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  1. Not wanting to get political but looking at how we have handled covid and how france have if i was a super league player I think I'd be happier playing all of my games in France
  2. Workington Reds were broken into last night too, guessing it was the same vermin who done both
  3. To be fair I didnt think crashley had a bad game, he has definitely got a lot worse since then
  4. I bought my copy today on my first trip to the shops of the week. I dont mind paying £1.50 if it helps keep the paper viable and would have done so even if it was 1 side of A4 paper!
  5. Maybe worth doing another big push on season tickets again, seen as weve only had 1 home league game so far?
  6. Anyone know where Maudling has been last couple of weeks? Hope to see him make the 17 today, especially when one of our second row have been badly all week
  7. Anyone know what the attendance was? Seen Haven only had 500 again which must be a worry for them
  8. Totally agree. I expect Gordon to be on the bench tomorrow after last Sunday's result without him but think over the season he will be nailed on starter most weeks. Just hope with Scholey being used in the 2nd row more this season as well it doesnt hold Caine back because of his versatility, as i think this is the season he needs to nail down a spot and not be moved from prop to second row to centre etc
  9. Do we not do the earlybird offer where you save £2 if you but before game day?
  10. A lot of very talented amateur players don't get representative honors because they can't afford it, work wont allow it, their family/relationship situation doesn't allow it or maybe they just don't want to. As much as people know the Barla and community lions coaches might have been begging Ryan to play.
  11. With Edinburgh Eagles going from strength to strength it would be good if in the next year or 2 they could enter an A team in the domestic competition
  12. So looking at the clues on here we are either signing Adam Walker the ex Salford prop currently without a club, or Alex Walmsley the current saints, England and Great Britain International??
  13. Think Sheffield are playing in Doncaster until may due to work at their ground
  14. Where is the squad at? Havent seen anything on Facebook or twitter Totally agree about Ell though, definitely our most important player
  15. Fair enough, but no idea why you also quoted WTRLFC Website's post that was regarding club takeover days which was a discussion that was finished earlier with what was hopefully a good outcome for town, wath brow and all other local teams. My post was about town having a helpful training session with distington, following on from a few very well attended training sessions with seaton rangers
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