Haven only had 500 again which must be a worry for them
  15. Totally agree. I expect Gordon to be on the bench tomorrow after last Sunday's result without him but think over the season he will be nailed on starter most weeks. Just hope with Scholey being used in the 2nd row more this season as well it doesnt hold Caine back because of his versatility, as i think this is the season he needs to nail down a spot and not be moved from prop to second row to centre etc
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