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  1. Totally agree regarding walsh, looked really good in the friendlies and first couple of games but seemed to lose confidence after a couple of unforced errors and never get back to that level. Cant knock the lads commitment or dedication though so wish him well back in the amateur ranks
  2. In fairness I think Haven were treating last season as a rebuilding year but with locals over-achieving and an excellent team spirit they deservedly won the league. Im not saying we will do the same but that has got to be what we are aiming for
  3. I see sam has signed for Rochdale. With them already having penky and rumoured to be getting Tickle looks like they are signing all our older heads from last season
  4. Really hope thats right, didnt look good when he went off and came back with an ice boot on and on crutches I can see caine being our best forward this season by a country mile if he stays fit
  5. The chancer Jenkinson has used a lot of words and made up numbers there when he could have just said he cost us the chance of having the best RL team in the world playing in the world cup in a top class stadium in Allerdale because he needed to get one over on Fryer and Smith
  6. Dont think so, think fui signed at the same time as danny tickle but has been in New Zealand for the last few months and hasnt come back yet
  7. Well seen as kurt has been on the training photos for the last 2 weeks I'd say that would be a fair assumption!
  8. I believe the only haven player who they want to keep who hasnt re-signed yet is Jordan Burns who isnt happy with the offer he has received. I'd love to have Burns at town but cant see it happening to be honest, no doubt he will have talks with town to make haven give him the offer he wants, like all locals have done for years
  9. They have had to pay the final payment of a loan back which has left them with no money for signing on fees until they get their money off the RFL, once thats been paid im sure they will make some better signings than Jamie Thackray! To plug the gap they have been begging an ex town director to put some money in.
  10. I know we were a couple of days late paying players one month this season but in a league where we went 5 weeks between home games cashflow problems are to be expected. We seriously need at least 2 or 3 more teams in league one asap to make it a continuous season without all of these free weekends that dont do anyone any good
  11. Exactly the same as when we had sam hewitt on DR and he got sin binned for a trip in the 79th minute of a game that was already won. Everyone thought that would be the end of it but the disciplinary comes out on the thursday and he got 3 games for tripping. I kept an eye on it for the next couple of months and no other player got even 1 game for a trip, it was either no charge or sin bin sufficient, how they got 3 games I'll never know
  12. Take away Carl being one of the best kickers in British RL and I would still pick him every week, he is one of them players who you notice more when he isnt playing, rarely misses a tackle and always takes us forward. I really hope he has at least 1 more year with us
  13. Town announcing another signing at 8 in the morning too, anyone heard anything?
  14. Carlisle1921


    Bolton was meant to start at fullback last week but got injured at training on friday, I can only assume he was still injured if he was water boy today. Doran needed to be 6 today and Declan moved to loose forward, that's where they have been playing well at lately
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